The Best Kei Sports car! [ENTRIES OPEN]

Introducing: Sube Keek 57s

For a long time there’s been rumors of Sube Automotive developing a new kei car meant to compete with the likes of the Cappuccino, Beat and the AZ-1. We now have confirmation of such project, and a sneak peek at the possible final design: the Keek 57s, named after its 57hp from a 657cc inline 3.
It seems the interior would be taken straight from their other budget models, so don’t expect anything premium from it, apart from the typical radio, a CD player and a few distinctive Sube quality touches. The reason for this car creation goes beyond comfort, and aims at the sporty folks, those looking for a fun experience in a tiny package.

To achieve this, the engineers at Sube have been hard at work, looking at every aspect of the car to perfect its driving and sporty characteristics. The Keek 57s is able to achieve up to 1.02g of lateral force at slow corners, when equipped with sport compound tyres, and 0.97 of fast cornering. Early feedback from their test drivers have praised its steering for being very neutral, with no over or understeer tendencies, as well as its agility, in big part due to its 700kg of kerb weight.

As for its more technical aspects, the Keek 57s is up to date, surpassing all safety standards and even the tougher WES 8 emissions test from Fruinian authorities. The A57-S engine sips fuel at an average of 4.4L/100km, with a top speed of 192km/h. Due to the lightness of its partial aluminium body, the brakes are simple drums to reduce weight without sacrificing performance.

If approved by Sube’s board of directors, the Keek 57s should see the streets of Japan later this summer, with an estimated price of AM$14700.


The dimensions seem tricky to measure, is there a list of approved vanilla bodies? Or are the dimensions an honor code thing?

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I made this post when we had a similar kei car challenge a little over a year ago. I don’t know if it’s still relevant now but it might be useful: QFC17 - Kei car (Results out!)) - #8 by xsneakyxsimx

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Damn, does that mean the '72 Kie Moore 1.8m is a no go?

Build one and find out. It wasn’t in the vanilla game when I made that post.

The OP said it wasn’t measured in game. Any guesses how it’ll be measured?

There you go. Moore 1.8m and 2.1m and the Slantnose 2.1m both with morphs untouched and then shrunk down as much as I could with morphs.

Oh, so it can be measured in game. Never knew! Thank you, seems I’m well under the limit, length wise. Just barely scraping by in every sense at 1.45m wide though.

Does road legal mean not failing safety standard, by any chance?

Sube Ke-1

Lo and behold the '99 Sube Ke-1. Built with all future vapers in mind. It’s 0.66L flat-4 spins all the way up to 8200 rpm while delivering a mind bending peak power of 63 hp with so much torque the chassis twists coming off the line.

Thanks to the rallye derived design the downforce is so high it almost evens out the cars aerodynamic lift. No seriously it’s only -1.5 kg @ 100 kph. Drag ain’t too high aswell considering it’s top speed of 189 kph.

Here’s some stats:
660 cm³ N/A Flat-4 DOHC 16V
46.2 kW @ 7700 rpm
68,7 Nm @ 5700 rpm
5-Speed RWD
702 KG
Top speed 189 kph
5.3 L/100km
0-100 in 10 seconds
1/4 Mile in 17,4 seconds if you double clutch like you should


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For the 63hp power limit, are we allowed to go over the limit if the car is not made by a Japanese automaker, and thus would not be part of JAMA, similar to the Caterham 7 160?

Finally, my opening for a 1000hp kei car!

I’m so angry.


I know the rule already set but what about tire width? wider tire = more grip.

You can set tire width to anything you like!

Well i wont take too far. But ill use 195mm

Stupid question, but how do we DM you the .car file?

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any particular naming convention?