Supercharged rank

After the update to this new forum my profile no longer says that I have a supercharged account. I would like to know whether this will be implemented or if accounts that previously had this will be granted extra features in the past?

LinkLuke aka Luke

You should have the rank, it has ported over, but you need to manually choose to display it in your account settings. You should be able to select the Supercharged rank.

Looks like @LinkLukes was missed. My script wasn’t perfect.

I’m also missing my supercharged rank.

Atleast i don’t see it in my badge settings if that’s where it’s supposed to be.

I also have only 2 badges; Anniversary and Basic User.

@Crowiel @RobtheFiend I’ve granted you both the supercharged rank :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help, I hope that all people who have lost their supercharged or even turbocharged rank get it back.

LinkLuke aka Luke Prior