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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 46]

It looks like an angry Dacia Sandero stepway on acid… ngl.


where are the straws in strawberries


Shuriken Grape

by Kishiwo korea designs

The Shuriken Grape is a c-segment Crossover, because the masses want that!

more Grape

Shruiken Mango! Turbo

Punctuation! is! Funky!


Shuriken Samon by Propeller


The Shuriken Sanbokan (I have to do multiple posts because i am new here)

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The Ackee, its a cross over, i has a ton of aggressive plastic bits on it and an “X” written on it so the youth should like it, right?







Wow, I really like this, it’s clean, it incorporates the style that was suggested. It’s pretty era correct. We’ll have to see what fits the gap better. Good luck!


I must say that I really like yours too. Design of yours is really energetic and fresh. This will be an interesting round. Good luck to everyone!


Shuriken Citrus

100% vanilla fixtures
29kb filesize


Submissions closed

Reviews will be out within the next few days.


CSC31 Reviews

June 2016

an intern is seen plugging in a laptop to the Projector

@ThatCarMadGamer - Shuriken Sanbokan

“I swear they sent a file over”
“Well it’s not here”
User did not send .car file in before Submission period ended

@HybridTronny - Shuriken Clementine.


“That can’t be right… Atera Design House has never let down a client before.”
“What’s the hold up?”
“I can’t find the Design proposal!”
Apparently didn't send in a Car File, and I thought they would have.

@desperatedonut5 - Shuriken Kiwano


“They sent something in… and then they sorta deleted it?”
“Ah… It seems they dropped the contract”
User wished to Withdraw, shame really, the Detail is good,
general execution could be improved on

@OME - Shuriken Ackee

“Where is it, oh…”
“A floppy disk?”
Incorrect Naming Convention

@Fletchyboy100 - Shuriken Kumquat

C Class Crossover
Main comment: “It’s both bland and making my eyes gouge, it will be better in the Blender”

Face value:
r/anattemptwasmade, it is… bland somehow, also mildly scary.

Quirkiness factor:
Does Mildly menacing count as Quirky? Windows are something I suppose.

Projected Market:
No idea… Honestly, I wouldn’t say much with a face only so many could remotely like.

Period correctness:
Has LED Headlights, other than that, seems like Fixture slap.

Consistently under detailed.

Attention to detail:
Has the fundamentals, and smaller things, but you would need to look close up.


@Just4 - Shuriken Grape

B class Crossover
Main Comment: Fire extinguisher seen being sprayed upon the Laptop

Face value:
There’s a lot here… mostly to not like.

Quirkiness factor:
It’s trying, not that you want to look at it.

Projected Market:
Um… I can certainly say that I would rather the Prius I wrenched at.

Period correctness:
um… nice LEDs? Clear rear housing not helping

Consistently Awful, I’m allowed to say that right?

Attention to detail:
Less is more with this example… no.

They tried the >w<, they didn’t do well, least they tried.

@randomtuner - Shuriken Papaya

C class Hatchback
Main comment: “Looks like an angry Japanese dad in an anime.”
Resident design expert Develish-Bull

Face value:
Headlights I think… everything else is cluttered and busy.

Quirkiness factor:
It’s certainly Edgy…

Projected Market:
Do you want something that looks like it’s both attempting to kiss you with
puckered lips and sucking the soul out of you menacingly?

Period correctness:
Headlight assembly sees no room for a proper projector, rear taillights are…
disturbing, and Amber indicators would be out of fashion by now.

No… rear end is over cluttered and liney… the front it’s… nostrils reeking from its own pain.

Attention to detail:
No, none of the lines work, and… the hell is that head room robbing sunroof?
Indicator on the door! chrome trim on hood?

If you blink. yes, you actually look, then no.

@Mikonp7 - Shuriken Samon

C class Hatchback
Main comment: “No quirky car is advertised in black or dark colours.”

Face value:
Has a snaring nose… I’m somehow not sold

Quirkiness factor:
If looking like an eager boar counts as quirky… sure. honestly, I’m scared.

Projected Market:
Other than looking… questionable. I can maybe see this with a middle-aged woman.

Period correctness:
Could do with some… actual Projectors. But it fits the bill.

Front says angry Boar, rear says defecating really hard.

Attention to detail:
If there was detail I’d say… I see Windshield washers… that’s about it

The main lights… that is what I wanted… but… everything else I’m scared of.

@titleguy1 - Shuriken Pitaya

A Class Crossover
Main Comment: “This actually looks like a car”

Face value:
For Vanilla… it’s damned impressive.

Quirkiness factor:
Plastic fantastic, with a hint of something… generic yet quirky though.

Projected Market:
Take whoever buys the Hyundai Kona… there you go.

Period correctness:
I see no issues, seems 2016.

Kona with a squint in front and Ford Everest in back.

Attention to detail:
Yes…? yeah…

Has a hint of >w<, um… I don’t think it works?
I can’t see it contemplating the Surveyor

@Lazar - Shuriken Ichigo

C Class Hatchback/Sportback
Main comment: “Holy moly did we ask for a race car?”

Face value:
An extremely sporty looking 3 door Hatchback. edgy… Sorta Like it. sorta.

Quirkiness factor:
It’s edgy. Boy Racer I’d say.

Projected Market:
Think Veloster, though the tune provided was more Porshe with a Front engine

Period correctness:
I’d say it’s modern, though the fact it’s more concept isn’t swaying me,
I also don’t recall massive gaping Grills in 2016.

Angular pretty much everywhere, though the rear is more
detailed than the sides and Front combined

Attention to detail:
Rear… yes. Everywhere else… there’s room, The Patchwork used for the
reshaping of the window seems rushed and visible tearing is particularly prominent,
Enough so that you can clearly see it in the Vehicle demonstration above.

Lots of ><, Though the EFI is disturbingly strong in this.

@phale - Shuriken Citrus

A Class Crossover
Main Comment: “That is the least Creative name we have received”

Face value:
It’s a good design… I think they pulled a Yang.

Quirkiness factor:
More Generic than Quirky, despite being based on the CHR Body.

Projected Market:
Yeah it might sell… take whoever buys the Captiva… there’s your audience.

Period correctness:
Light usage of LEDs… but still relatively refined.

Yes, it sticks to it’s flowy and round design cues.

Attention to detail:
Diffusers… hm, nah, front guard like that doesn’t work, Rear plate holder could be better,
as it was resized. but definitely the right type and not that far resized down.

There is a lack of >w<, A bit too flowly… but could work for say a different company.

@donutsnail - Shuriken Mango!

C Class Crossover
Main comment: “EXCLAMATION MARK”

Face value:
A clashing of 2 values, it’s extremely busy.

Quirkiness factor:
Does looking like a Jackson Pollock painting count?

Projected Market:
If you cover the Facias, maybe some Europeans.

Period correctness:
Is it me or that a reflector and 2 different indicators upfront?
That is a disturbing amount of heckeblende drop off when on the main panel.
Rear Ambers, probably from flicking Taillight into place

I’m seeing 2 different cars. front and rear, one is round with a square lower facia, the other is rather hexagonal with Taillights painted on by flicking paint to the inside.

Attention to detail:
I mean if you do look closely, there is still a good amount of it.

Subtle Traces of >w<, but you don’t notice as your other senses are assaulted.

@Reizei - Shuriken Yuzu

C Class Hatchback
Main Comment: “SO KAWAII!!!”

Face value:
It’s Aggressive and yet Cute… almost Tsundere like.

Quirkiness factor:
Note quite quirky, but it’s cute and you sorta want to hug it.

Projected Market:
Could see this around.

Period correctness:
Nothing really egregious against 2016, though the light sections are still a bit narrow.

Simple shapes but least the rear and front match very nicely

Attention to detail:
There’s room for more, it’s quite visible that it’s a lower detail car, also Truck mirrors much?

YES… Personally I’m keeping this to refine to then add to the lineup

@GetWrekt01 & @Sky-High - Shuriken Blueberry

C class Crossover
Main Comment: “A plug-in Hybrid…” “Yeah we can ask Suisei for some motors, they won’t mind.

Face value:
Plastic and sporty… quite sporty.

Quirkiness factor:
Hexagonal theming, plastic accents very welcome.

Projected Market:
Seems a touch too sporty for mass market appeal,
but the Hybrid Nature should bring people in.

Period correctness:
Subtlely correct.

The rear… doesn’t suit the front…
but both are designed with equal competence and detail.

Attention to detail:
Thumbs up… a very healthy amount of it, I like the rear hatch handle.
however the vent going through the door as a gap concerns me, however,
and the rear door handle is very far forwards.

Maybe. I did have to fix the Badge

@vouge - Shuriken Quince

A Class Crossover
Main Comment: “Okay this looks promising”

Face value:
A very complete product, it coheres to itself.

Quirkiness factor:
Small bits here and there, it’s different enough from a regular car,
but nicely suits the Urban landscape it will inhabit

Projected Market:
A competent Small car and it looks the part, it should sell.

Period correctness:
I see nothing egregious to this, the line flow kindly suits 2016 and is… future proof.

Yes, it’s Consistently Detailed, and it coheres with itself.

Attention to detail:
Yes, even has a nice windshield camera for a 360 cam and crash detection.
reminds me of my Van and it’s 360 cams

I’m imagining it next to the Surveyor/Masakari, it works…

CSC31 Results

And the leaderboard goes

Literally almost reverse order of what the Reviews are, I was a bit lazy…

THAT MEANS @vouge is the Winner for CSC31
With the Shuriken Quince

  1. @GetWrekt01 & @Sky-High - A very very close finish, I lamented 2 days to even decide. the 3rd day was Rendering the bloody animations
  2. @Reizei - okay so how is one of the least detailed cars up here? Because it embodied the Shuriken Langauge somewhat well.
  3. @donutsnail - It’s… still somehow up here? so… despite being a car form of a Jackson Pollock painting it’s ahead of 8 other cars actually judged.
  4. @phale - So you… did pull a Yang, Off design language but a useable car at least.
  5. @titleguy1
  6. @Lazar
  7. @Mikonp7
  8. @randomtuner
  9. @Just4
  10. @Fletchyboy100 - People expected this right?

Thanks for all participating… and truly enjoyed seeing what people can do with basically only >w< as a prompt. Yeah the reviews are a bit lacklustre in comparison to the previous CSC round, I’ll be honest


Hey, first time on the podium!
Congratulations to @vouge for winning this round and thank you @That-S-cop for hosting, it was a very fun round!

And if you want the Yuzu, I’ll be revamping the design of it on my car thread, stay tuned for that one.


To be fair, yes, yes even I expected it, cause I just can’t do modern design…


The rear… doesn’t suit the front…
but both are designed with equal competence and detail.

I’ll take it. Considering the fact that I was presented with what seemed like a fusion of a poejoe and a Urus front, I kinda had to have the audacity of ripping off Renault go against the front to not make it look a bit dummy aggressive. Heck considering this is like my third modern design, I’m just happy that you think it’s competent.

Besides, had a blast making a car for this round with Riley.

Now after having a look at a quick discussion in discord, it seems like the hosting rights go to directly me and my mate @Sky-High. So uhh yes we’re currently looking into it, expect a round shortly™

I congratulate vogue for snagging the win with that excellent design and… that’s all I can say.


CSC 32

Back from the Dead


Marvin Motor Company is a well established American brand running strong in the car production game since the early 20s. From sports cars to working class shitboxes, from heavy duty trucks to no frills muscle cars. Marvin has done it all.

One of their most prominent and most remembered cars has to be the Contra Super from 1975, the Super LT8 trim in particular. By the 70s, Vector Group LTD bought out Marvin Motor Company. Which caused the next few generation of Marvin cars to have a significant European influence in their build quality and engineering. The Marvin Contra Super LT8 was a perfect demonstration of this harmony of American and European tech.

It was a top of the line, premium muscle car of its time that cared not only about speed but also other driving aspects. It had a 6L Pushrod V8 producing 300 horsepower and all of this came from a faithful, all cast - all American engine. It was loud, drank fuel like nothing else but most importantly, it was designed to destroy the Ford Grand Torino. And not only in a straight line, but also on a track.

So Marvin came to Vector for a top of the line 4 speed manual gearbox, refined to match the power of the V8 and also tackle the Grand Torino’s 0-60 speed. It had disc brakes instead of the usual norm of using drum brakes. Overall, it was a muscle car that broke many stereotypes and wanted to be ahead of its time. It was as good around the track as it was on the straights

However, the Clean Air Act would be the death of the entire Contra line up. As the need to include a catalytic converter became a more prominent thing, along with having to run on significantly leaner, unleaded fuel, the Contra’s V8 just couldn’t keep up with all the regulations while retaining its power. There were two options available for the CEO at that time:

  1. Remove the very heart that made the Contra such a powerful beast and redesign a new engine,
  2. De-rate and choke the engine to the point that it’d make measly amounts of horsepower compared to previous figures.

After multiple boardroom meetings, Marvin Motor Company decided to kill the Contra lineup. 45 years have passed since then, and Marvin just didn’t get a chance to revive this lineup of legendary cars. They have made other muscle cars and pony cars throughout the years, but they never really managed to bring something back that would be of the magnitude of the Contra.

Until now, that is. In a joint decision with Vector, Marvin Motor Company higher ups have decided to bring the Contra back, finally after all this time. But they fear how the fans might receive the modern revival of it. There’s a cult following of the original car that they don’t want to disturb, which is why Marvin is willing to outsource the design of the Contra.

They want a design that captures the aggressiveness, the flashiness and the uniqueness of the original car. They don’t want something that has been done before, or something that looks similar to other muscle cars in the market, and most importantly they want a design that boldly shows how much power it is packing, but also shows that it can be just as fast around the track as any other European sports car.

Rules / Guidlines

  • Model and Trim year must be 2020
  • Front engine only
  • The original car had a wheelbase of 2.8m. Please try to keep it around this
  • Coupe body is strongly recommended Don’t send an SUV

So, what does the car actually look like?

Marvin doesn’t want an exact exact copy of some modern muscle car, they also don’t want a retromodern Contra. They want something fresh and interesting to spice up the market.

Inspiration (Note)

I’d like to reiterate here, don’t copy one of these car for car, we’re aiming for something new and interesting, and copying a car isn’t going to do that.

Ford Mustang GT350R

Also Mustang GT500

Dodge Hellcat

Camaro ZL1

Also ZL1 1LE

Modernised AC Cobra - Think mini Viper

Equus Bass Concept
Take “loose” cues from this if you want.

Deadlines / submissions opening

Submissions open on the 1st of July
Deadline is 13th of July

Final notes
This is a design only competition, so don’t worry about engineering, we will laugh at it though. If it wasn’t clear me and @GetWrekt01 are hosting this together, and will do judging together.

Naming Scheme -
Model + Family: CSC 32 - Forum Username
Trim + Variant: Name of proposal and Engine name

Last of all, have fun!


oboii I’m in


Vector Contra Super by Propeller