The Automation Gamer Challenge [NEW THREAD]

I think the biggest issue with this was making a “livery.”
Automation isn’t the easiest livery maker to be honest. It’s hard to really nail it while also fighting the fixture warping to look just right.
I know this is just a free podium spot, but I just wanted to at least show I made an honest attempt.


Agreed, I think too much importance on a livery when making a good livery is rather difficult isnt a good thing to base your challenge off of, I missed the clunker run for this :frowning:
I was also curious to see what engineering tricks or backstories the other guys had with their car, so I was hoping for maybe a car review of some sort?


You do realize the first place car had a very good livery, and it was not the first time it has been done right? Making liveries had been around for way more than a year at this point. If people didn’t want to enter, I really don’t mind whatever reason it was rather timing or having other obligations, saying it was too hard is just insulting to the community. Are they easy? No, but they are absolutely nowhere near as hard as you guys make it out to be.

And no I’m not expanding on the reviews. Just from the priorities there was a clear winner


I suspect that budget constraints (2008 was the year the world came close to another Great Depression, after all) would have been the most likely reason for abandoning the project.

OOC: The lack of interest for AGC16 may have been a symptom of many users being too preoccupied with real life and/or other forum challenges during its submission period.


I would have definately entered but i was unfortunately not able to play during that time, so bad timing

AGC17 - Ludicrus Cab : Around the World

Photoshop skills be weak

2021 - SpeedCo Studios

A year year, a perfect time to make more money.
After the success of last years 6000 Rounds per Minute: Rearmed and Apex Racing: Sunrise it is time to milk another old IP from the depths of idea drawers.

The orginal “Ludicrous Cab” was an early 3D Arcade racing game from the early 2000’s. The goal was to get the highscore in ether a limited timeframe or in the endless mode. Points were achived by delivering people from A to B. The quicker one went, the more points you get. Extra points could be achived by driving close by others, drifting, using the hydraulic systems to jump and using certain rails to grind. The location was mainly focused on an condensed version of Detroit, featuring many factories to drive though and such. The 4 cars featured were american barges reaching roughly from the 60-80’s. Every single of them featuring their unique character.

For the Reboot a lot of the game most of these mechanics will be ported into the new version. Giving old fans the know back. Furthermore a story and a smaller upgrade system will be taken place. The biggest new features are the online features and the 6 new locations all with their own cabs. The new locations will be:

Santa de Palma, a west american inspired city (Starter City, featuring wide streets and being a tutorial place)
New Redway, an east american inspired city (More traffic, but more gridbased city layout)
Weißgipfelhausen, a Swisse/Middleurope inspired area (Many tight curves with high altitude differences)
Vardeskik, a russian inspried area (Slippery roads and aggresive traffic)
Tosuki, a urban japanese inspired area (Tight urban city roads with shortcuts through alleys and rooftops)
Wild Widths, an outback inspired area (Offroad with difficult terrain)

Once again, Speedco is asking the communty to help out designing these cars and characters. The winner will even get the Cover photo once more again!


  • SpeedCo is looking for cars in the style of the original CrazyTaxi Games, so they are looking for cars which represent the area with “cool” and “colorful” chracter.
  • Like in CrazyTaxi, your car must be a convertable, with the special rule here that you will need to activly chop of the roof of your car, just sending me a convertable Bodytype wont cut it.
  • Cars will be limited to 2 door cars, with 2/3 Seating (Yes full seats)
  • SpeedCo is looking for cars fitting the era’s between 40’s-90’s (So 1940 - 1999)
  • Even though i will not judge your engeering, you should give your car some character, so it can be assigned a driving profil. Putting a Hypercar drivetrain into your landyacht will give you stern looks
  • When designing your car/character please pick on of the 6 hometowns and try to make them look like they belong there

TL;DR, again…

  • The car model and trim year have to be in 1940-1999
  • Body must be 2 door
  • Car must have 2/3 seating
  • Car must have an open top, and have at least an basic interior designed
  • Car should feature the classic Taxi checkers in some way
  • Cars should not be branded
  • Post must contain a driver and his hometown (from the 6 posted ones)
More Info about the hometowns
  • Santa de Palma,a western american inspired city:
    The starter city in LC:ATW. The player will be instructed on the games mechanic here. The layout features a mix of straighs and curves with moderate height changes. Roads are wide and traffic is consides of fancier cars and normal american traffic. Santa de Palma features a beach region, a gambling district, a mall for the rich and some canyon roads with parks.

New Redway, an eastern american inspired city:
Redway will be the next city on the players travel. This city will challenge the player in using the just learned mechanics. The city is pretty flat, with only height changes coming from elevated roads for shortcuts throug building. The traffic is much more present here, featuring an american traffic with many yellow cabs and other service vehicles. The layout is more girdbased, but there are many shortcuts to jump inbetween those. New Redway features an airport, a big citypark, a big industrial district and an entertainment district.

Weißgipfelhausen, a Swisse/Middleurope inspired area:

Weißgipelhausen is the first place outside the US. The traffic here consides more of hatchbacks and sleek 4-doors. Weißgipelhausen features a lot of windy rounds, the player can drift up and down. It is also possible to jump from on mountain road to the next. The most prominate areas are the Ski-Resort, the old towncenter, the campus and vast train system.

Vardeskik, a russian inspried area:

Will be the next location. This icey cold area features slippery roads which will take the player by surprise, but also more aggresive traffic which will not stop for the player. The player might even get chases by agents here.
The traffic here features mostly older eastblock cars and trucks, with point of interrest like the Main Goverment district, an army base, a spaceport and a large cathedral.

Tosuki, a urban japanese inspired area:

After that the player travels to Tosuki. Tosuki features very tight roads but a big highway system and other shortcuts. Traffic here consides of smaller trucks and Keicars. The player will need to find the best way to get around here, and keep the best shortcuts memoriest. The biggest features are the highway system, the cargo port, the central tower and an amusement park.

Wild Widths, an outback inspired area:

The last hop land the player in Wild Widths. A dusty area considering mostly of offroad track, difficult terrain and mean wildlife. Which traffic will be less here, the public will drive larger trucks and Roadtrain here.
The main attractions here are the national Jungle, Sandy dunes, the “Horizion” bridge and a mysterious meteor crater



Cars must be submitted in the normal format
Model name: AGC17 - (your username)
Trim name: Car Name
Engine name: AGC17 - (your username)
Engine trim: Something

Submission will open 19th May

Deadline will be Sunday the 6th June 23:59 GMT+1


for the good questions i have received

Q: Can i do something else than a yellow cab?
A: Yes totally, i even highly endorse it, just make sure it fitting for the hometown it is coming from

Q: How heavly will the interior be judged?
A: Considering you will only see it from thrid person, not much. Ofc better interiors gets the bonus points, but you are not required to go full custom gearknob

Q: Hey i want to use my brand is that okay
A: I would prefer non-branded car, if you want you can “GTA-fy” your brand


If I don’t see a single Dale Earnhardt Sr. from Baseketball as a submission here, I’m gonna riot, and be immensely disappointed in this entire community.


Oh yeah. Shits open. Send me the good stuff

1987 Perdana Acidus 1.8 Turbo

Badrul Asri, your Malaysian driver, is a polite, talkative, and generous person. His father used to operate a profitable taxi cab business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he was born and raised. He began driving taxi for his father after obtaining his driver’s licence at the age of 18 years old.

He was comfortable with how to steer a vehicle after playing racing games at a nearby arcade, and he used to drive dangerously on public roads because he felt he was playing a video game. Passengers who travelled with him, on the other hand, never complained about his driving because he often arrived at the destination faster than they anticipated.

With all of the good feedback and a large sum of money, Badrul and his father decided to extend their company to other countries, and what better place to start than Tosuki, a busy and crowded city where people are searching for cabs to get to their destinations.

Badrul will be the taxi driver, with his father managing the accounts and other office tasks. Now it’s up to Badrul to bring in the cash to make his father’s taxi cab company a success in Tosuki.


1976 Rama Rena Taksi Kabriolet

driven in Vardeskik by Boleslav Besovski

Boleslav and his 1976 Rama Rena taxi are a great illustration for the saying that, over time, a car and its driver will become ever more similar to one another. Both have been out on the streets of Vardeskik every day for 8 years now sporting the same livery, both have become impervious to the usually frigid conditions, both have the occasional habit of exhaling dark smoke through their pipe, and both even run on the same fuel - 160 proof clear Kula vodka!

Boleslav has taken up the job as taxi driver after being discharged from the White Army. He looks back at these times with pride. This is not only evident by the cap he is wearing, but also that the sole source of entertainment for the passengers in his car are stories from his good old days. He is a good storyteller though, and his shamelessly embellished tales of his colourful past are popular with the few tourists who happen to make their way to Vardeskik.

The Rena’s rather low power should give you not too much trouble accelerating on Vardeskik’s slippery road surfaces, but the rudimentary brakes easily make up for it in challenge. Brake too early or too much and you have to spend valuable time to get back up to speed again. But brake too little or too late, and you slide into the oncoming traffic instead of making the corner! The Rena’s RWD means that you can skillfully drift around the corners on the icy streets if you hit just the right speed - but once you are in a spin, you are in for the spin! Therefore, precise and technical driving and conservation of momentum will get you the most points with the Rena.

There are also some additional challenges waiting for you in Vardeskik. The roads are not only icy to varying extents, there are also potholes in some places that force you to avoid certain lanes. Due to the car having a similar colour than the snowy environment, other drivers may not see you and hit your car. Also, if you pick up the wrong passenger, state agents will hunt you in black V8-powered interceptors - but at least they have to deal with the slippery surfaces, too! You can also use your car’s white colour to your advantage and learn the trick to become stealthy for a short time and simply blend in with the environment. Success of this tactic is not guaranteed, however!

Some ideas for in-game sound bites:
(all to be read in a deep voice with a Russian accent, and all end with hearty guttural laughter)

  • (new passenger) Where do you want to go? Ah, in the old days, you couldn’t get there from here - but don’t worry, I just know the shortcut!
  • (when hitting pothole) Ha! In your country, there are probably many roadworks. In Vardeskik, road works you!
  • (when sliding) Can you slide on ice in your country? In Vardeskik, ice slides you!
  • (when hit by other car) Not nice… but dents build character, what do you say?
  • (when stealth) Now they see us… now they don’t…
  • (when caught) What a pity! Looks like you now continue with state taxi!
  • (random, when driving along) Oh… looks like we are getting low on fuel. drinking noises Ah… much better!
  • (random, when driving along) In my youth, this route here went downhill, on the ice, both ways…
  • (random, when driving along) Have I already told you the story when I… I have? Well, I’ll tell it anyway! Maybe, this time it will be even better!
  • (random, when driving along) You’re cold? Let me know! I’ll just turn on the heater! Oh, wait…

1999 Taxi Midnight Club


1977 Dover Tarpon GT taxi

Hailing from a small town near Wild Widths, Jim Sunderland is the man you need to ferry passengers around in a hurry. Featuring an American 360ci V8 putting down 277hp and 349 pound feet of torque, it carries this thunder from down under to a top speed of 155mph.



Because more entries are always better:

  • Extend a week
  • Eh whatever

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With a 70% vote, i will extend the deadline for another week.

Y'all better get going or else i will air out this whole thread

Deadline is now

6th of June


Air this B^@%$ OUT then lol…Jk

Das Berlin Taxi - 1998 GkDW 200 GT-R

The GkDW shown is the range-topping performance flagship of the 200 compact executive, and it was designed to have great handling thanks to AWD and sports-tuned suspension. The 200 GT-R is fast as well, as its 345 hp 2.9 liter twin turbo V6 can help the car get from zero to 100 comfortably in just 4.8 seconds.

The car was designed to match the taxi colors on the area it serviced, i.e. Weißgipfelhausen.

Driver: Agent 420

Hailing from [REDACTED], Agent 420 is a spy working under the well-known organization [REDACTED] located in [REDACTED], and currently he is working undercover as a taxi driver, in Weißgipfelhausen, in order to stop a terrorist organizatrion [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] the world by using [REDACTED].

He is often seen in a black suit with a red belt, sunglasses and a mask to conceal his own true identity. He rarely talks, but sometimes he talks with his London-ish accent, which some people might thought he’s somebody from there. However, up till today, there is no proof were made about his nationality.


My car for AGC17, the 1984 Aikawa Templar 2.3 GT Cabriolet, which is obviously heavily tuned.
Originally starting out in Tosuki as a hardcore street racing rig, its owner Asuna Hiroshi soon modified it a bit to work in her uncle’s cab company and earn a bit of money…
…by re-fitting the rear seats and installing a cheap casette player. It also has very little rear grip, meaning that you can drift it through the narrow streets but it will spin if you steer too hard or too little.
Asuna herself adores this little RWD compact, and she even painted the ends of her hair (which is basically jet-black) the same acid green colour as the rim lips.
345ish HP coming from a 2.3 turbo I4.
BTW don’t shun me for using semi slicks, I wanted a little bit more grip.
(Might just be called the Templar 2.3 GT ingame)


Wild Jack and the Kabgaroo

Wild Widths’ craziest cabbie is back it, jumping over any obstacle the Outback throws his way with the Kabgaroo: a 4x4 V8 powered taxi that will haul anyone, anywhere.

Wild Jack pictured here moments before winning a boxing match with a kangaroo:

Couple of beauty shots of the Kabgaroo

Edit: Figured it’s worth getting into more detail about Wild Jack. He’s effectively the personification of the bogan stereotype and is known to carry a bbq and a cooler full of beer and meat in the back of the cab to enjoy the moment he’s on break. While generally uncouth, he is a nice guy who thinks much of himself and will take on any challenge (such as boxing a kangaroo).


I’d like to thank you and the lot of voters for the extension. I’m working on an essay and had to deal with some court issues, and wasn’t near finished. Thanks!