Spotted in the Street Thread (Automation)

Sharing your car designs via the lens of an amateur spotter of the car’s respective era. I’ll go first;

The 1986 B9 50i S-Pack, spotted parked in London in 1988.


This is just like any car design thread, but with the added condition that the photos are edited to look like period pics taken on the street.


Correct, just thought it would be an unusual twist to things. Plus, gives me somewhere to improve my photo editing skills.


would it be possible to A: Put pics in this thread that arent edited, and are just pictures
B: Not make it so they have to be from the era the car is from (like a cool classic someone spotted) and
C: Change the name to make it clearer its Automation

Yes, yes and yes, but mention they’re not from the era

I think you might be able to tell lol

Here’s one. 1990 Ilaris Imbe GT-Sport outside a coffee shop. Taken sometime around 1991.


1988 IVERA Executive LXT-12 on a rural mountain road in Colorado. Taken in June 1990

(Please ignore the fact that there is no driver behind the wheel)


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It’s a great idea, many times I have taken pictures of parked cars in Beamng and they are beautiful!

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