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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 47]

I would have liked to know if I even got close to 6th, but nonetheless fun :smile:
yeah my designs are always… off, those headlights really bugged me

I would vote for vanilla CSC for sure, as that’s the only way for me to enter with my current hardware :smile: (though I suspect the engine change also contributing to that improvement)

Lucky you. I’m happy if my submissions don’t get binned in the first round :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the plan with this? Is it a case of still waiting for the stable update to hit?

I’m just wondering as this could have been run in the mean time

Yeah basically… and a few mods have already started being ported over, eg, MDHL2.
The Vanilla option is ever present and looming

CSC31 - Mildly Quirky Citruses

Or something… oh hey… no Comet-Bar reference

The round will open a few days after UE4.24 drops to stable. Looks to be soon enough

Shuriken Motor Company, May 2016, Tokyo

“Right… we need a new idea to lure the younger demographic into our cars and no… I’m not trusting you with ideas from the failure that was making a Sports car of our Flagship Off-roader a few years ago”
after some wishful thinking
“Nothing sir”
“Perhaps a new compact segment car?”
“I suppose… it’s the opposite direction of the Redline package on the Surveyor”
“Did that ever sell?”
“In the UAE, a little in Australia when Comet-Bar Bought a few and made them into Comet-Tourers, at least a Compact will have a better global market presence”
“Compact… any other ideas”
“Quirky Styling!!!”
“Urh… It could work


Come up and design a Compact or similarish car with Quirky Styling for the Shuriken Motor Company.


  • Must an A, B or C segment Small car or uuurh… Crossover (For the sake of it… marginally more points for being a Crossover because that’s what Consumers apparently want… a jacked-up worse plastic cladded Wagon/Hatch)
  • Car Name must be Fruit/Food (Preferably Fruit) or Blade related, eg: Pip, Zest, Juice?
    That or if you are making a B segment Hatchback you could name it Sashimi. if you want to.
    This comes from the fact Shuriken also makes Kitchen Knives and utensils and used to make weaponry.
  • Naming convention as Standard:
    Car: CSC31 - [USER] | Shuriken [CAR NAME]
    Engine: CSC31 - [USER] | [Whatever the hell… just don’t be impolite]
  • Car and engine Trim and Variant years 2016
  • No engineering required
  • The Shuriken Badge is a Shuriken made of a Square and 4 triangles made of 4 fixtures in a diamond, one can just put a Diamond.image

Tips, these are the only ones you are getting, infer the rest

  • Known Engine sizes for Shuriken at this sort of size bracket are 1.1, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.4 Litres, helpful if you want to put Engine size badges on.
  • Try to incorporate the >w< face… You don’t need to… and it actually might make it more conventional to Shuriken styling if you do. don’t ask how I don’t know either…
  • Hard lines prefered,

Real life inspirations




Please don’t design based on a Prius :face_vomiting: it’s mearly an example of quirky design

Modern Shuriken Cars... I don't think these will help

Mainly as I only have 2 cars remotely modern

Shuriken Masakari/Surveyer this one being my CSR122 vehicle.
This is outdated 5 years at least and is literally an LC200

Shuriken Tanto
This was made for a Racing Showcase, But you could maybe take the lights. Here’s the back for the sake of it

Am I basically asking for people to design me a car design language for a company I barely have lore on? Yes


  • General/Overall looks/Face Value
  • Quirkiness factor [Be cautious]
  • Projected Market Taste
  • Era correctness/modernism
  • Design Consistency and Attention to detail
  • Shurikeness/How well it fits in with the current line up
    [not very applicable… don’t worry about this as much]


26th of June, 1200 BST/2100 AEST


2018 Shuriken Bsnama Sport


A quirky lifted hot hatch targeted towards younger customers.

Is it a crossover? It’s up to your discretion. It can certainly offroad better than any crossover on the market.

Power comes from a 2.0 SOHC turbocharged inline six, with all cast internals and low friction pistons. making 200 hp @5400 rpm and 227 lb ft@3000 RPM, which is sent to all four wheels at a 40/60 F/R split through a 6 speed dual clutch transmission and a viscous LSD.This is enough to send the little pocket rocket to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds and top speed is clocked at 144 mph.

A modern infotainment system, standard 10’s safety, a progressive suspension, electric variable steering, and an offroad underway complete the list of standard features for the Sport trim. Fuel economy is solid at 36.7 mpg combined, or an EPA estimate of 33 mpg city and 40 mpg highway,

Though the regular Banana starts at under 20k, the premium features and sports-tuned engine drive the Sport trim’s price to $28700.

Note: the Banana happens to be a badge engineered MTC Prairie, and was conceived due to a small partnership between the two companies resulting in Shuriken acquiring the rights to sell the Prairie in the Japanese market under its own branding, in return for Shuriken giving MTC access to its kei car platforms and engines.

(I was done with my design as it was basically just a rebadge of one of my existing designs, so I’m posting it now, will submit the car when the window opens)

I know we're not on 4.24 yet and entries haven't even opened but this is all vanilla so hopefully it'll work. I'm also so bored that I made it lol

2016 Shuriken Pitaya Prototype by LaVelle Studios


i really like the front! reminds me of modern hyundai’s.

I can see a bit of Urus in its front end - except for the fact that it pre-dates the Urus by a couple of years. And that grille/headlight combination reminds me of a cyborg with a helmet visor, which should make it seem “cooler” to younger buyers.

So, hey, it’s been a while since I have entered any competition.
I know entries haven’t opened yet but I wanted to enter a new competition / challenge on the forums and this one seemed perfect for what I wanted to do.
And this car was designed in openbeta but it’s fully vanilla so I think it’ll work fine on stable.

2016 Shuriken Yuzu by Sakai Design Studio


Will the cars be USA spec by default, or will they be Jap/EU spec by default?

Car is still WIP - and very messy.

(Ignore the fact I accidentally deleted my message)

Whatever is apt for you.
and even before submissions have opened we have a field of worthy competitors


wish more people participated in this challenge.

It hasn’t started yet

fair point. although I wonder when the new stable is coming?

If I am correct hasn’t UE 4.24 released? I’m sorry if this seems impatient but I’d like to see this challenge get somewhere.

4.24? Nah, it’s still on openbeta right now.

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Oh, sorry then. I guess I just lost track of time. :sweat_smile:

No worries, bud.

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