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The Car Shopping Round 128 - 30 Minutes or Less

CSR128 - 30 Minutes or Less

2020, somewhere in Berlin, Germany.
Pizzaria Strillari’s is famous family owned Pizzaria in the hearth of Berlin. Mostly known for their rustic restaraunt, italian cursine and the “Volpe” Pizza, the 24 year old Pizzaria was always packed to the brim with families and lovebirds from all over Berlin. The waiting list for a table was always packed and waiting times could be multiple weeks.

But now, thanks to the Corona Pandamic most of the tables stand unseated and the only sound going through the big dining room is the italian styled background music. Where once old and young had previously dined, was now black and yellow tape. And instead of a menu, a white A4 sheet with “Closed because COVID” had been taped to the front door. A disasterfor second owner Giovanni Strilari. He took over the place after his dad retired 5 years ago and he planned to give the busniess to his son Vito when he was older. But now, with the missing revenue that might not be possible… unless.

“If the people can’t come to the food… we have to bring it to them!”. With haste Giovanni grabbed his laptop out his office and sat himself at the bar. With a glass of his favorite red wine he went hunting for cars, the goal clear to him: Strillari needs his own Delivery service.


Giovanni needs at least a fleet of 3 cars to cover the whole city in reasonable timing.
These cars should be easy to drive, have enough cargo space to handle even larger orders and most importantly don’t cost him more than just closing the restaraunt in the first place.


  • Budget for the cars is 75.000€ in total. And Giovanni wants at least 3 cars. If he can get 4 thats even better. (3-4 of the same car that is. You dont need to send in 3 diffrent cars)

  • Trim/variant year is 2015-2019. He is not buying new cars.

  • Closed designs. Giovanni is not looking for convertables or Pickups

  • Wheelbase should not be longer than 2.6m. Giovanni is looking for smaller cars which will mostly only be drivin by one person through the packed city of Berlin.

  • Cargo volume of 250l-600l. The cars must have at least 250L of cargo space for the pizza. The max of 600L is a soft limit, but Giovanni is not in the need for van which can hault 1000l+. Thats just wasted space.

  • Min 2 full seats. Giovanni is looking for cars, not scooters

  • Needs to be sellable in Hetvestia, Must have ESC and must run on 95RON. Yes it needs a Catalytic converter and some kind of senseable loudness

  • CSR naming scheme, CSR128 - [username] , Car name, CSR128 - [username], Engine name or whatever


Price (Lower is better)
Amount of cars (More are better)
Economy (Lower fuel costs are better)
Service Costs (Lower costs are better)
Emissions (Lower Emissions = Less Tax)

Giovanni is firstly looking for cheap Ecoboxes. If he can get 4 cars for his budget thats a bonus.


Footprint (Smaller cars are better)

These cars should be driveable by the normal “I don’t care what i drive” people. Fuckgly cars car also bad for the image of the restaurant. And Giovanni is looking for smaller City cars, no need for 4 door salons and such.



Yes Giovanni does care about his employees. Dont make these unsafe and horible to sit in.





Rules are subject to change until the 27.10.2020 23:59 GMT+1. Submission are open after that date
Deadline for Submission is the 01.11.2020 23.59 GMT+1 Timer

This is my first CSR, so if you wanna tell me that a rule sucks, please do so


The only parameter I would perhaps remove from judging criteria is engineering time. No one typically says “this Kia took longer to engineer than this Ssangyong, thus I will choose the Kia” when they buy a car. It would be better suited as either a hard limit, or a parameter which influences other hard limits like price, etc.

Otherwise quite good! I have a couple vehicles already in-stock :stuck_out_tongue:


The inspirations used seem a bit low priced compared to the budget, costing almost half of the $25000 set, especially factoring in the depreciation.

The vehicle that fits right into the top of the category, for sale in the UK right now is 2017 Mercedes C220 AMG Line.

You could get 9 Mini Coopers with the $75000 budget that is set, IRL, so it seems a bit high.

Bear in mind that Automation’s prices don’t translate directly into real world prices. Though 25k per car seems high indeed.

PS Where’s the ultimate econobox as an inspiration - Dacia Sandero? :stuck_out_tongue:

this is basically a min-maxer’s wet dream, but I will give it a go as the year and car models are my specialty

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Not entirely sure I agree with the max cargo space. A couple of cars you showed in the inspiration bit (the Mini and Audi) are both quite big.

The extra space, you’re not paying any extra for it in effect.
I’m not sure what the other good bodies are based off of, but for Max’s 206, it’s a B segment car at 2.6m wheelbase, B segment is for City / Small Cars

“Peugeot model 206 belongs to subcompact / supermini class. Represents the B (small cars, city cars)”

So, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a mod, or what but it well overshoots the “soft limit” that has been put in place. It’s not a disadvantage to have more space is it? unless it makes the car fat, which it isn’t.

It’s not a van, it’s not meant to be. It’s standard morphs etc so maybe this soft limit could be removed to help the legalities of a few of the larger wheelbase cars.

Even the 2.1m car i tried earlier when playing with morphs got to 450L easily.


This is more for the case of “Less complicated parts, less costs etc”

Like i said. Max is only a soft limit. I looked at some of the RL cars spaces and they were around 250-500L.
And with a wheelbase of 2.6m you are already at the max of the ruleset. I think most 1000L cargo space cars i seen where already Vans, so i will take a look into this

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The requirements for sale in the Hetvesian market ought to include the fitment of a three-way catalytic converter and a loudness limit of around 35 or so.

Also, will load capacity be an issue for the fleet owners? And shouldn’t production units also be of concern to them (the fewer the better)?


Pizza is not particularly heavy.


I wonder if the number of doors will have an impact

You say that until we are told to transfer this @Hshan



Oh yeah. Thats a good point. Added


This can’t be further from my specialty, so i’m already clutching the bin. But will try anyway.

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I have a test bed vehicle that I could use for this, but i’m horrible at tuning stats for stuff like this. Let’s just say what I have is a bit of and unconventional choice that simultaneously fits in city eco, city budget, and light delivery.

I just want ot point out that this is propably the best car to fit the description. Seicento van. Engine 0.9l, one of the cheapest cars on the market, simple, easy to fix with hammer, friend and bottle of vodka, 2 seats and 980l of cargo space.


So long that the rules don’t change, I have my entry ready. I mean normally i’ll wait and rush something together but recently I have been fiddling around with small cars so I sorta already had something apropriate ready.


@Mikonp7 - Do you have a depreciation calculator?

A 2015 car will be a lot less than a 2019 car.

I used this - Car Depreciation Calculator (UK) - and my $19,100 car would actually be around $14,500 if bought from a dealer/forecourt.

Considering price in Automation stays consistent over those?
No need.

Is there any minimum load capacity we should pay attention to?

Here is your answer.