The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven

Yeah I reckon it’s just Steam is being funny with how it’s refreshing the mods. I’m pretty sure it’s all fine!

Edit: yes, everything is appearing as it should now. And woah I managed to break the ‘enable steam mods’ function in the launcher!


Almost all of the entries here are from the 21st century. I understand why so few classic cars have been submitted so far: with the primitive technology on offer before 1982, it’s seldom possible to build anything as safe, economical, fast, or nimble as the modern entries which dominate this round. That said, they cost less, and one of them (the AEA Barracuda) is definitely promising… If anyone thinks they can woo your liberal tastes with a classic, let them have a go at it!

First came the Adenine Defiant, a 334hp 40mpg muscle car that blew Fruinian minds. That car may have been impressive, but here at Pearlite, we wanted to do one better. A classic MERICAN muscle car. 5.0L NA V8 producing 553hp. 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. Top speed of 220mph. And 30mpg. Because nothing, absolutely nothing, should get in the way of the authentic muscle car experience.

The 2013 Pearlite Vengeance. Yours for only $28600.


The 2002 Pragata Artha Super V8 is the best way to get praise in mid 2000’s. V8 with over 500HP and just about 13 sec in quater miles while still able to reach over 185mph with 20MPG as premium sedan is clearly a something you rarely see for a car manufacture to create with price lower than $40000 today worth USD.



Also, 5 hours left to get your entries into my inbox.

Could you do us a massive favour and publish a list of who’s got their entries in? I still have no indication whether mine is reading correctly.

Speaking of which, here’s what it is:

#Classics Endure, Legends Evolve

I couldn’t come up with my own name, so have a reference instead. I wonder how many people get it.

Muscle of the 70s is classic for a reason. Imposing, powerful, iconic; every visceral sensation that stirs the loins and sets hearts a flutter. It is anthemic of the freedoms that Americans hold dear, and even the persistence and strength of the sentiments that true Muscle evokes is American in itself.

It is no surprise that after generations of insipid lineups with anaemic powerplants, lacking in heart and vision, America was hungry for a new start to that old world. It would require their unique brand of innovation, and their fierce adherence to the roots of their greatness.

The 2013 Courcheval Manta Touring is the very embodiment of this reincarnation. With an all-steel body, head-turning, classic curves, and a 393ci naturally aspirated V8 powering the rear wheels, it is true 'murican Muscle. At 612bhp and 0-62mph in just 4.4s, a quarter mile of 12.18s and a top speed of 218mph, it takes Muscle performance to the next level. This isn’t just the king of the traffic light drag, but a true driver’s car: it comes with a six speed manual box, and uniquely carries a perfect 50:50 weight distribution, ensuring pliant, responsive handling and a deeper connection with the car, all while taking the fight to the supercars. But the Touring trim sacrifices nothing in comfort, the cabin being fully premium, ensuring that you’re just as ready to take a real road trip as you are to the track.

And most important of all, freedom must be accessible to every honest hardworking American. Muscle cars were always affordable, and this excels against the top end trims costing far more. The truest car for the American driver can be yours for just 29370.


I know exactly where that name came from, it’s where my Stag Pickup name comes from, only I didn’t use the brand Dover.

So I apologize for not being a more active host. Work and other things have had my attention the last 10 days. I really wasn’t prepared or expecting to win CSR14.

I thank everyone for their entries. 25 cars were submitted for CSR15. So far I have conducted the inspections for the cars. Reviews and at least the first round of cuts will be made tomorrow.

The entries and the inspection results are here.

If you have a red block in your car’s row, your vehicle violated the rule that is listed in the column at the top. The proper remedy for a rule violation will be to prove that your stats are different even with the same options selected on your model. That will probably require several screenshots PMed to me. I am not accepting revisions except for instances where the violation are the fault of the game, not your design. If you have any questions regarding a remedy, send me a PM.


Soooo, if you have a red block, you basically are fucked if it isn’t a game error?

Red block means you violated one of the 11 rules required to be on my shopping list. With few rules to keep track of and little time to actually do reviews, I’m not too inclined to accept revisions. I need a good reason, like my game is reading differently than yours, or I missed a mod, etc.

Ok 100% certain my reliability figure is an error. You are probably missing updated version of most of Razyx’s mods, resulting in an unusually low ventilation figure. My average reliability should be closer to 80. I had the same problem with Vos’ challenge.

I’ll post screenshots in 5 hours.

Looks like a lot of very competitive cars there. Honestly a bit nervous, as I tried to appeal to a slightly different market, yet remain competitive with the rest.

Checking my car, but I’m sure I was under anyway.

I made sure to update my mods prior to checking the cars. I don’t know why the numbers would be different, but if you can show me your differences I can reload and recheck the car. If this is a recurring problem I’ll accept one round of revisions from everyone out of fairness.

no it’s weird. it’s like a mod disappeared or changed it’s venting value?

now i reopened my car, it still holds the old value of 66 reliability, and something like 60.1/60.2 safety
but to be sure, i go through all the tabs again, the car is now undercooled and showing the ‘correct’ value that KL saw.

I pm’d you, as you seem to be using the wrong trim for the car I sent. It should be the 1970 trim.

I suspect my reliability figure is erroneous - another instance of Razyx’s mods (including his oval grille, which I used) vanishing after being updated. But must I really replace it on my car with a different grille shape not from Razyx? Last time I checked it the reliability score was almost 75. In short, I have the same problem as @strop does right now - my entry, just like his, also uses Razyx’s oval grille at the front. I’ll also post some new screenshots of my entry soon.

As it currently stands, my car is legitimately non-compliant :sob:

If you bumped my safety quality slider +1 (from +10)

Then I’ll be compliant with these stats…

I will also accept a DNF since I just didn’t check my final stats once again! :anguished:

I plead for mercy, knowing full well I don’t deserve it… :worried:

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My entry works fine now, here’s proof:

Reliability is now over 70, so @KLinardo please don’t forget to update your inspections spreadsheet to reflect this.

Ok, since this seems to be a game issue, I’m willing to give a brief extension. If you failed inspection get me an updated car in my inbox pronto. I’m going to constructively accept all entries and do my first round of cuts.

If I don’t have a compliant entry by the time I’m done with my first round writing, any constructive acceptance will be revoked and the car will be in the first cut.

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