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The Car Shopping Round 136 - New Millenium, New (old) Beginning - ENDED

This challenge made me use those arrow buttons at the top left that I NEVER used before…I get what those are for now smh. At the very least I had fun designing as always.

Good luck to all…especially you RCM Raven!!

yea the year buttons are really quite useful when you have a year requirement lol

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I never used those before, hence this is only my 2nd challenge. After I finished my design I started clicking on the buttons tryin to change the year and seen my mistake.

Not going to lie, your submission was not well suited to this challenge. With that being said, I looked up your manufacturer thread (I thought the Wave Hammer was a meme submission actually). Your cars have a very unique, and identifiable aesthetic, and your creations have improved very rapidly just in that thread.

You have a real potential for car design, but are in need of familiarizing with the game controls, and the general vibe of the community. Please never submit a “Doug score” again. The tutorial section of the game has a lot of very useful information to fast track you making more competitive vehicles. I look forward to seeing your brand evolve in CSR, and beyond.


Should I make a manufacturer thread and dump my cars there?

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On that note, I suppose I should at least get a footnote of a thread going on my companies with some basic lore until I can fill a few important eras… I’m close now, with a good and fleshed out modern lineup, but the 60s-90s in particular need more before doing a complete history. Well, here goes!

Same here, I have a big hole from the 50’s to the 90’s. My thread is all laid out, it’s just empty.

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I definitely appreciate your feedback. Me and the game controls for SURE have a ways to go lol hence the reason why I havent tackled interiors yet. The way a lot of you use morphs, cut-aways and whatever else is nothing short of amazing and Im trying to develop the patience to learn and execute. Some of you/us on here should really be designers imo.

I probably watch Doug a little too much, Ill admit that.

I’ve been thinking about ditching the brand entirely and coming up with something new just to start fresh but I havent decided yet. Maybe I can turn my brand image around. But thanks again for even checking out my designs as a whole and giving a critique.


‘DuceScore’ could actually be an interesting format for the sharing channel once you feel more settled. Like the ‘Trafikjournalen’ thread but much more irreverent.


I like your thinking.

On a side note, I meant to ask this earlier and not to de-rail the thread but what is a “meme submission”?

Either a shitpost or a joke/nonserious entry, sometimes submitted for funny responses, to be annoying or just because. There are varying degrees of meme ofc, ranging from subtle satire/inside jokes to full-on monstrosities. Here is an example I have laying around that I made:


I wonder if mine would count as a meme? I did it for shits and giggles but I also took into account rules and priorities

CSR inter-round trivia.

This is a random idea that I had to provide some entertainment value while we wait for the next batch of results to be published. mat1476 is not involved in this (I didn’t even tell him), so if this is the creme de la crap ideas save the hate for me.

The first trivia question. Our shopper, Andrew, is named after the actor who’s non-speaking role promoted the product which provided the settlement money for our car purchase. What was that product?

Hint: A misspelled version of the companies name is in the intro story.


Andrew Olcott, promoted Enzyte, which was produced by Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals


What rules did I violate?

Seems pretty self explanatory…



Yeah, this was a common problem. If I ever win hosting again, I’ll have to remember you guys read directions just like mechanics. The first half, of the first sentence.

2nd instabin in a row.