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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 21]

Considering i threw that together in about an hour its not too bad. Some very good detailed reviews so I can forgive the wait. Understandably too. I wont win but hey it was fun to enter something for once
Good luck to the rest of you.

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I suppose… I’m still surprised I managed to get this stupid thing to pass into testing with the choices I made


It’s not really stupid but yeah some decisions were rather… Questionable. But your design pulled you ahead by a long margin so dw

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AGC8: Wraith, Finals pt 2

Tristella Vulturis GT by @Xepy

First Thoughts and Styling:

Let me get just a few things out of the way:

  • It looks like a fish from a certain few angles, but a beautiful fish, at that.
  • Not that it matters, but this mf here gets almost 32mpg. And it’s a 632 hp beast.
  • It indeed has the nicest ass of all the submitted cars

The way this car handles its styling is brilliant. I haven’t seen such creative use of fixtures before, let’s just say. And everything about it feels right. It’s a properly made supercar but it’s as comfortable as the Marksman Garrison from above. The vents around the car are placed so nicely that they naturally flow with the shape. The badging is done very cleanly as well. The rear exhausts and vents are placed coherently and it looks like a whole single unit instead of multiple different fixtures. The rear lights are :ok_hand: I have nothing but respect for this design after seeing it. Boy is it beautiful and cleanly arranged. This is a car that’s proud to be a supercar, and not trying to hide it.

The Engine:

  • It’s a TT V10 and has VVL so obviously there would be some expected wonkiness, but still just saying, the curve could’ve been smoother because that’s quite the torque hill you’ve got there. Then again, nice power curve overall
  • The throttle response with this engine is as well a bit kaput.
  • Pretty smooth for a V10, makes for great comfort.
  • Very reliable for a modern engine.
  • Nothing else to say except it’s a decent well balance engine

The Car:

  • The suspension balance is nearly as perfect as it can get honestly, it rides low and tight but still manages to be comfortable. This is what a lot of entries missed (especially binned ones), failure to manage the suspension tuning.
  • Very nice high speed steering capability, can be a bit tricky in low speeds but for a GT supercar it’s fine.
  • Has enough aero for a car of this segment.
  • Considering it’s a full CF lightweight car, it’s very safe, on par with the boats in this round.
  • Probably the most realistic brake tuning I’ve seen in a while for a car of this class. No fades as well so no chance of slamming the brakes and not getting any stopping power.
  • Managed to squeeze in Hand Made interior and Luxury infotainment, I’m really impressed now lol.
  • Pretty reliable for the type of car it is really. Highly prestigious as well. We’ll be getting some great reception if we include this car in the game.

The Missions:

  1. The car has nearly perfect steering, and agent 0-02 can handle a bit of oversteeriness in low speeds, he’s a capable driver after all. Moreover this car is RWD, the players are gonna have loads of fun when driving with this car.
  2. Tight tuned suspension and low riding… yeah not the best car offroad. But it can do some. And the complete CF build stops it from shattering the bottom into pieces. With a bit of effort, 0-02 manages to outrun the goons.
  3. The high roll angle wouldn’t really be much of an issue, considering how low this car rides. Also the fact that the active suspensions are tuned so nicely that they seem to soak up bumps and jerking motions. There’s more than enough traction to keep it stable and not bumpy.
  4. Complete CF car. Basically it’s a Kevlar vest on wheels at this point with that safety rating (75). The Tristella swimmingly passes through the Hellfire mission, dodging or deflecting all the bullets and quickly fleeing the scene.

Final Verdict: I didn’t think I’d receive a proper Supercar/GT combo but here we are looking at one. I’m blown away by how well balanced and not minmaxed at all this car is. Good job!

Gyra GT-395 @micz244

First Impressions and Thoughts:

This was one ballsy car to be honest. Everything about it screams wildcard. Unlike the other cars which were exclusively powered by a V engine, this one here uses a straight five. This boi here looks like a fish as well but again, a good looking fish that I’d definitely enjoy driving around. Multiple fixtures were used all around the car to make it stand out different from other cars using this body. Styling is mostly what got this car this far IMO. The front and rear lights are very creatively designed and I’m in love with them.

The engine:

Again straight five engine, and the family is from 1987. The single turbo i5 has been cheesed to the point it comfortably makes 550 nm of torque. Of course the Alu block/head means it’s not exactly robust but it’s still standing strong among the other finalists. It’s not smooth at all and the torque kick is scarier than The Exorcist. But I can see agent 0-02 having the time of his life driving this car and going down windy roads at 150 km/h or so. It’s noisy though so while it may be fun for the driver, can’t say the same thing for other passengers. Overall it’s a decent engine and seems a realistic one as well, if seen from a lore POV.

The car:

  • It’s not as comfortable as the other finalists, let me get this over with, It’s noisy as hell even with the turbo and reverse flow mufflers. The brakes are tight. But the Active suspensions and loose tuning saves its arse from getting the bin for low comfort.
  • Very drivable for a Turbo I5 car and still enough sporty to have fun with. This thing’s balanced as hell when it comes to having fun while driving.
  • DCT 7 speed takes care of the massive torque kick, good save with the gearing.
  • Moderately fine steering at high speeds and almost perfect at low speeds.
  • Another low-rider but the loose suspensions handle offroad surfaces rather well.
  • Not as safe as the other competitions, but safe nonetheless.

The Missions:

  1. With the near perfect steering graph, this car was a breeze to drive around in the first mission and still managed to throw its tail around when commanded.
  2. The full Alu built car was this much away from breaking in various spots but the soft springs saved it from getting the body hit with bumps.
  3. Again, with the rather low comfort, quite a few pints of blood was spilled from 0-02’s partner. But the car’s speed and soft suspension and moderately high roll angle saved him from tearing his wound apart even more.
  4. Enforced Alu chassis so while the car isn’t exactly hole-less as of now but it survived well enough and fleed the scene quickly, keeping 0-02 safe and sound.

Final Verdict: It’s a nice car and while the engine it uses is a bit dated in terms of family, it’s still a well balanced car overall. The fact that such a car managed to be a GT car when it basically uses a supercar shell, is pretty impressive.

Final Judgement and Placing

Before we begin, the studio has decided to use all the six finalist cars in the game, one way or another, their roles will be stated along with their places down below:

On 6th Place, we have: The Gyra GT-395 by @micz244

It’s a brilliant car and we think this car would be kept as an in game secret/easter egg. If the player manages to find this car, they can alternatively use it during certain missions instead of the default car.

On 5th Place, we have: The Zephorus FGT by @Sky-High

Another well made GT car under a supercar shell, that managed to be more than good enough to get noticed by the devs. They’ve decided that this car would be offered as a secret unlockable after the player gets an achievement in-game.

On 4th Place, we have: The Marksman Garrison Broadsword M-FOS Excalibur by @That-S-cop

It’s a huge modern luxobarge that’s built as a tank and faster than some of the supercars we’ve recieved. It looks highly prestigious as well. We know where this one’s going :eyes:

This car will be driven by the main antagonist himself, and once the player executes the antagonist in a certain secret way, they’ll obtain this car as a secret unlockable.

Fuck you for that humongous name btw

On 3rd Place, we have: The Lynx Vitesse VLF by @mart1n2005

A truly well made GT car that looks quite the part and performs accordingly as well. It’s dependable as well. This car will be driven by 0-02’s loyal partner, who fancies sporty GT cars of this sort and will be an unlockable car once the player saves him from mission 3.

On 2nd Place, we have: The Tristella Vulturis GT by @Xepy

This car deserved to be a winner, for its steller balance between being a supercar and a comfortable and safe GT car. Its not this car’s fault that it got 2nd, it’s just some other brand summoned a demon to craft their car and have somehow managed to make it even bonkers than this while looking like a luxobarge.

This car will be seen in a scene where a cliche hot lady comes in the rescue of 0-02 during a blunder, probably caused by himself. He will be taken to a safe place in this car by her and… erm… I’ll leave the rest to y’all.

Also this will be exclusively available to those who bought the season pass of the game, just because of how fun to drive this car will be in game.

On 1st place, we have: The AHB Demonio 5560 by @chichicoofisial

This is, and I’m not kidding, exactly the car that we wanted for this challenge. It ended up getting on par with our test mules and not a hint of minmax was found in this car. It just rounded up every segment we cared about so nicely. Truly a deserving win, Hats off!


And with that, we conclude this round of AGC 8. Winner must let us know in the replies whether he’d be able to host the next challenge ASAP. If not, it can be passed down to the rest.

I remember that I promised to make a special cover of the game featuring the winning car, I have not forgotten that and I’ll upload the custom cover image as soon as I can manage it. Hopefully it will be done before the next round is up :smiley:


Thanks for hosting! I enjoyed this round alot, nice and quick with some good challenge in it too.

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Great round and great write up, congrats to chichicoofisial!

And sorry for your loss GetWrekt, you had a reason that everyone would understand for a delay and you still delivered. Thanks for hosting!

(Also I’ll be away basically most of next week so I’ll preemptively decline hosting if it passes down)

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Holy moly, I totally didn’t expect that!

Well done to the other contenders, and thanks to the hosts for making such a detailed and fast reviews.
Sadly, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to host the next round, so the hot potato game begins, I guess.

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Ya welcome… Enjoyed this challenge thoroughly however
Congrats to Chichico.


AGC9 “Vroom” - The videogame

Vroom is the latest big summer animated kids film. It follows the life of Gareth Speedwell a racing driver that has fallen off the pace lately and is trying to improve himself in time for the Crankshaft Championships which is the most watched race in thee world, it is the race to be involved in if you want to be noticed. He goes back to his small home town during the summer to see his old friends as they all team up to train him to get to full fitness. The big twist in all of this is, all the characters in the world are living cars.

The brief

generic panda games have been tasked with creating the tie in game to launch alongside “Vroom”. Your job is to create the model for Gareth Speedwell that can then be imported into the game engine.


  • You can make Gareth as any car you like, bear in mind he a racing car though so needs to have a racing look.
  • dont just make an actual real racing car, the style needs to be in keeping with a kids film.
  • This is design only, these aren’t real cars so don’t worry about mechanical components
  • The cars do need the eyes and general “face” look of animated cars.





Model name: AGC9 - (your username)
Trim name: Gareth Speedwell
Engine name: AGC9 - (your username)
Engine trim: anything you like

please post a picture or two in this thread.

use any mods you like, the furry mod does have a face in it, but ideally try and create the eyes yourself as they will look better

I assume the rules are fine so this is now open

The closing time is12:00GMT 26/01/2020
No resubmissions


Rule 34 here I come


fuckin gosh
finally the OwO grill and the eyelashes mod got a car to be used
where do we will go

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Did someone say Rule 34?

What can I say except you’re welcome…


How do I lock threads? :stuck_out_tongue:


long silence
You have my salute…

Disney is watching you

This is going to be a very quick update, mainly because I only had the 2 entries.

Both of the entries were exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, however one of them truly scared me in its eroticism. It was quite hard to pick between the two cars as they both looked good tbh. Overall I just preferred the look of @Mikonp7 's entry so I will give them the win


Well then. Let me cook something up


AGC 10 – 6000 Rounds per Minute: Rearmed

It’s the new year at Speedco. People are coming back from Christmas vacation and overall productivity slowly gets back to normal levels. After the success of “Apex Racing: Sunrise” last year the game developer not only got a healthy dose of cashflow from the sales, but also their publisher “Digital Creations” are ready to invest into the American studio again.

With the new budget the company voted against a new part in the “Apex Racing” series. This time they rather want to reboot an older series which was a fan favorite in the early 2000’s but never got an HD successor. The fact that also the new console generation is already just around the corner made this decision even easier. The next big game is going to be “6000 Rounds per Minute: Rearmed”. This time not only the Community can help populate the game with vehicles and characters but also Freelancer will be payed for their submissions.

The game itself: “6000 Rounds per Minute” is a series of Vehicle Combat games which started in 96 and ran until 2004. The old games consisted mostly of 12 characters battling it out on wide open maps with their fitting vehicles. Vehicles spawn in without weapons and had to pick them up on the map, there was also a special weapon for every character.

This Reboot aims to take the old core gameplay and bring it into the new age. The game will still feature designed characters with some basic lore and fitting vehicles. Instead of just a free for all mode, this game will feature a small story section but will mostly focus on the online mode. The online mode will consist of a Race mode in the Style of a kart racer, a Deathmatch mode and the obligatory Battle Royal mode. The setting will be set in 2025 where drivers fight it out in the “Drivers Legends Royal” a League run by global oil company “Schmierig CO.” Drivers will be separated into three categories “Spear”, which will be mostly fast cars with less armor, “Shield” which will be slower cars with more armor and “Archer” which will feature stronger abilities (Like healing teammates or providing supplies). Drivers will start matches without weaponry so the submitted cars don’t need guns attached to them.

While it is not mandatory, it is highly requested to add some character lore to your submission. It doesn’t need to be book but something along the lines of “Hey this is the car of BootyMcBoatface. He was a sailor once. Now he drives a landyacht and wants to earn money for his own yacht. Ultimate is an anchor which he hooks other people with and drags them along for damage". So, a name, some character lore and their abilities would be good. The studio can come up with some of their own, but they would prefer to not spend a lot of time with that.
Best design gets Cover and will be the face of the game.

Send me a car in the style of Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8, Crashday, Carmageddon.
Car choice is all up to you and there are no restrictions. Just make sure they are fitting your character and fit into one of the 3 classes. Putting some sponsor stickers on it would be also good.

Class examples:
Spear : Hypercars, Light Buggies, Hatchbacks, Sportscars
Shield: Muscle Cars, Trucks, Vans SUV’s
Archer: Service Vehicles, Foodtrucks, Semis, Limousines etc.

Stats doesn’t matter. You want your car to be powered my Nuclear Power? Fine by me. Cars also don’t need to be modern. You can totally send in your 60’s muscle car, 90’s JDM icon or your sweet Restomod.
Just make sure that cars are not airborne (Sounds weird but flying cars are not allowed by the League. Hovercrafts are fine)

The only real requirement there is for your submission is: Write some character lore.
Every vehicle will get their own fitting character with own abilities and story. I am expecting at least a name and ultimate. More lore and thought out character = More plus points. Character will be in the style of League of Legends, Overwatch, Paladins, so non-human characters are okay.




Cars must be submitted in the normal format
Model name: AGC10 - (your username)
Trim name: Car Name
Engine name: AGC10 - (your username)
Engine trim: Something

Submissions will open at the 31st January

Deadline 14th February 23:59 GMT+1

I will answer any question of course.


In terms of the hypercars, what “armour” do we have to design? Is it just a few rivets here and there, bolted windows and a fancy cover for the engine? Or can we just submit your generic hypercar.