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The Automation Gamer Challenge [ROUND 21]

Yes… we are still working on the results… Do be paitent! We’ve been busy doing stuff for other challenges.


Got it! Take your time writing my entry being binned lol


Progress update:

Due to Cyclone Isaias affecting the power supply at @chiefzach2018’s Location, Reviews were delayed.
However, we are making progress to catch up.

Expect First Stage Results within 12 Hours.


Expect First Stage Results within 12 Hours.

55 minutes later…

Initial Impressions

Welcome to Hell

“There they are, all 10 lined up, pre-filled with premium, and ready to go,” Dave proclaimed. The pavement was barely warm as a ball of fire torched whatever few cirruses dared venture out early this morning.

“I see. Where should we start?” responded Jon.

Dave: “Whichever you prefer. I was planning on going by earliest response.”

Jon: “That works.”

2020 Mercedes-BMW GT M8

Dave: “First up is this lad. He’s got a funny smile, don’t you think?”

Jon: “Oh yeah, the Quezon Cordova. I heard these were front-wheel drive though…”

Dave: “Not quite. All four wheels spin in this one - it’s the GT.”

Jon: “Not bad. I’m liking how sharp and aggressive the front end looks, plus the minimalist approach to the livery makes it stand out more.”

Dave: “Though do you think it looks a bit pudgy?”

Jon: “When you look at the skirts and the bumper, I’d have to say so. That, and I find the rear doesn’t have much in terms of coloring. Even if it were the black from before, it would help.”

Dave: “The one thing putting me off about the livery is how it’s for one series rather than a whole bunch of them. Maybe we’d want to go back to Quezon and ask if they could whip up an alternate for general-purpose use.”

Jon: “Sounds good, though let’s keep it for now.”

With that, the Quezon Cordova GT stays in the running.

Jon: “Right, what’s next?”

Dave: “Only a rear-engined, turbocharged beast of a whip: the Komi C.”

Jon: “By EFI! I remember seeing this being featured several times; it’s got a bit of a soft spot in my heart. They’re even running one in VLN if I recall correctly… Though do you notice something is off?”

Dave: “No. If anything, everything seems on with this thing. I say we push it straight through!”

Jon: “Hold up a second. Look inside. I think something’s wrong.”

Dave: “I don’t exactly agree, but I’ll check…”

Jon: “Dave? Where’s the roll cage?”

Dave: “It’s right there, see? It’s in compliance with the safety regs.”

Jon: “They were supposed to update the cage to this year’s specifications.”

Dave: “Dude, they had to have.”

Jon: “Oh really?”

Dave: “Yes!”

Jon: “So go check the manufacturing date.”

On further inspection, the cathartic duo found the Komi C’s roll cage was outdated, thus being insufficient for safety car duties.

Dave: “I see the problem.”

Jon: “Oh, do ya?!”

With great regret, we must :wastebasket: the EFI Komi C (Advanced 10s safety used instead of the mandated Advanced 20s).

Jon: “Real talk, if they put time into upgrading the equipment, the probability of it reigning supreme would be great.”

Dave: “Me too. Perhaps we should drown our sorrows with the next car…”

Ferrari called, they want to FXX K

Jon: “Oh shit.”

Dave: “Oh shit is right. Absurdly expensive and absurdly beautiful are two things Tristella’s Gryphus knows well.”

Jon: “Those colors… I can’t get over them. It screams ‘look at me, I have money’ while providing a modern reinterpretation of classic race cars’ liveries.”

Dave: “I had a feeling you’d like it. New safety equipment, too!”

Jon: “How the madlads over there managed to fit everything they needed while maintaining a classy GT approach is beyond expectation. The only thing I can think of as a problem would be the headlights seeming too close.”

Dave: “I would argue the chequering on the rear could’ve been a bit angled, though it does seem a bit like that’s the case.”

Jon: “Screw it, send it straight through.”

Dave: “Don’t you want to check over a few other details?”

Jon: “Don’t you want to whip this thing?”

Dave: “Understandable. How about we take it for a quick warm-up?”

The two-turboed V10 roars to life, and without a moment to spare, Dave mashes the throttle. Flapping the paddle, he shows no signs of relenting in second. Then, at 8,000 RPM, a knocking can be heard ahead of his feet. The Gryphus enters limp mode after the second knock, and Jon’s face goes white

Dave: “Oh shit.”

Jon: “Oh shit is right.”

With the excitement fading off, the unfortunate decision was made to send the Tristella Gryphus to :wastebasket: City for repairs.

Jon: “Aside from that, it completely won my heart.”

wHeRE iS dOOr hANdLe?

Jon: “This must score real well in the pony market.”

Dave: “Brantan did describe this as an overseas competitor to a certain pony car when they responded. They call it the Caliber GTR.”

Jon: “This is new, right?”

Dave: “Should be.”

Jon: “I just feel like it’s a late model off the front. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the grillework is impeccable, but the overall impression I’m getting is more long-in-the-tooth than razor-sharp.”

Dave: “You might not like the rear end then…”

Jon: “This looks like it’s from a late late model, and it doesn’t help that the side didn’t pop out at me while walking back here.”

Dave: “The stripe helped though, yeah?”

Jon: “It’s too basic.”

Dave: “Something I noticed was that it didn’t exactly taper into the rear taillights. If you let your eyes roll off the top of that stripe, you’ll notice it misses the top of the taillight.”

Jon: “It had such a great start with the grille, too.”

Dave: “Here’s my thought: if the designers didn’t spend as much time on the grille, they could’ve made it look stronger. It seems like they spent so much time there they ended up on a crunch, and in the middle of their deadline frenzy, they dipped into the older parts bins so the car could be finished on time.”

Jon: “That makes sense.”

Dave: “It’d explain why it’s so cheap - in fact, the cheapest of the ten. I’ve heard nothing but praise about the road model in long-term tests.”

Jon: “Right, though I think you’d agree that the look wouldn’t age as well as the gubbins.”

Dave and Jon conclude the Brantan Caliber GTR is unable to keep up with the others.

When I was a wee lad, I colored books with highlighters.

Dave: “Something wicked this way comes.”

Jon: “No kidding. I think this is the most daring one to come forward so far.”

Dave: “The name is as alien as its looks - Zephorus 2000 Tributo R.”

Jon: “Forget pitching a tent on the roof, a canyon wall was carved into the front!”

Dave: “Mhm.”

Jon: “Come to think of it, there are plenty of deep cuts in the body, plus it seems the body bends itself to the will of the wind.”

Dave: “Mhm.”

Jon: “Not to mention the fractured triangles - it’s plowing its way through brick walls after disintegrating them.”

Dave: “Mhm.”

Jon: “Well, Dave, it’s an odd design, but I must say Zephorus designs a good car. Surely this one won’t have the same issues as the Gryphus, right?”

Dave: “Only one way to find out.”

Jon: “Whoa, hold your horses. Mind checking under the gas cap? I think there should be a label about minimum octane.”

Dave: “Easy for you to recall with the other car…”

Dave approaches the rear-right fender and taps the gas cap. It lifts up with a label reading “Minimum Octane: 98 RON” on the other side of the cap.

Dave: “Crisis averted.”

Jon: “It runs with 95?”

Dave: “With difficulty.”

The Zephorus 2000 Tributo R blasts prematurely and runs to the :wastebasket:.

Jon: “Can’t wait to get disappointed on the next car.”

Dave: “Oh, come on. You can’t just predict the future like that!”

Black and blue Alba Project GT Mk2 front and rear

Dave: “See? Alba’s Project GT Mk2 stands out! It’s got the mouth of a dark lord, the taillights of a secret agent’s ride, and the tailfin of a tiger shark.”

Jon: “Mhm.”

Dave: “Not to mention the tires are… 245 and 270-section tires front and rear?”

Jon: “Mhm.”

Dave: “90s door handles, 70s hood vents, and… bleeding-edge camera mirrors?”

Jon: “Mhm.”

Dave: “Then there’s a dual-port fuel receptacle… Following up to it is a line that doesn’t flow from the one established with the front fenders… Huh?”

Jon: “See, I know this is another car competing in VLN, though I think what happened here was they modified one of their race cars to fill the safety car role. The aero kit’s a dead ringer. Do we really want to leave a race car with pacing duties?”

Dave: “There’s… regular A’s on the front for “safety car” and…”

Jon: “Try not to think about it too much.”

Dave: “…Lambdas for A’s on the rear…??”

Jon: “Let’s move on.”

Left with more questions than answers, the Alba Project GT Mk2 keeps its pacing to the SPX field.

Jon: “This time, I predict the Gatto RoCat GattoWorks will pass with flying colors.”

Dave: “Looking at the spec sheet, it’s got the same drivetrain and transmission as the Gryphus, but it trades two turbochargers for two cylinders. Could this make Swiss cheese out of its peers?”

13.9% sportiness brake fade

Dave: “Uh…”

Jon: “Before you ask, no, we don’t have enough time to create a livery for it.”

Dave: “This is $122,000? The Gryphus and Tributo were at $150,000…”

Jon: “I can’t understand this flow. I mean, what’s with those door handles? It’s like the designer coked himself up for the initial design and gave himself no post-high clarity to clean up his mess.”

Dave: “They clash so hard with the self-sponsor and indicator line. There is an elementary grasp of it in the front fascia, but that rear taillight’s bridge is so low boats pass over it.”

Jon: “I’m just getting a better look, and I think I notice something even worse. How do you pop the trunk?”

Dave: “Your guess is as good as mine.”

Dave opens the door, and Jon skims over the usual sporty interior in search of a trunk button. This happened to be nowhere in sight, but this turned out to not be a problem as he could look at the trunk from his vantage.

Jon: “This cage looks oddly familiar, and this label confirms my fears.”

Dave: “What?”

Jon: “Outdated safety.”

Dave: “If you didn’t have such a sharp eye, we’d both have glossed over that while lambasting the design.”

Oh yeah, it’s coming all together in the :wastebasket: for the Gatto RoCat GattoWorks (Advanced 10s safety used instead of the mandated Advanced 20s, also race exhaust used when no racing parts were allowed on the engine).

Jon: “Maybe the next one will be good?”

Dave: “I hope so. It’s a Kurokama XC-R, so take that as you will.”


Dave: “Oh hell yeah, we got a wagon! I was hoping we’d get one.”

Jon: “What a striking set of colors. Makes me think of a wasp preparing to charge.”

Dave: “It’s got plenty of charge alright! All four wheels receive some portion of that V8’s 528 horsepower, meaning despite weighing two tonnes, it hits 62 MPH in 3.8 seconds.”

Jon: “Those are some thin tires though - 235s all around. It’s quite remarkable how it puts the power down so well despite using such thin tires.”

Dave: “Do you think the sponsors are a bit small though? Mainly on the sides.”

Jon: “A bit, yeah, though the ones on the hood and windshield are just fine.”

Dave: “I love the chequering on the left. Combined with that carbon hood, and you’ve got yourself a race-ready look.”

Jon: “The bit I can’t get over is how usually, you’d use a wagon for a medical car, but this is going to be used as a safety car. This isn’t a problem; this is me praising it.”

Dave: “You think this blocky brute’s earned a spot?”

Jon: “Of course… If it’s compatible with 95.”

Dave: “Let’s see…”

Dave approaches the rear-right fender and tries to find a cap, but instead finds an exposed race-style port in a window. With no octane label in sight, he enters through the front passenger door and digs through the glovebox in search of an owner’s manual. He grabs a thick piece of paper and pulls it out, but on it is a QR code for the owner’s manual. Dave promptly scans it and flicks toward the index in search of octane. Phone shaking, he slides to page 38, where it reads “this engine will accept no less than 95 RON fuel."

Dave: “No issues.”

Jon: “Perfect.”

You’d be out of your mind to think the Kurokama XC-R didn’t make it through.

Dave: “Back on the rocky road to more diamonds in the rough.”

Jon: “Don’t say that too literally, you might come across a bump.”

<Is this electric?> - Me while judging with S-Cop in voice chat

Jon: “Hold up, let me check myself. Are my bones rattled?”

Dave: “Perhaps. I mean, the Cabrera 360 seems like it should be a lightweight sports car.”

Jon: “I see. Is it one of those newer electric sports cars? Plenty of companies are clamoring to get in that market space.”

Dave: “It should have a turbocharged four-cylinder in the middle. Why they didn’t put much front ventilation is beyond me.”

Jon: “I would’ve welcomed it as a distraction from the, uh, experimental design. The more I look at it, the more I’m confused by it.”

Dave: “Like, for example, a massive intake on the rear that’s shorter than the roof…”

Jon: “Or the rear “safety car” real estate flanked by miniature 50s grilles…”

Dave: “Or the upscale interior… I know of more GT-style vehicles in this range, but none have as many speakers as this.”

Jon: “Maybe an electric whir gets pumped through them while under motion.”

Dave: “That being said, I think the livery helps its case. Maybe the triangles could’ve been pointed the other way to simulate airflow, though it’s not half bad as-is.”

Jon: “Though is it good enough to send through?”

Dave’s true thoughts bubble to the surface, first as an attempted smile that droops into a grimace, then as a subtly shaking head. Meanwhile, Jon’s head shakes in silent agreement.

Thus, the Cabrera 360 is dropped from consideration.

Jon: “You’ve got one more, right? Something to end this on a higher note?”

Dave: “I have just the car to show you. Remember the two submissions you recognized from VLN?”

Chrysler Alfalfa57 Multibank

Jon: “Oh yeah, the Alfora Sagui! Looks like a third car from their pack, and it’s fielding in GT4 there.”

Dave: “Yep! Quite an edgy design, wouldn’t you agree?”

Jon: “I would, though there’s something elegant in its aggressive looks here. It all comes together quite nicely.”

Dave: “Plus, as you can see, the red and black complement its white quite nicely. Now, if you’ll follow me to the rear, you’ll notice each bulb in the taillight assembly is an individual piece, and the whole thing complements the bespoke diffuser and wing quite nicely.”

Jon: “I agree. I’m just a bit confused as it seems like a different style from what was established at the front.”

Dave: “Maybe we should go take a quick look back at it.”

Jon: “Yeah, see what I mean? I’m left unsure of how to feel about the hood as well. Just that I think it feels a bit undercooked.”

Dave: “Hm… That triangular indicator, what do you think of it?”

Jon: “If it used darker glass, it could better fit with the black in the livery, but as-is, it seems out of place.”

Dave: “I see. Speaking of the livery, do you think it looks a bit… Jagged? Like it was hastily applied?”

Jon: “A bit. I noticed it more at the rear though. If they had more time, it could’ve been smoothed.”

Dave: “Do the cons outweigh the pros though?”

Jon: “Nah.”

The Alfora Sagui zips through to the next round.

Dave: “This next round is going to be painful.”

Jon: “This round already was. I feel like I got kicked three times over.”

Dave: “Same. How about we break for lunch and give ourselves a break?”

Jon: “Please.”

Dave and Jon after binning nearly half the entries (2020, colorized)

To be continued...


oops xd


Putting a white text on that checkered background made it quite hard to read TBH.

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Oof. Sorry for the lack of compliance by my car, I thought I did everything I needed

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I second this… I couldn’t read anything at all!

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I’m surprised mine didn’t score as harshly… especially with some of the feedback i had off of it :joy::joy:

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Quick post update: @Knugcab and @HighOctaneLove mentioned how the background made the post hard to read, so I updated both posts using it with a more refined version. Feel free to let me know if further adjustments are needed. I also adjusted a portion of the Kurokama’s write-up, but this is purely for suspenseful storytelling.


Much better now, yes.


I second this comment, thankyou Fletchyboy100 for fixing the background so quickly!

Due to some… delays, @chiefzach2018 not being active the last week
I haven’t been able to get to him.

So as Co-Host.

  • Wait for his return and publish results
  • I publish the results with considerable less formatting within 2 days time.

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Since the majority interested in this challenge aren’t so keen on @chiefzach2018’s punctuality…

Results coming within 24 Hours.


Triple Testing

*snap* NEXT *snap* PART

Lunch rolled by quickly for Dave and Jon. They picked up some food from the Wmart they were in front of - the former a BLT salad and the latter some chips - but even three-quarters into the meal, they couldn’t shake this feeling of dread. Sat in the pits of ther stomachs was a fear that design alone can’t decide a winner here. Three of them rocked their perspectives, and no matter how much they mulled it over, they realized they needed to know more about their cars…

…But how?

“There’s an open track day going on 20 minutes from here,” Dave piped up. “Here’s my idea: what if we take the cars over there and got them to see some action? I’m just thinking if they’re going to star in a safety car role, maybe we should see how they exactly fit in that role“

“Good idea,” Jon replied as a puzzled look spread across his face. “Though it’s just the two of us. Who’s going to take the other car?”

Dave: “Don’t worry, I know a guy.”

Dave exited his web browser, tapped some numbers, and held his phone upright and forward of his face.

Dave: “Stan the man! How’s life been treating you?”

An excited baritone rose from the speaker.

Stan: “Same as usual, man. Not great, not terrible.”

Dave: “That’s good. My friend and I are in a bit of a predicament. See, we’re testing three cars to put into a game, and there’s only the two of us. I was thinking maybe you could tag along, maybe take some pictures as well. You’ve got your camera, right?”

Stan: “You know me, I’ve always got my camera. You want some shots, too?”

Dave: “This track has some prime locations for shooting, so perhaps you could take some. I know today’s your off-day, but if you can’t make it, there are a few track-owned camera cars making rounds. Either way, no pressure; our deadline’s already giving us plenty.”

Stan: “I think I can make it. Where are you folks?”

Dave: “We’re in Wmart’s side lot. In front of Ya-Haul’s parking lot, take a left, then take the next right. We’ll be on the right side with a yellow wagon and two white coupes.”

Stan: “Alright, I can get there in 15 minutes.”

Dave: “Perfect! Thank you so much! I know this is on short notice, though my friend and I definitely appreciate it.”

Stan: “Anytime, man. See you in a bit.”

Dave: “See ya!”

A third of an hour passes, and a humble blue sedan rolls into a neighboring space. Out comes Stan, his head without hair, his face with a goatee, and his mouth with a smirk.

Stan: “I heard someone needed assistance? How are you both?”

Dave: “Great to see you! A bit nervous, but y’know, that’s how work is.”

Stan: “I see, I see. Who’s your friend?”

John: “My name is John.”

Stan: “Ah nice, I’m Stan. Dave and I were great friends throughout high school.”

John: “I see. That’s a pretty large camera you’ve got there; kind of camera is it?”

Stan: “A Mikon; more specifically, it’s a B1821H.”

John: “That’s the best they’ve got at the moment, right?”

Stan: “I wouldn’t say it’s their absolute best, but in the professional sector, there aren’t any better deals than this.”

John: “I see. You’ve definitely got more experience than me behind it.”

Dave: “So Stan, seeing as you’re our guest… which of these three do you want?”

Stan: “I’m digging the yellow one, yellow’s my third-favorite color… Yeah, lemme drive the boat.”

Dave: “Right, dibs on the Alfora!”

John: “That leaves me with the Cordova. It’s definitely looking more classy than the other two.”

Fortunate Sons

With the choices settled, the newly-formed trio hopped into their cars and sped off to the race in a conference call. That way, they could each talk while driving and hear each other’s comments.

Ten minutes later…

Dave: “You know, I’m surprised the cops haven’t pulled me over.”

Stan: “Why’s that?”

Dave: “Look at this car. This car screams ‘if I get too close to a parked car, I will slash its tires.’ That’s without mentioning the red splashes - they’re like bat-signals.”

John: “Right, but one of the beauties of it being relegated to the track is that you don’t have to worry about cops pulling up.”

Dave: “Right right. I will say this is a bit more comfortable than I was expecting - given the aero, I was expecting something a bit more stiff. I’d call it a pleasant surprise. They certainly nailed safety though - looking around the cockpit, it’s guaranteed this car can stand up to a high-speed crash with confidence… Not like I’d get into one here.”

Stan: “Yeah, my car definitely feels safe as well. It might just be the fact I’ve got some extra metal in the rear to keep me safe.”

John: “It might just be more because of Kurokama stepping up their safety game as of late.”

Stan: “Yeah, you’d know more on this than me. I will say this is a pretty bumpy ride; it’s like the car stiffens up when it comes to a bump. How’s yours though?”

John: “This Cordova’s a neat surprise. I’m sinking a bit into the seat, though I don’t mind it. What’s nice is that it feels like you would come out of here without much of any injuries. I’m not sure if it’s any better than the Kurokama’s advances in the sector or the Sagui’s race-derived package.”

Another seven minutes pass by, and the three meander into the gated area. A slow mile or two and another gate come and go, and as they drive under the bridge, an inline-six’s turbo chuckles away. They spot some spaces in the south lot and take those before any other racing trucks can lay claim.

Dave: “Here’s my idea: we’ll do this in turns. Jon, you and I can drive each car, and we’ll switch around between them. Meanwhile, Stan, you can hop around between corners and get whatever shots you want.”

Stan: “Where can I take photos?”

Dave: “The track officials should know where you can go. I know there’s a real nice one around Turn 5, but if you ask one of the people in the gray and orange shirts, they’ll help with directions.”

Stan: “Gotcha. You both have fun out there. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, so let’s get some pristine shots in!”

Fast-forward several hours though, and as they pulled off the track, the gravity of the situation was restored. With some time left, they stayed on the track’s side to watch the cars go by. Armed with Stan’s pictures and fresh experience, the original duo had to get on with it.

Alfora Sagui

White, Black, and Red

Additional Images

Zoom Zoom

Switched Switch

It Him

John: “Right, I’ll have to disclose right now I wasn’t as satisfied with the Alfora as I hoped. I know it’s meant to be like the race car, so it didn’t feel as drivable as the Cordova or the XC-R, but I’m not sure how much sense it makes for it to be less drivable when it’s as comfortable as the Cordova.”

Dave: “Yeah, I definitely think it’s got its performance as the upper hand here. I mean, with nigh 580 HP on tap to all four wheels, you’d naturally expect it to be quicker than the others. It certainly helps build up Alfora’s image as a sports car manufacturer. The one thing that got me was the exhaust. I must not have caught it before, but it certainly made itself noticeable with the backfires it provided. I almost thought it was catching fire!”

John: “Yeah, with how it’s set so far up.”

Dave: ”Hopefully the carbon’s not charred. I mean, it’s already too dark to notice, but y’know, gotta keep it in mint condition for the studio.”

Quezon Cordova GT

Formula Frenzy

Additional Images

Smile and Wave

Hamiltonian Cycle

Wide Open Throttle

John: “That’s the thing I thought was lacking about the Cordova; it didn’t have as much oomph. Being down more than a hundred horsepower will do that, but its all-wheel drive system helps mask the issue. Speaking of which, it felt plenty planted. Again, it didn’t have the aero work of the opposing Alfora, but it didn’t need it to inspire my confidence - I could thank that, in part, to how well the four-wheel steering system worked. The other models didn’t have it, and I could feel the difference.”

Dave: “The thing that gets me is I’m not sure how it’ll stand out to other people. You look at the shots and think ‘yeah, it’s a safety car,’ but it doesn’t exactly stand out as much as the others. The Alfora uses striking design and hard-contrasting colors to achieve this while the wagon goes for yellow, black, and a lifted back, but this just feels like it’s just another safety car. It’s not bad by any metric. In fact, it’s pretty good. I just think it doesn’t stand out enough on its own to be the primary safety car.”

John: “You’d be open to multiple cars being used?”

Dave: “Absolutely.”

John: “Let’s pick one and suggest the rest as additions in later updates. Just that we‘re up against the clock.”

Kurokama XC-R

Extreme Team

Additional Images

Azure Lane

Spot the Goof

Lifted Backs

Dave: “Alright, let’s go over the elephant in the room.”

John: “The wagon.”

Dave: “The wagon.”

John: “What a romp that was. It may be down 50 horsepower to the Sagui, plus you can feel that extra weight in the corners, but I’m impressed with it. I was so curious as to how it took my inputs I checked the tires, which were just 235s all around. That’s what blew my mind. This much power, this much weight, those small tires - and it manages to carry itself like a champ? It was no coward, either - the car definitely made me feel like I was on the edge of my seat.”

Dave: “I expected no less from that car. I definitely got the idea it was sports car though, and I could read that off how my back felt after rising from the cockpit. I was expecting it to be a bit more comfortable, though it might’ve been a more aggressive suspension tune. It’d definitely support your idea of how it drove. Plus, it felt a bit odd to see a brand like Kurokama stepping up to plate with that kind of car. I know they’ve got a stunning econobox or two, but I didn’t think they could build something like this.”

John: “Perhaps we’re still deadlocked. Mind sharing the prices?”

Dave: “Cordova’s $74,500, Sagui’s $110,000, and wagon’s $75,000.”

John: “The wagon? That little? For that much?”

Dave: “Yup.”

John: “Incredible. I’m afraid that solidifies my decision, but what say you?”


Dave: “In terms of content down the line, my idea is we make the Cordova an alternate mainly for higher-level formula races and the Sagui an alternate for higher-level GT races.”

John: “If it’s paid DLC, we could give the player the option to toggle which car shows up. Maybe we could make them unlockables.”

Dave: “I like that. We’ll have to see down the road. Either way, I still want them in the game, just with a lesser, more limited focus.”

John: “Right.”

Dave: “So the wagon’s what you want as the primary?”

John: “Hell to the yeah.”

After quite the tumultuous first round, out of the dust comes the Kurokama XC-R Kitsune_pack to seize AGC victory! Congratulations Letho!

Ranking/Host Order:

  1. @ST1Letho
  2. @Arvok1
  3. @variationofvariables
  4. @Fletchyboy100
  5. @TheLapTopX20
  6. @Petakabras
  7. @Xepy
  8. @Sky-High
  9. @Lazar
  10. @ZoomZoomer32

Thank you so much to @That-S-cop for helping me out with getting the ball rolling for the challenge and providing plenty of assistance on the technical bits. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to translate my ideas to rules or decide a winner, which I absolutely appreciate.

Also, thank you to the following users for their cars; without their work, the open track day shots wouldn’t have been possible:

Finally, a major thank-you to all of you who participated and/or watched the challenge. I’m sorry it took so long to get those parts out alongside the lack of recent communication, though I appreciate your patience with this matter. I’ll catch y’all next time!


I will happily take on the hosting of the next round, i even have it planned it out already.
Expect the AGC 14 to be published wednesday/thursday (26/27)


@ST1Letho and @Reizei present you.

AGC 14 - Vision Automation Turismo

Automation Turismo or “AutoTurismo” (as abbreviated by fans) is a racing game of simulation genre that is a must have for any player and car enthusiast, selling millions of copies worldwide.
Developed by RZ Entertainment International, this (originally PC-only) racing series has been on shelves since 2000, and currently reached its 6th game, Automation Turismo | CONNECTION |, which apart from bringing new cars, tracks, mechanics, and one new console (Switch) into the series, has also shifted its focus towards user-created content, such as car tunes, custom tracks, playlists, and many more.

This challenge is about the upcoming Anniversary update, which will celebrate 20 years of Automation Tursimo.
For that, RZei wants to present the community with a special set of cars titled the “Vision Series”, a series of high performance concept cars.

Your company did receive invitation to develop a car for this series, or more specifially, an inviation to a competition where the cars for the series will be picked. It is also a good way to present what your company is about, what story its engineering and design tells, and maybe also the future direction of its styling.


Since it is a concept challenge, we leave you pretty free hands on what will you bring to us. So rather than by restrictive rules, we want you to go by priorities.

Model/Trim Year : 2020/2020
Engine/´Variant Year : 2020/2020

VAN, MPV, and Utility bodies (Excluding Ute) are not allowed, same for obviously broken bodies.
One submission per user, and no resubmissions.


:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: Overall Design

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: Uniqueness

:star: :star: :star: :star: Detail

  • ( I shall accept no lazy 5 fixture wonders, okay? I appreciate good amount of detail )

:star: :star: :star: Heritage

  • ( Appliable if your brand has a history, preferable if you use one which has )

:star: :star: :star: Presentation

  • ( Yes, for once, we will be rating ADs )

:star: :star: :star: Design Realism

  • ( No, cars do not have wings in size of a heavy duty plow )

Automation Turismo Assets for your Ads

Cars for inspiration

Link to the Automation Turismo Discord : AutoTurismo
Link to GT Wiki - VGT : Category:Vision Gran Turismo Cars | Gran Turismo Wiki | Fandom

Entry naming :

| Model : AGC14-[ Username ] | Trim : ( Car Name ) | Engine : AGC14-[ Username ] | Variant : ( Engine Name )

Special tags for Entry Naming.


Add these to your entry’s name for said action to be done when reviewing

Entries are now open, deadline is 14th of September. Give it your best.


So I have an idea but it’ll need the chassis to be hidden to look the best (just sticks out a little), is that something I can request when you review the design?

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But you must contain it in the message, and preferably even in the name of the car, add a tag there [ HIDE_CHASSIS ]. So i will remember it


Entries are now open! Deadline is 14th of September.

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