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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 21]

Awesome! My first victory for a forums challenge haha. Thanks a lot :sparkles:


To be honest, the car that won really looks great.


Congratulations man!

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nice job y’all

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I wanna join next round. Also congrats, Aruna!

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AGC 2 - Future Hysteria

The year is 2020, Halfway Games after being defunct for over 9-10 years have recently had their rights bought out by a young, dashing AI programmer, Myra Grey. The fast-paced action packed racing game Yokohama Rush 2047 was an unheard of classic, but to Myra, it was one of the best racing titles ever. Now, with her outstanding fruitful start-up company to back her, she planned on reviving the niche racing title for the next generation of PCs & games consoles.

Early one morning in the executive board room there was a rather monumental glitch…:

Myra: …So you’re telling me, we have all of the content… But no vehicles to even play the game with?!

The VIPs and developers looked around amongst one another, before a smart suited fellow spoke: Frank Valentine.

Frank: Well, that seems to be the issue. Apparently no-one was allocated to work on vehicle design at all. Must have been a communication error somewhere online.

Myra: Sigh. You have got to be kidding me. We have about a week until launch day and no cars to drive around in our racing game…

The room stood silent, Frank swilled his coffee around with a silver spoon, before…:

Frank: I know this sounds really unlike us, but what if we were to outsource the car design to the fans and other subsidiary companies of ours?

Board members began to chat among themselves, and eventually it seemed they all came to agreement that this is the only way they’ll release the project on time. After the meeting was over, Frank and Myra were the only two left in the room discussing the send-off for potential clients

Myra: You sure this’ll work? I’m having my doubts.

Frank: Of course, who wouldn’t want their own vision embraced into our pièce de résistance…

The invites were sent out… Now it was up to you to create your idea for the game, as you had received an email from Halfway Games requesting your aid in the development of their latest title.


Game: Yokohama Rush 2099: Action racing game with stunt and deathmatch modes (Mature rated/18+)

What game is like: The game is set in a futuristic portrayal of the city of Yokohama, Japan. The environment is heavily Sci-Fi styled, with monstrous privileged skyscraper districts, extreme speed metropolitan highways, and miasma-ridden substantial industrial zones.

The soundtrack has a massive range full of DnB, Hardcore, Heavy metal, Trance, Techno, and Electronica.

Suitable cars: Hyper-futuristic concepts, minimalistic concepts, heavily modified muscle, future-classic tuner cars.

Your task: To design and develop a car intended for the racing game.


  • Model Year can be any year, the same goes for engine.
  • Car trim & engine trim year is only to be 2020
  • Body type can be any, as long as it makes enough sense.
  • Quality slider adjustments will be taken into consideration.
  • Car markets will not be marked in judgement
  • One entry per person!


  • No restriction, just choose within good reason.


  • No restriction, just choose within good reason.


  • Tyres are to be sized only ending with a “5”. Example: 245 front & 285 rear.
  • Besides the above rule, no restriction, just choose within good reason.


  • This is an arcade racing game, so brake fade won’t be implemented: Only 0% fade on all sections is allowed.


  • No restriction, just choose within good reason.


  • No restriction, just choose within good reason.


  • The car of the future, even within a videogame, must have at least Standard 10s as minimum safety.


  • No restriction, just choose within good reason.

Class: There is three different classes within the game; Normal, Advanced and Extreme.

Normal: This is the entry level beginner class you get at the first half of the game. Aimed for more low to mid-end sports cars or performance vehicles. This low class also caters to heavyweights more specifically trucks and muscle cars which are tougher and better in deathmatch modes. (Recommended power range: 200-450hp)

Advanced: This class is unlocked in the mid-half of the game. Expect an increase in performance all around balanced with speed and more difficult handling. Aimed for high-end sports cars or supercars. (Recommended power range: 450+ to 700hp)

Extreme: The ultimate tier classification. Only the most insane cars are allowed in this class. It is unlocked at the later half of the game. Ultimate concept cars and “special” prototype machines are in this class. (Special for example would be alike to the extra unlockable cars in Ridge Racer: Monsterous, Crinale, Angelus, Pronzione, Bass Cruiser, 490B, G00, and Terrajin.) ((Recommended power range: 700hp+))

  • Please note in your submission which class your car is aimed for.

  • The class is ranked on speed and handling of which I will test in BeamNG.drive. A normal class car should be easy to drive, where as an advanced would require a bit more precision, and extreme would be the most difficult to handle.

Suggestions and assistance

  • This challenge is quite heavily design based, as the developers can eventually re-tweak performance figures if needed. Try to focus on your design style first.

  • Have a look through the examples in the next section, something might catch your eye and inspire you.

  • This is a futuristic based game, be innovative with your design language. Expand your ideas in text if you like.

  • I made an inspiration soundtrack to get an idea at the pace and theme of the game. Check it out here!

  • Yokohama Rush is “based” off a classic arcade racer called San Francisco Rush 2049. It featured racing, stunt and deathmatch modes. Take these into account when making your entry!

  • The main inspiration points for Yokohama Rush 2099 would be the predecessor game, Ridge Racer Unbounded, Split Second and in general Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi setting.

Here’s a few examples of what the development team is looking for:

Design Examples ~Conceptual~








Design Examples ~Retro/Muscle~








Design Examples ~Cyber-Tuner~




_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

Submission guidelines

Model name: AGC 2 - (your forum user name)

Trim name: Your car’s name

Engine name: Your engine’s name

Engine trim name: Your engine’s trim


  • Post a picture/pictures of your submitted car on this thread alongside your submission sent.

  • Car brands are allowed be made up ones or can they fit into automationverse (eg. Arion, Corsica, Hokuto etc.)

  • Important Note: No re submissions allowed - so please make sure that your entry meets all requirements before submitting.

  • I will be testing the car in BeamNG.drive. If you do not have the game and cannot fine-tune your car for it, please note in your submission and I will understand when it comes to judging.

  • All mods are allowed

  • Submissions will open at 12:00am GMT August 13th 2019 and will close at 12:00 pm GMT, August 20th 2019. Please note that until submissions open, rules and regulations may be subject to change.

I am using open beta, so please state which version you are using on your entry submission. Open Beta is preferred.

Have fun and I wish you success!

Important: This OP is a work in progress right now any input would be great as this is my first time hosting a competition here. Things might change before the opening time.


No mechanical or statistical requirements? This must therefore be a purely design-led competition then. And I like the fact that you chose an arcade racing theme for this round, except a much more futuristic one than which I used in the first round - games like these are few and far between in this day and age.


Sorry for the ping @Sky-High but I believe you’ll be very interested in this

I will likely get around to adding some sort of rules and classification this morning, I spend most of yesterday night motivated to storming out the idea haha!

Time to be the most creative i’ve ever been. I already have ideas but im questioning if i can pull it off.

Tyres are to be sized only ending with a “5”. Example: 245 front & 285 rear.
OCD activiate

oh no beam tests now im kinda limited
So far im liking it. It’s well written with obvious objectives. Was kinda expecting the cyber tuner to be more renders than rice boxes but ok :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, are mods allowed? I would assume so but i could be wrong :wink:

Yeah, I should have noted that haha. Mods are all allowed. I have about 190 mods myself, but some I might not have.

Clearly not as i have around 220 aha, Cool i better get started then also adverts are going to be awesome


Ha ha ha!!
Is 306 a number?

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If you unsubscribe from incompatible mods excluding those odd mod tool builder and tutorials which shouldn’t be mods, there should be about 260.

As much as I like the chance to go actually all out on being nuts I’m travelling with just a phone and a glorified word processor and it takes me months to be happy with modern and futuristic designs


Damn, it would have been cool to see an entry from you! E̶x̶t̶e̶n̶d̶s̶ ̶d̶e̶a̶d̶l̶i̶n̶e̶ ̶t̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶n̶e̶x̶t̶ ̶m̶o̶n̶t̶h̶ ̶l̶o̶l̶

Ok ok I’ll see if I can put something together but given I have to run Automation at 800x600 at single digit framerate, the result may be a little messy :joy:

Edit: which tracks do you plan to test this car on? My choice of body will change depending because if it’s track only I will choose something with extreme low ground clearance, whereas if we’re going to have to mount kerbs and bumps…


Most likely the city-based ones considering the setting of the game, I’ll use the Endless highway for speed testing. VR City and West Coast are for city based, I’ll use the gridman, port and industrial for deathmatch and stunt type.

Standard 10s 0 tech? Or any tech so long as it hits a minimum rating?

Very cool idea!

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