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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 45]

Big, Bold, and Brash is what the All New 2020 Vector Contra Predator Stands For


Entries will close in just under 6 hours time

If you haven’t submitted your car to me yet, please do. I have recieved entries from:

Entries will close at midnight GMT + 1


The Vector Contra Apex :

When the primary design office of Halcón heard that the Vector/Marvin brand wanted to relaunch the Contra line, they had nothing better to do were extremely interested in drafting an entry. There was a small problem, however. The Spanish design firm had never made a muscle car before. Well, they certainly gave it a shot, at least.

They decided to emphasize the car’s sportiness over any other features, while also keeping a few legacy design elements such as a blacked out hood, golden foglight covers, and long body. The Apex badging represents not only the concept designation, but the car’s prowess around a track.

The design team also decided that it was a slow day and included an optional GT3 concept image in their letter, though this was not submitted formally to the design board at Vector.

GT3/GTD Concept


Me during this challenge


I’m not on the list but you dmd me about it before so I assume you got mine.


Oops! Yeah I got your car. I remember looking at it, hard to forget really. :smile:


Submissions closed

Results will be out in a few days.


Judgement Time!

On a beautiful evening, the chief executives and designers have assembled in the main headquarters of Marvin, located just outside of Michigan. They have come to look at all the designs they’ve received from various different design houses throughout the world, evaluate them and pick their top 5s to present them to the CEO of Marvin Motor Company as well as other chief execs of Vector Group Limited.

Within a few hours, they were done with evaluating all the designs. Soon, the marketing dept. received instructions from the designers and they prepared a proposal review/feedback report for each design house that had participated.

Before we get on with the reviews, I’d like to give special thanks to @Sky-High for helping me streamline a huge chunk of the review process, the write-up and most importantly his willingness to put my car up for crowdsourcing despite us winning the competition together. Couldn’t have done any of this without you mate!

Proposal Reviews, Pt. 1

Vector Contra Super by Propeller Design @Mikonp7

Vector Contra Super Turbo by Atera Design @HybridTronny

Marvin Contra LT8 by @Be_gone_thot

Marvin Contra by Lavelle Studios @titleguy1

Vector Contra Super Concept by Kaizen @66mazda

Vector Contra LT8 by @donutsnail

Marvin New Contra by YR Design @variationofvariables

Vector Contra Concept by @OME

Vector Contra Apex by @Simmer22

Vector Contra Concept by @phale

That's all for today, arrival of part 2 depends on whenever I can wake up from my slumber and finish my day job shift. So anywhere from 12-24 hours

Thank you to everyone for participating. If we seemed a bit harsh with our reviews, we’re extremely sorry if you felt that way. Our only aim was to scrutinize these designs with high standards.

Cheers all!


Proposal Review, Day 2 (And Finals!)

Continued from the previous post

LMJ Design Contra by @Knugcab

Vector Contra Predator Concept by Spander @Maxbombe

Vector Contra by @vouge [Sorry for the spelling mistake, oops]

Vector Contra by Cerberus Design @Aruna

Vector Vision Concept by TDH @Xepy

Vector Contra Nuova by Farox @On3CherryShake

Vector Contra by AVT Design @EnCR

Marvin Contra NT80 by @ThatCarMadGamer

Vector Contra Predator by @micz244

Marvin Contra LT8 by Gearhouse Studios @SpeedyBoi

And with that, the executives and designers were done with reviewing all the crowdsourced designs for the new Contra. They had picked their top 5: @titleguy1 @Maxbombe @On3CherryShake @micz244 @SpeedyBoi

Within just a few days of publishing the proposal review reports, The executives of Vector Group Limited and CEO of Marvin set up a meeting in the headquarter. With them, joined with their close friend, CEO of Zephorus @Sky-High. Few hours of nitpicking, researching, bickering about later, they had decided upon a worthy successing design for the last Contra.

And the winner is [Drumroll]

Do not open I fucking dare you

@Maxbombe with his Spander Predator Concept for the Contra!

Congratulations Max! Not only did you manage to make a perfect 2020 Contra with all the right bits and pieces, you actually managed to make a rather healthy looking car look sportier than nearly all of the competition. Hands down the cleanest car with the best interior as well.

Other positions:

  1. @SpeedyBoi - Unique, very sporty but civil, clean and detailed. Almost snatched the win.

  2. @titleguy1 - A very unique and beautiful looking car, unfortunately let down by the center grille and some tacky fixtures. Still a great fucking design nonetheless!

  3. @micz244 - The most aggressive entry so far. If not for the underdesigned rear and some other small aspects, it would’ve finished higher, if not snatched the win.

  4. @On3CherryShake - The only GT car that made us wade through some other muscle entries, and that’s saying something. Being able to convince us to put such a civilized car up for the consideration of the new Contra, amazing!

Thank you to everyone for participating. If we seemed a bit harsh with our reviews, we’re extremely sorry if you felt that way. Our only aim was to scrutinize these designs with high standards.

I hope you guys had a wonderful time building a car for CSC 32, and enjoyed the judgement as well. I’m very happy with the results and very glad that I did this round. Thank you all for making this successful and special thanks to @Sky-High again for making a lot of things possible that I couldn’t have done alone.

Cheers all!

PS: Here’s some shits and giggles, 4 French dish references in Max’s review :joy:


Hahahaha, thanks for being honest. :joy: As I said, I really suck at designing modern stuff so no hard feelings.

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Since I sent the car I decided to redesign the rear. The rear was a big let down (it looks like it is melted). I think it looks better now.

Congrats to the winner and thanks for hosting!


You nailed it again :smiley:


That looks significantly better. Shame really. But hey, it’s a really nice design and there’s always an opportunity to reuse it.


l a m b c h o p


Although it’s been 5 days since this thread was last replied to, I will continue to grant control to @Maxbombe for the next round - if they do not reply with confirmation to set up another round in 48 hours, I will make a another post enabling the second place winner rights for the next round.


I’ll take the next challenge, I was just a bit busy recently. I should be able to make the next round today or tommorow.


The Crowd Sourcing Competition 33: The Revolution of Spander

Or how a company transforms by changing head.

Since Jean Spander, the founder of Automobiles Spander retired at the end of the '80s, all CEOs were former members of Spander designing team “Spander Design”, making it the actual decision center of the company. Since then this organization caused a lot of conflicts between the design team and other parts of the company, from the engineers to the accounting team.
Engineering was rushed, management was chaotic, finances choked. All of them had at some point to bend at the will of the designers.
The situation did improve over the years, and the company started to grow better in the 2010s, even though the management situation didn’t move too much.

But this is about to change.

The year is 2025, and the meek success of the last SP model, the flagship of the company, isn’t to the taste of the board of directors. They decided to appoint a new CEO without consulting Spander Design, hoping an outsider would be able to give the company the reorganization it needs.
The new CEO François Renverse, was appointed and declared he wanted to deeply restructure the company, make it more viable and future-proof, and announced a new Spander SP.
Spander designers weren’t pleased with all, and all went on strike. The board of directors is now very concerned, as the company never faced this situation in the past. Negotiating with designers has proven to be useless, their condition being the resignation of the new CEO.
But Mr. Renverse had an idea, what if he just bypassed Spander Design as a whole? What if he outsourced the design of the next generation SP?

And so the call for tender was launched, your company was informed, the future of Spander’s CEO is now in your hand.

Designing a new Spander SP in 2025

As said above, the SP has always been the flagship model of the company, and your task is to design a new one.
The SP has always been a light, sporty, and somewhat inexpensive car, with a striking design that makes heads turn.
Some guidelines :
-Model and Trim year must be 2020. (for a 2025 design challenge it’s good enough)
-Avoid making it too big, the SP models wheelbases are generally around 2.6m.
-The SP is a sport coupé, so it’s best to keep that philosophy.

You are quite free when it comes to design, as long as it is futuristic, original, striking yet realistic. As it is a designchallenge, you are free to make an EV prototype, just make it clear in the name of the proposal.

If you want to take inspiration from the previous Spanders to make it more “Spander-like”, you can take a look at these past designs :

"Redline" designs

More models can be found on the Spander page : Automobiles Spander

Just don’t make something boring and unoriginal, be crazy!

Submission naming

Model + Family: CSC 33 - Forum Username
Trim + Variant: Whatever you want

Submissions open on the 26th of July, Deadline is 7th of August .

Have fun!

(if anything is unclear please tell me)


2025 Spander SP Concept by LaVelle Studios



2025 Spander SP Concept by Akai

Juicy Angles


2025 Spander SP Hybrid Concept by GR’s Design ( GMD Racing Design )

Gallery of : Spander "Redline" SP Hybrid GR's Design

Concept - get ready its long, hehe

the 2025 Spander SP Hybrid GR’s Design is a car design that combines the design elements of Spander design and combined with GMD Car Vision of the future, the result is a car that have both brands design elements, for GMD it is shown by the simplicity of the body line design as a base design and both front and back fascia base design which emphasising on vents functioning to cool the brakes and designwise to show and emphasis the car line and also to give sporty and hunkered down feel of high performance vehicle. for Spander however it is shown by the general overall car design with “redline” Spander clearly shown on the side to show the signature of Spander Redline design, the front DRL light which go cross the whole front fascia in straight line as a reminder of Spander O2 Project design , the overall side area also gives an impression from the 2019 Spander CK-R Concept but with more subdued feel to combine between Spander and GMD design concept, and lastly the rear fascia which have a distinct shape which is derived from Spander Badge; GMD design concept; and also the line of the car to make the “redline” of the car more shown as a dynamic flow from the side to the rear of the car.


The Spander SP of 2025
I wanted to focus on the aerodynamics. I have no idea if they are good, but they look as if they are directing air in important and efficient ways i think.

I purposely didn’t put side intakes or vents at all on this car so that it was more obvious that it was “electric”
I integrated the Spander logo into the front and rear light bars.