Swapped the engine location, and made the ultimate car?

So I was building a car for my fantasy company. A simple, basic and economic small 4 banger for family usage. I tried to mimic the Beetle by placing the engine on the rear and stuff.
I was struggling to get the Family budget tag, then I decided to see if changing the engine position would help with something.

And… I made the ultimate Heavy Utility and convertible car, that isn’t even convertible. What?
Idk if it’s a bug. Looks like, but I’m unsure. What’s up?

Sometimes all that rear weight just make cars into shit - i think the production/servicing costs go up, too, but I’m not sure.

Post the specs/ overview, too?



not exactly an all that great car (and not a convertile either), but the market seems to like it, heh

There are a few demographics that haven’t been filled by the competitor packs that’s included within the game, mainly due to lack of car bodies within the very early years, this is what causes those very weird phenomenons where a car that should be bad within a demographic ends up being very good.

I forgot if those gaps will be filled with the next patch, but back when that pack was made a few months ago, the only bodies available in 1945 were the 4 door Morris Minor and the upscaled version of it.