The Best Kei Sports car! [ENTRIES OPEN]

Ah, Japan. Summer. A beautiful day out to relax… except you! No time to relax when you have to design the best kei sports car! Your boss, the owner of “Sube Automotive” wants you to design a vehicle that’s fun and easy to drive, and even non-sports car enjoyers can enjoy.

Here are the priorities!
Cornering G

Fuel economy

Service cost

Trim, variant, and family year: 1999 or earlier
Max length of car: 340 cm
Max width of car: 148 cm
Max height of car: 200 cm
Max displacement of engine: 660 cc
Fuel type: Unleaded 85, 91, or 95
Max engine horsepower: 63
Must be road legal
Max approximate cost: 18,000
Techpool: +5 on all tech
Must pass WES 7

Inspirations (Click the name of the car to taken to a site with its technical specs!

Honda Beat

Suzuki Cappuccino

Autozam AZ-1

Submissions open on May 13th and close on June 1


You’ve forgotten techpool requirements - I’m assuming the default settings (+5 in all areas).

Yay thanks for the catch!

Top 5 challenge lore of all time

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I’m guessing you’re going to be manually checking these dimensions? Also. I highly suggest upping the size limits to the 1998 regulations, as there are very few bodies that are 1.4 m wide or less. I ran into the same issues when running my kei focused round of CSR.



Don’t say that, I wanted to make a nitrometh 660cc V8 :frowning:


A V8 in such a Car would be a fun Challenge.

Is there also an hp-Restriction?

As far as I am aware, the maximum power output (as defined by a gentlemen’s agreement) should be 63-66 bhp.

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47 kW / 63 hp / 64 PS to be precise, or at least that’s what I assume, looking at the inspiration cars

Which means technically, you don’t have to stay at that if you don’t want to be a gentleman…


What about naming? Is there a rule in this regard?

I didn’t put in a horsepower requirement because the 63 HP isn’t a law, but what do yall think?

I’d suggest maybe don’t require the 63 horsepower limit, but scrutinize/penalize any car that doesn’t follow.

The point of the “gentleman’s agreement” is to make sure a horsepower race didn’t start in the Kei segment- which would hurt fuel economy/affordability and ultimately undermine the point of the Kei segment. Besides, the point of a kei sports car should be lightness and agility over raw power; anyone who wants more muscle would just buy a bigger segment anyway.

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Hey! just wanted to ask, for techpool, does that mean we can use unlocks? I haven’t experimented with the techpool, so I wanted to make sure. Thanks!

The techpool should be the default +5 on all tech categories


I’ll give this a try, sounds fun.

Super noob question: where do we find the height of the car? I can only find wheelbase, width and length.

It’s not measured in game so don’t worry about it! I’m pretty sure all the cars that are short enough length wise are also short enough height wise too


The Suzuki wagon r is very tall so I’d assume if your car looks at least lower than that you’d be fine

Submission via DM?

I created… something? 63,3hp is still okay? It looks ridiculous😂