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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 21]

It would certainly give you plus points if you would. Slap some sponsors on that bad boy too, to make it look more like a offical League vehicle


Ay, so something like this, but reinforced and stickered :wink: i have no idea what im doing


Submission are Open, yeet


Unrelated but wow does your car look good. @Sky-High

Maybe I’ll see if I’m free sometime this week to enter this round…might have a crazy idea that can work somehow…and maybe I’ll break the streak of being eliminated in prelims. XD


Amaterasu Regula 3.4GTR - 血月


Driver name: 血月"Blood Moon"
Character name: Natsuki Tachibana / Natalie Brandt
Age: 25?
Origin: Japan
Class: Spear
Driver Number: 88
Character Backstory: Masked racer of the East, Blood Moon’s real identity is the illegitimate daughter of Lord Tachibana, the head of Tachibana Enterprises; Natsuki was trained to serve the Tachibana family from birth. Everything from taking care of them (from cooking, cleaning, general maintenance) to defending them(martial arts, weapons training, defensive driving). And she was great at it, all while being loyal to the family that she had not known was her own. However this all changed when her older half brother, Akihiko Tachibana, had betrayed the family and burned down their estate to take over the family assets. In their last moments, Lord Tachibana revealed her lineage, and pushed her to take revenge and the rightful leadership of what is left of the Tachibana clan. She is now driven by revenge, utilizing her skills for whatever may get her closer to her goal. Her skills are currently contracted out for the participation in Drivers Legend Royal, for the prize money to fund her hunt for vengeance. To keep her future prospects safe, she has donned a mask and races under with an alias. With her skills and revenged focused mindset, Natsuki proved herself to be a highly dangerous driver to face in DRL.

Character Design summary: A fusion of popular character tropes with a marketable character design, combined to a distinct and unique gameplay mechanic. As can be expected of a character of her type, her lines will be of edgy, dark and broody flare, with some Japanese phrases sprinkled in. Weebs love that shit.

Vehicle and Gameplay

Vehicle: Amaterasu Regula 3.4GTR
A Japanese sports car with racing fame, Blood Moon’s in particular is heavily modified to go fast, and go sideways. It is powered by a heavily boosted 3.4L Inline 6, with enough power to constantly light up the rear wheels in smoke. Not an easy car to control despite having very impressive agility, but boasts high acceleration and top speed to make up for it. It is however, lightweight and has lower armor, making it unideal for taking on prolonged battles.

Passive Abilities:
Drifting blade - While drifting, sliding into another vehicle will deal increased ramming damage, reduce incoming ramming damage taken and deflect projectiles that hit the rear half of her car

Momentum - Drifting loses less speed than usual

Akai Mikadzuki (Red Crescent)- Drifting gives a speedboost while ultimate is active. Gives intangibility to the vehicle, allowing Blood Moon to pass right through opponents and slice their vehicles for massive damage while also reflecting projectiles back to the shooter. Short duration - think 5 seconds active time, regardless of rather you drift or not.

Gameplay summary: A highly technical, close-combat Spear class character, Blood Moon drives a heavily modified RWD import tuner that features high acceleration with lower grip, ideal for holding slides. Key to this character will be mastering precise drifting, as sliding into others will be a high source of additional damage, while holding slides will be required to mitigate incoming damage from beefier foes while staying in close proximity. Her Ultimate deals large amounts of cleave (piercing) damage, perfect for crowds, plus a speed boost and ghost effect for overtaking in the corners or turning an opponent’s ram against them. It’s stacked and powerful, but also can be easily wasted with poor timing and cornering.

For beginners, Blood Moon will be a difficult character to utilize, especially in tighter areas as keeping drifting will be key to dishing out damage and survival. Getting stopped or having to stay straight will be a definite weakness for her, both of which being common mistakes a beginner would do with her. An experienced player should be able to utilize the her abilities anywhere on the map, weaving through the combat zones. With a stylish and high skill ceiling ability set, players would be incentivized to git gud.

Additional Images

Unmasked and Masked:


Oh wow.

oh dear

MEN BRAP “86th Airborne”

The Car: The Bulldog

Vehicle Summary

A modified MEN Bomb Resistant Armor Protected (BRAP) used by the 86th Airborne Division of the Polish Military. Fitted with a 400hp 4.6L inline 5 Nishima Heavy Industries Multi Fuel System Engine, the BRAP can still move if heavily damaged. The BRAP is also fitted with a manual gearbox for a true drivers experience.

Gameplay Summary

…its a big battering ram…

The Bulldog is a hulking Shield Class. Unmatched in raw power, the Bulldog is slow to accelerate, slow to turn and massive target. Strongest at the front, weakest at the rear, the Bulldog is a dedicated battering ram.

Passive: Built Like A Tank

The Bulldog is able to shrug off critical damage. This ability only activates once per match.

Ability: Reactive Armor

The Bulldog gains invulnerability for a very short period of time and any vehicles that collide with the Bulldog take get stunned for a short duration. Has a very long recharge.

Ultimate: Bayonet Charge

The Bulldog gains a monumental speed boost propelling it forwards with a sonic boom. Anything in the path of the Bulldog is dealt massive damage and knockback. Any vehicle not directly in front of the Bulldog , but caught in it’s wake will be stunned for a short duration. Long recharge.


While the Bulldog is slow to accelerate, it is by no means a slouch. Use it’s sheer size to muscle opponents out of the way. In the Race mode, use “Bayonet Charge” to gain a quick speed boost either to move up the field or to gain a considerable lead. Drifting is important to maintain speed as the Bulldog will lose much more speed without it. In deathmatch/battle royale, use the Bulldog’s large health pool to face tank opponents. Be careful to not be flanked or surrounded otherwise expect to take lose health quickly. Using “Reactive Armor” with “Bayonet Charge” is a good way to escape from a dangerous situation, however be aware of your surroundings since charging straight into a wall is a surefire way to get killed.

The Driver: “The Big MEN”

So I drew him properly…

Driver Summary

Full Name: Wiktor Damian Klemens Julian Oskar Janik Łukasz Mieczkowski Galat Krzesisław A.Szydlowski
Age: 45
Nationality: Polish
Entry Number: 86


Born into nobility, Wiktor Damian Klemens Julian Oskar Janik Łukasz Mieczkowski Galat Krzesisław A.Szydlowski was one of the descendant Great Knights that charged into battle in Vienna in 1683. Hoping to live up to this honour, Wiktor Damian Klemens Julian Oskar Janik Łukasz Mieczkowski Galat Krzesisław A.Szydlowski joined the military, quickly rising up the ranks. He would eventually become commander of the crack special forces team, the 86th Airborne. However, being a commander in peace time left Wiktor Damian Klemens Julian Oskar Janik Łukasz Mieczkowski Galat Krzesisław A.Szydlowski unable to gain the honour he wanted. As such he turned to street racing in the mountains and would eventually find his way into the “Drivers Legends Royal" where he hopes to find the honour he’s been looking for.


REAPER Presents


What is it?

It was leftover code. We think. Something.
It has become a tribute to a fallen driver, a fan favourite, an anomaly.
This is the Tributary, a Heavy, Hard to turn, but fast on the line Truck.

How Does it play?

The Tributary is a Shield class vehicle, with a very, very low handling rating, but a high top speed, and high acceleration. It is all about rocketing it's way down a fast straight, and hoping you stop in time for the corner.

What are the Abilities?

Passive: Hard Charger The Tributary gains additional boost speed when within 25% of it’s maximum speed in race mode, or gains additional damage reduction when at 25% of maximum speed in battle mode.

Active: Dead Stop When activated, The Tributary increases the force of it’s braking power by 100%, allowing the speed of the stop to become a dangerous offensive ability, dealing damage to anyone who collides with The Tributary.

Ultimate: Ram Charger When activated, The Tributary launches itself forwards for a very brief time. Any vehicle struck takes massive damage, however The Tributary also takes 25% of any damage dealt at the end of the Ability.

Who Drives it?


D.i.f.D is a robotic system created by REAPER TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED:tm: to drive and behave like NASCAR legend [REDACTED]. The System is being trialed here to see how the System handles adverse circumstances, and if it passes required checks, will be implemented into other series. Now, to hear from D.i.f.D themselves.

“Greetings, I am D.i.f.D, an Artificial Intelligence created by R-REAPER TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, I have been designed to Race, and D̷̰̰̺̹̜͆͗̽̿͋͌̇͑̕̚É̷̡̡͓̻̺͕̙̝͈͇͉̗͕͖̰͍̬̄̋̏̅̃̒́͂̃̕Ṥ̴̢͕̗̲͔̙͇͖̳̗̪͙͔̣̎̆̏̈́̄̀́̚͜T̴̢̨̟̻̻̺̬̣͇̗̣͍̗̞̜̿̏̈́́̅̔̄͋̐͘̕R̷̛͔̠̲̠̯̦͍͍̬͖͖̂͑̂̈́͒͂̑͐̃̈́̑̕͝O̶̼͖̦͔̩̔̑̽̌̃͋̔͠Y̸̨̺͇̺͓̮̻͕̰͕̗̊̀̏̑̂̾̓͆̈́͛̿͊̇̈́͝ ̴̡̢̢̙̺̥͚̩̜̙̹͖̱̌͛́͒͗̃̈́͑͜͜ͅT̶̡̛̛̮̰̬͇̟̬͈͚͔̠̭̞̹̲̙̀̈͒̈́͑̓͝͠͝Ḫ̶̨̨̤͓͍͈̣͖͉͕̭̫̮̓͌͂̃̈́̍̀͘͜ͅẺ̵͇̞͖͖͍̈͗͛̀̀͑̂́̄̚̚ ̸̡͍̯̤͍̘̘̤̻̹̜̑̔̎̓̒̀ͅͅĆ̶̨̨̨̛̥͎̲̖͈̬̣̓̋͆̈́͌̕͝ͅO̴͕͚̟̫̱̙̼̹̤̫̰̠͇̗̣̒́̀̔̽̒͂̌̔͑̕̕̚͘ͅM̸̡̞͙͋̑̈́̈́̈̒̃͘P̸̧͕͕̠̩̹̘̙̦̪͉͚̳̍̄͒̽͂͠E̴̡̛̹͌̀́͌͘T̶̡͔͔̠̦̹̞̫̼̜̥̟̼̓͛̓̓͐̾̽Ḯ̵̢̖̥̦͚̳̘͈͖̝̙̬̲͕̺̝̐̈̄͂̈́̃͂̅̿̅͘̕͝͝T̸͕̻̰̀̈́̄̎͌̐̐͌̉̈́͐̋͝I̷͙̞͎̯̥̲̖̽͂̈͌͋̽͂̾̾͘͘͜͜͝Ơ̸͙͚͎̰͍͓͕̗̜̥͖̠̿̀̋̀̎̾̓͌̓̈́͌̿̃͝Ņ̶͚̖̱̫͚̩̯̱͈͍̰̤̠͈̍͘͠ ̸̧̛̥͔̲̦͕̮͔̙̿̒͆͜͜W̶̡̛͇̘̜̯͕͈̯͋͋͜Ì̸̢̧̛͕̜̭̳͉͊̀͋̿͛͝T̷̡̨͓͔̜͚̭̘̭͖̙̯̠̰͂̉̃͐̄͌̓͛͌̈́̈̍͒͂͜͠H̷̨̦͕̻͚̩̗̭̹̗̬̹͑ͅ ̶͕͗͊͑͂̄́̋̓̍̍͆͊͒͊̃̚̕N̶̢̜̙͈̪͉̮̝͔͉̼̤̖̥̻̳͆̊̓̅̃͂̽̈́ͅÔ̷̥̤͕͚̩̦̲̼͂̔͂̀̏̈́̅̌͘ ̴͔̞͉̮̦̼̦̠͈̞̻̽̐́̄̓̅̊͐̔̆́͘͘͝͠Ȑ̸̡̬̜͎͈̥̻̯͉̜̫̼́̋̀͐̄̓͜Ȩ̶̧̨̩͔̖̭̯̽̊̐͐̕M̶̡̛̖͎͈̱̠̫͉͔̼͗͘ͅͅO̵̢̺̮̟͔͆̎̉͗Ȓ̸̡͈̮̟̩̥͚̣̞̜̝̦̞̅͐̆͌͌͐̋͘͠͝ͅͅS̵̗̱̱̭͆̊̓͐̈́́Ḛ̵͎̾̂͐́̇̐̄̄̂͛̕͝. Thank you for understanding, I hope we may fight fairly on the field of Chaos.”


What does “cba” mean?

Cock & Ball Annihilation


Hhhhh, lol.

In all seriousness cba means “can’t be assed”

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New images of this badass truck in some gas


Vehicle Summary
A modified Yama Yosan Heavy Duty Lorry from the 90s, applied with reinforced frames and body with some of the thickest areas being 60mm thick being able to resist any 50cal and with metal bars for the 40mm bullet resistant glass. The truck has been modified to have a GAU-8 Avenger 30mm and with wireless controlled auxiliary 7.59mm miniguns at the rear. The truck retains the original engine but modified to modern standards with a 8.1L I6 Turbo producing over 1800NM of torque to haul the heavy truck with a modern advance auto transmission. An metal armored tank able to tank and push through heavy fire.

Gameplay Overview
The truck is mean armored beast, the ability to haul and pull with heavy objects is unmatched as well as the ability to accelerate swiftly, contrary to its weight, in less then 7 seconds and reach over 300kmph. However, the grip and handling is lacking and being the biggest target.

Passive abilities
"The Yama" The Raptor Yosan is able to handle any punishment with a ridiculous vitality added onto its already high HP being activated upon gathering the required armoring package.
"Repair" The mechanical repairs will be done throughout the match slowly gaining hp
"The Immovable" The truck weighs more then 4 tons, the weight is both its saving grace and its down fall…60% reduction in any physical melee damage and 40% reduction on negative effects.

Active Ability
"Auto Defened" The GAU-8 Avenger and the 7.59 miniguns can be activated to auto defened either passively or aggressively
"Blind" Using the lights all over the Raptor to blind and see through smoke and gas. As well as the main spotlight being able to auto target the enemy, be that inaccurately blinding them.
"Smoke" Using the stored up exhaust gas, it is able to release it after a certain build up to the right side of the vehicle.

Ultimate Ability
"Bio-Angriff" When obtaining the gas and chemical canisters, it is able to release the gas from the left exhaust fan to increasingly damage the opponents close to the truck and can create a trail to block off certain areas with the gas and chemicals.
"Last Stand" It will temporarily increase its agility and will detonate the gas and fuel to self destruct, a last resort.

The definition of a beast it can easily move opponents and even budge other tanks. Combing “Blind” and “Smoke” it can easily overwhelm small targets and even tanks and combined with “Auto Defend” can easily pin down enemies in a CQB situation. Sliding the truck is inevitable with such power and it being RWD the truck will slide, however utilizing “The Yama” it can body slam the enemy and crush them, without losing HP, with a 80% resistance to ram damage. The one downside is its inability to swiftly escape from the enemy as the truck cannot turn well but if played correctly can easily escape with its top speed and acceleration, if properly driven. If the truck does not escape “Last Standf” well be available after passing >10% of its HP

More Image


Who are they?

Left (Marco) and Right (‘X’ nickname ‘Polo’)


  • Full Name: Marco Fredrich the driver
  • Age: 26
  • Biological sex: Male
  • Nationality: German


  • Full Name: [Redacted] (Nickname) Polo the mechanic and gunner
  • Age: [Redacted]
  • Biological sex: [Redacted]
  • Nationality: German


A Neo-DDR fanatics part of an separatist groups during the biological outbreak. The virus was frozen in Siberia for more than 30,000 years, a giant virus lay frozen in northern Russia. It’s the largest virus ever discovered. And it’s not frozen any more. Even after so many millennia in cold storage, the virus is still infectious. Scientists have named this so-called “zombie” virus discovered a few years before. However, during unlawful companies attained and experimented the virus, genetically modifying the genome and accidentally caused a mutated variant to spread across East Germany causing the entire east side to fall into chaos. Leading to many deaths across the eastern state and across Germany.

The BE 777 was formed by former DDR cadets in 1980 as a seperatist group retaining some basic ideological values with the former DDR government however, the group aimed to be more moderate with the politics and differed compared to the original styled Soviet Government. They aimed to restore order in the east. The number 777 representing an angelic blessing. The main cause saw the misuse and the lack of trust in the companies and the normal government. They aimed to form a separate self-governed state.

Marco and ‘X’, not much is known about 'X"… anyways… they joined the group and was place together in the MSRBE 777. They saw action against the infected. To this day Marco and ‘X’ (Polo), after the outbreak, still stayed partially in the group after the incident. After the dissolution of the group, when the Bundeswehr intervened and took back control after the separatist group who restored order. They would eventually find their way into the “Drivers Legends Royal" where they were assigned to participate and gather intel on the global oil company “Schmierig CO”, supplied by the underground group.


Okay because many people asked me to:

  • I was drunk 2 weeks please extend until the 21st
  • Had a wank too many please extend until the 16th
  • Nah fam Just get on with it

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Zephorus Last Rayzort

Car Class - Hypercar
Pros - Fast, Nimble, Small
Cons - Light Armour, Noisy, Hard to control
Character - Gamma 10 - 33

I actually created something lol

An early prototype robot used for emergency response calls gone rouge. Stealing internal parts of other cars to create a flashy beast of a car that only a non human could control, Gamma 10 -33 is the perfect driver behind the wheel of this machine. A scavenger at heart, and that’s exactly what this car is good at. Fast and small this vehicle can run circles around it’s opponents, until it gets hit. Then you’re in trouble.

If you think a situation is getting a bit sticky then you can use the ultimate ability! This ability gives a sudden boost of speed, allowed you to either run away, or ram the opponent. The only downside of this ability is that opponents can see when you are about to use it as the side “charge” display lights up.

If increased surfaces to mount weapons onto is a thing, I’ll take it. I totally want to see like 1 million common teir weapons on this. Passive ability I guess.

With minimal protection the trade off between speed and armour is good, creating an excellent early game vehicle. Works well with a healer on the team just like anything tbh

dont judge my terrible photoshop, also reee writing is not my strong point


Okay new Deadline is the

21st Febuary 23:59 GMT+1

No more extensions
Yall better start moving

Aw fuck yeah.

Now I just gotta get my mojo back


as if this poll wasn’t done exactly for you :joy:

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Yes. I broke my promise, just because I genuinely wanted to join this competition. Actually, scratch that statement I did a while ago, since SCC is kinda paused and I need some use for my free time despite all those stuff I’m having, I’ll decided that I announce my official return to competitions. But not for much, as I’m not as free as before due to a shitload of stuff going on.

The Memelord of the Silicon Valley


finally got the time to make a half-decent one with the help of some character creator

Name: Oliver J. Braid
Age/Sex: 35, Male
Country: United States
Driver Number: 69

Hailing from the Silicon Valley, Oliver J. Braid is a self-made billionaire that owns Vectron Inc, a company known for eco-friendly EV motoring solutions, alongside with a bunch of random companies. He is a quirky, brilliant, hilarious, ambitious, yet cocky person. Not only that, he is also known for his knowledge of memes and is often seen shitposting on Twitter. When he heard of the news about the race, he do actually joined it just to showoff, while improving stocks, fame and meme status.

About Vectron Inc.
Vectron Inc. is founded in Palo Alto, California in the year 2012 by Oliver J. Braid and 2 of his friends, Jacob Dawson and Frank Hendrik-Miller. The company started out as a battery energy storage from home to grid scale specialist but in 2015 the company announced it’s first car, the Vectron GS electric sedan, which was praised due to it’s speed, luxury and safety. The company went on to sell more electric vehicles to cater more buyers, while investing in methods to implement electric vehicle infrastructure to eliminate the need of range anxiety. Because of that Vectron became the largest automaker in the world at the year 2025.

elon musk intensifies


Vectron ES-1000 (Class: Spear)

It’s the creation of the future. The liberal use of future technologies such as graphene batteries and carbon-fiber shell, keeps the vehicle light and zippy on corners. With four 1000-hp electric motors stacked on each corner, alongside improved handling-optimized technologies, the vehicle provides near-instantaneous accleration, robust control and superb stability without generating any noise. But these perks comes with a cost. It’s top speed is sadly limited to a mere 310 km/h due to modern-day tyre limitations, and the design of the vehicle means terrible durability and loads of oversteer. The vehicles characteristics may prove useful at shorter routes with plenty of curves and less obstacles. Seasoned players may find this a easy to learn but hard to master.

Passive Abilities

Ludicrous Mode: A slient boost that gives the vehicle that gains speed instantly and improves stability for a short time.

Active Abilities

Supercharger: Gains 10% attack damage while attacking people with minimal speed loss and no damage to the player. Only useable for 3 crashes.

Meme Time: Distracting the racer in front of you with random memes appearing everywhere nearby to make them lose control to their vehicle for a while.


CYBRBLST: Gains more handling and speed while disables every other obstacle at the front. Only works in 20 seconds.

A S C E N D E D: All drivers at the front of the player will suddenly have a blasts of random memes, leading to driver confusion, loss of control to vehicle and of course, slower top speed and acceleration.