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Suggestions for Additional Parts and UI (Hear me out)

Been playing this game on and off for a while now, and I wrote down a list of things that I would like to see in the game.

Lighting System
Considering these cars can be exported to Beam, I realized a potential idea. Essentially, once the user puts all his lights, indicators, etc, there could be some sort UI. Basically, this UI would allow the player to select what lights do what. For example, you could group the lights you want to use for standard headlights, fog lights, high-beams, etc… Instead of having all four headlights come on at once, you could manually assign them their job, so that way you can get more creative with certain features.

Let me try to make this more basic:

Say you got four headlights. Two up top, near the hood, and two on the bottom fenders. By default, these would all count as headlights. However, with the UI, you could customize the lights to activate under certain circumstances. You could assign the lights on the bottom as the headlights, and the lights up top as high-beams and turn signals.

Adjustable Radiators:
I know radiators and cooling are more or less still “in the works”, but I figured I would toss the idea out there.

I would like to be able to see cars with adjustable radiator sizes, types, and so on. This would allow lightweight cars to be purely air cooled (a questionable method but a weight-saver if you can get it right), or allow certain cars to be stuffed with a high-performance radiator capable of keeping a jet engine cool. (Yes, I’m aware that’s not how jet engines work.) The ability to also adjust a radiator’s size would be nice…for example, giving a car a radiator that is questionably too small; it would be good for lightweight, economy cars, but a death-sentence for anything else.

Fuel-Tank Sizing:
It’s unrealistic for all cars to have the same-size gas tank. An economic car can afford having a much smaller tank than a full-on race car, and thus it can further save weight (and reduce chances of a fire). While I also think the ability to choose where the fuel tank can be placed would be a cool feature, I’m not going to get greedy here.

Emblem/Logo Creators:
I think many can agree that making the same logos over and over again gets annoying really quickly. The ability to make customs logos on the fly would make life so much easier. Plus, you would only have to spell out the car’s name once (ie, “DOMINATOR”), but still keep consistency with the letter sizing and spacing.

Engines and Additional Parts
A few suggestions I have off the top of my head for engine parts and types:

  • Hybrid Engines
  • Superchargers
  • Properly working pop-up headlights
  • “W” Engines
  • White Wall Tires
  • Oil Coolers

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please let me know if any of these sound like a good idea. I tried to hammer out some of the more “common” suggestions.

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The quick answers:

-Thats under cooling (Only the visuals are missing)
-Read the FAQ


Why no on the fuel tanks?
I understand placement could be an issue, but I don’t see why/why not we couldn’t at least adjust how much fuel a car can carry. Last time I checked, the Classic Minis couldn’t hold any more than 9 (American) gallons of gas, and only a few of the most recent model years have brought it up to 11.6 gallons.

Consider it this way: what will the fuel tank size add to gameplay?

Honestly, absolutely nothing. Features for the sake of features while they don’t actually provide anything for gameplay would bog down the dev team and delay their work on important features, such as the campaign.


If I remember correctly, the fuel tank size is based on the “footprint” of the car. (Lenght x Width)


if that is correct, i hope someday we will get a “range” stat, which will tell us the range of our vehicle when getting ideal gas mileage. this would be an important stat for making delivery vehicles, and probably others too.

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While miles per gallon are always going to be a major focus point for most people, a lot of people would also like to know how much gas they can get in one stop. For example, a delivery truck will usually warrant a preference for not just MPGs, but tank size as well. The more time you spend at the pumps, the less time you’re spending running around making deliveries.
A smaller fuel tank would benefit a car with high MPGs, as it would allow less weight to be carried (and also lower the chance of fires in the event of an accident). While traditionally larger cars have larger fuel tanks, that’s not always the case.