Text Overruns

Few text overruns that I’ve found in my game. Not sure if these are already known. They show up when playing on the lowest settings (stupid bad, terrible, no good integrated graphics card). I can sometimes run on the medium settings, it just gets slow and a little glitchy sometimes, not to mention on fire. It’s normally just fire hot, medium makes the laptop lava hot. High I assume would cause it to spontaneously combust.

There’s also a text error in the body size (platform builder I think?) where the symbols for inch and foot (" and ’ respectively) are reversed.




One of the things the devs are doing for the next update (coming in a few days) is improving the UI, so that will be something that will surely be addressed in the coming update. Overruns like this happen on high settings aswell, it is just issues with the UI.

:slight_smile: No, those things will not be addressed just yet because there are many more issues that are much more important to fix than this. When we polish up the game for our Steam Early Access release we will try to get rid of such flaws though!