Streamlining the Tuning Process

Is there a tutorial to streamline to tuning process (For performance).
I throw science at the wall and see what sticks, then the game crashes or doesn’t save, if I can find a way to make it more efficient, I should progress faster.

Please help!

What I do is get all the way through the process of making a model and get my naming the way I want it. Then I go back and focus on different aspects. The first run through, I don’t even care if the engine fails. Of course, I’ve been at this a while now, so I have a repository of engines and a pretty good feel for what won’t fail on the first run.

Once you have the initial save with a name you like, then crashes don’t really matter anymore. Each time you hit the “Results” page (last page on the engine designer or trim section), you should have a good save. Just return to that page each time you want a save to be sure it worked. Like I said in your other thread about saving, it should save after every change once the initial save has completed, but it doesn’t seem to work every single time.