The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven

The front fascia actually looks like what would have happened if Mazda went full ham on Nagare design language!

Fastest on the track you say? I like the sound of that :smiley:

By the way, looks like you’re missing this lip from the workshop. I recommend it a lot, it’s quite versatile as you can see from my original fascia :slight_smile:

probably the small i4 gonna get beaten by engine that have more displacement and piston. to be honest is hard to pass 250hp with under 2l i4 without a lot of quality slider boost and make the engine setting agressive.

my engine at least need minimum 6 of quality slider on each tab just to reach 247hp and 9500rpm(with titanium rod) since the side effect of high rpm that hurt reliability and valve float plus the header cant handle it without racing header just because to small. it pretty much explain with the engine itself the car would be cost about 20,500 and it still cant go down to 4:40 time mark

quite salty about i being too purist here but i gonna accept the result since the limits of small block engine pretty much clear when i observe other entrant

Yeah tbh I too should have gone 2L i4, I think that was the main difference, instead I sacrificed reliability because of having to have an astronomical redline so I had to push up the tech sliders to keep up. Which made the car more expensive, and since I didn’t have natural torque from displacement I had to be a bit harder on the turbo which probably cost me some drivability. I’m willing to bet that Enry’s running a LOT less boost and AR ratio than I am.

Thank you, I’ll add it to my list :relaxed:

Please don’t be mad, I love NA too and I wanted a NA car to win but no-one found the sweet spot without exotic materials!

What puzzled me most was everyone who used aluminium over AlSi. AlSi is cheaper and easier to manufacture than Aluminium so there were profits to be had that went begging. I’m kinda amused at my ability to generate controversy depite trying to be as impartial as possible!

Well, I’ve put my entry as on the ‘open source’ car thread so you or anyone can modify it to beat winning entries Haruna Downhill time and performance stats. NA or otherwise. I think I should have probably used a larger engine too but I had already built that 1.6L turbo which performed rather well.

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yeah I’m going to see if I can get the price down to 14.6K and faster down Haruna. Then I’ll post that!

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No surprise that the top three were all powered by a turbo four - in your eyes, it struck the best balance between cost and power. After seeing the results I have to agree with you as well.

Company Lore. I used the AluStar V6, which hadn’t yet been updated to an AlSi variant. I mean, seriously, look at the year the engine started production, that’s just how I’ve been with engines lately. While I often do make new engines for the CSR, I sometimes try to use one I already had, and the AluStar V6 just felt right. Granted, I went typical Storm on power, although not full Storm or I’d have both blown the budget and the power cap out of the water.

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@EnryGT5 Congrats , am curious what would the next CSR be.

@Starfish94 you seems to be quiet here , when are you going to join CSR :wink:


Knowing what Enry likes to build, it is entirely possible that the next round stipulations will be right up Saminda’s alley :wink:


Hey, um, if you’re all okay with it, can I just post my CSR entry here, making it into a little free-for-all feedback frenzy?

Yeah sure, once the round’s over and the new round hasn’t started I see no reason not to.

well, if my Iron block was the main downfall, i’ll take that as a win. i built a car that got to the 4th round, and thats good

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so far, with weight reduction, more extreme retune, and another quality slider i still only able to cut to 4:41:50. i can push more but the engine pretty much at limit due budget. and of course change the titanium rod with normal i beam rod. the fastest NA that i see is now 4:39 but thats with 2.3L i6 i think

nope, its 2.5l V6

Just gonna say it the i3 is the best sounding engine in game i am in love


what is wrong with you


a freaking i3 of all things

What they ound like 2 strokes and the v8 doesnt yet sound as awesome. Build a 2l3 with no exhuast oh oh.oh man is that good


i will say: listen to an old Laverda Jota. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Quite simply, the CSR7.
As far as I can tell, it costs less than Phale’s entry, and is less than a second slower. Oh, and it sounds wicked
ramthecowy - (27.6 KB)
I hope I meet all requirements.

@HighOctaneLove if you’re still in the mood to review, even three bullet points of concise advice would really be appreciated!

And of course, to anyone else who is willing to give feedback, please do :smile:

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