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The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 47]

Heres a thing…if it doesn’t win, at least I have a new design to rehash into my lore


LMC Tempest, take 2


Here’s my attempt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Saucer Motor Company designer Walter Ramirez presents a design proposal for the 2015 Kimura Helruna.



Under the terms of the joint-venture between Baltazar and Kimura, the Baltazar design studio was asked to give its suggestion towards the 2015 Helruna design.

This was their proposal, shown here in the full scale prototype, using the Baltazar RWD platform to be used in another model in the line-up and the Kimura 1.8 engine.


last minute proposal to Kimura


Motornation, September 2013- The 4th generation Kimura Helruna has been spotted in the wild. According to trustworthy sources, the car is still in early development and has had many propositions from within, with conflicting designs and engineering decisions still being made.


Couldn’t you just have only one of them imported at a time, and once your done looking at it and reviewing, delete it, shut down the game, put the next car into the automation import folder, start the game up, and once your done with it do that process again for the 3rd car? A bit complicated yes, but I’ve had to do that kind of process with my game before and it seems to work.

I found a different fix, seemingly, but thanks for the suggestion. I would do that if required at some point

That’s the hard way. The easy way would be for you to clone the original, then submit the clone.

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Didn’t realize that works too, actually. Thanks man!


Shit I hope I made it in time… it said deadline is 17/02 but not what time…

The ideal car for people who need to speed to get to an appointment in time


Totally not rushed.


Hello! This competition will close tonight. Please get any last-minute entries in ASAP!

Edit: And with that, that’s a wrap! Results will be up very slowly this week.


Before I put out the first part of the results, I would like to re-re-check that these are the entrants:


This totals up to 19 competitors.


Tokachi International Speedway, Hokkaido, Japan, 08:00, 5 December 2012 - Lead engineer Ichiro Takada runs through the previous prototypes that have been since removed due to their inadequacies. These transcripts have been directly translated into English.

The provided images were produced using advanced design softwares.

Woefully Weighted
A 1.8 L Inline-4 really can’t haul more than 1500 kgs. These cars breach that point, but suffer from other inadequacies that drop them out sooner in the running.

@conan - Combined with a low-torque engine and a long wheelbase, this wasn’t able to keep up with the other cars out on the track. Around corners it played very safe, but often pushed more than we liked. The design was not as clean-cut or as instilled with Kimura DNA as we had hoped, either. However, some of the low-cost options were executed very well, and will make their way to the final vehicle.

@DukeOFhazards - Unfortunately, avante-garde styling was unable to raise this entrant out of an early dismissal. Poor fuel economy, a high manufacturing price, and wallowing handling because of its over 1658 kg kerb weight placed this model out of the running.

@CorsicaUnknown - Sharp styling couldn’t save this proposal from its doom; 1623 kgs wasn’t very happy to lug around 181 hp around a track. The size didn’t hurt its economy much, but with middle-ground stats and no standout qualities, this prototype was unfortunately removed early on. The styling cues were clearly designed with some research and some will influence the final production vehicle.

Scrambled Styling
In addition to underwhelming design choices, these cars were also uncompetitive with the rest of the pack and lack the balance the other vehicles do.

@B1ill4Har8din1 - This entrant was far too hardcore for daily usage - hard suspension tuning, poor safety options, and difficult driving abilities due to a lack of ESC all contributed to the prototype’s eventual expulsion. In addition, it seemed odd that a car - which was lightest out of all our test vehicles, at 1132 kgs - would be wearing steel wheels all around. Even whilst lacking lots of the luxuries our other entrants harbored, this wasn’t able to be the least expensive car in-test. The styling is rather messy, with odd angles all across the vehicle and lacking cohesion from all sides. This car would require severe simplification in order to be passable for our lineup.

@MasterDoggo Styling that looks good for 2010 won’t work in 2015, so unfortunately this will have to be put out of the running early on. That being said, solid safety features and a relatively high level of comfort for the relatively low engineering time and price point are impressive and some of the techniques used to garner these results will translate over into the final vehicle.

@yurimacs - Even with sporty pretenses, the hard ride and old-fashioned steering setup are both not ideal for the final Helruna. The rest of the car is purely middle-ground, and as such we felt that it was reasonable to eliminate the rest of the vehicle based on its questionable styling. The front end bears too many off-kilter angles while the rear taillights are too large. None of it speaks to a Kimura crowd.

Erroneous Engineering
These cars sadly missed the ethos of the Helruna. Despite the effort that were put into these vehicles, we feel that they do not suit our ideal formula for the final product.

@DoctorNarfy - Unfortunately, this proposal from our American division seemed a bit too American for our tastes. The engine had produced plenty of potency down low, with the most torque of any engine proposed; however, the engine’s peak power is made at its very low redline at 6000 rpm. In addition, the entry was the only one with 5 whole seats - somewhat impossible, considering the short wheelbase and narrow body - and an overbuilt interior for the class. Indeed, in order to develop the proposed technologies, it would take far more time than we can afford. It would also be on the pricier side of what we would like to offer for our customers, although it may work if it were played off as a high-trim model. We applaud the high-torque and low-spool turbochargers.

@Dorifto_Dorito This entrant is a very solid all-rounder, utilizing its large size well with an easy-to-drive character. However, the design is inherently hampered with poor fuel economy, lackluster kerb weight because of its large body. Additionally, its build price point is the highest of all the cars presented, making it out of reach for our target market. The styling was almost too stunning in a way that would be fitting for a concept car, but for a production-spec Helruna it may be over dramatic.

@Traviq_125 - The processes required to design this idea wouldn’t take very long; it’s the process of building the car itself that would take the time out of production. Because of this, we cannot implore this vehicle into production. It also does not feature traction control or stability control, both of which are mandated by law in many countries, and has a heavier than expected kerb weight. The design is also not perfect, with a few too many odd angles and strange proportions. However, the time to engineer is very low and we must consider ways to incorporate the low engineering times into our lineups.

Congratulations to these entrants for making it through initial scrutinizing.



Oof I should use more LEDs :c

Tokachi International Speedway, Hokkaido, Japan, 10:00, 5 December 2012 - Lead engineer Ichiro Takada likes to talk a lot. Along with him is the top test driver from Vancouver, Simon Vogt, and executive design director Akari Saitou. Vogt has been distracted with driving a melange of the accumulated prototypes with his comments having been recorded. Takada and Saitou are spending time evaluating the vehicles. All applicable transcripts have been directly translated into English.

Fairly Fine
@nicholander - This car was easy to drive around town while inspiring confidence on the road and it packed some great safety technology. However, it’s time-consuming to produce. Lots of tech in little time means less reliable results, high kerb weight, and high price. Additionally, it was not very attractive compared to the rest of our group, with a slapdash design.

@Leonardo9613 - The proposal from joint-venture company Baltazar resulted in a well-rounded and well-engineered sports car, with an engine that produces power very low in the engine range. That being said, it was clearly still a Baltazar in style. Other competitors managed to have similar statistics as well for less money and take less time to engineer. On track, it was twitchy at the limit. Overall, we know that Baltazar is interested in sharing our platform, and as such we reject this proposal as a way to open a gate to differentiate their own version of the car.

@SyberRacer - Suffering from poor fuel economy and high weight offset by high power and torque figures, this model was unfortunately not an ideal contender among our vehicles. Middle-ground statistics in almost all respects and chunky styling didn’t do this vehicle much favors, but the price was decently low.

These cars are the personal top picks from our team. Any remaining vehicles will have explanations as to why they were not chosen for the final round.

Ichiro Takada’s picks
@yangx2 - This entry performs well in all regards, but the most impressive thing is how reasonable it is. A low production price is a headline, but don’t forget the quick production and engineering times. In addition, day-to-day driving is easily doable and doesn’t feel like a strain. It has a comfortable interior appointments and a supple suspension setup that keep the car easy to live with, but the car remains fun to drive and maintains solid fuel economy.

@Xepy - The sole pitfall of this prototype was its harsh suspension tuning. It’s very stiff, and doesn’t match the low-weight characteristics of the car. However, in terms of almost all other aspects, this was a stand-out. Easily one of the easiest cars to drive around town in the bunch with lighter steering and controllable driving characteristics. It had a low price tag as well as a very high fuel economy rating, although the engine could be torquier. A very solid effort.

Akari Saitou’s picks
@yangx2 - The styling of this prototype is very good, and matches up well with the Kimura DNA. Although it lacks some of the charm that many of us at the company wished to see in a car as frivolous as this, it matches the “Dynamic Diamond” theme well. A sharp and coaxing front end complements the equally polarizing rear.

@Mr.Computah - Another striking design from an American, but this one is truly special. Many on the board were pleased with the charming anger that this model exudes, but weren’t as pleased with the lacking Kimura identity. Regardless, the model was executed well, and has a sleek look from front to rear, albeit more aggressive than we will produce in the end.

Simon Vogt’s picks
@Rk38 - It might have the least amount of power here, but it inspires confidence like no other car. If you get anything wrong, it’s pretty much impossible to not recover. No matter how aggressively I chuck this version at a corner, I still manage to come out alive. Kudos to the suspension team who balanced the softness and precision around corners.

@Mr.Computah - On the track, this prototype was pretty much flawless. The grip it has was immense, and it requires just enough skill that it teaches the driver new techniques. A brilliant track car, my only gripe being gearing a little too short and oversteer that transitions a little too quickly.


@ElMenduko - Another vehicle with solid stats and a low price, unfortunately this was unable to stand out in most categories and as such did not make it past the final examinations. Heavy panels made the small body heavy, and it lugged around more weight than was necessary for a price not significantly lower than the mean.

@ramthecowy - A very experimental design with a sporty, lightweight construction. Another entry that was very good in most regards but did not show much in terms of standout qualities. Despite the well-appointed interior, the suspension setup had been made a little too hard and as such negatively affected the comfort. However, the weight was still kept surprisingly low, in which we will explore further for the final production vehicle.

@ChickenBiscuit - Although this ran on the lower-cost gamete, we still thought that this vehicle didn’t have qualities that elevated it above the competition. That being said, the design was intriguing and the engine was rather powerful, and the car was well-rounded overall.

Kimura Headquarters, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, 17:00, 24 October 2013 - The final designs have been mulled over. The Helruna is reaching the final stage of design and engineering, and board members are in the process of selecting the car that they believe to be closest to the final car. Of course, none of the provided prototypes from the previous year were perfect; however, by taking the best aspects from these cars, we are able to produce the final version in time.

Hours of debating ensue. Staffers are divided; do they want a perfectly well-rounded, inexpensive, efficient, and practical design from @yangx2? Or would they prefer to have the more passionate, sportier, personalized option from @Mr.Computah? It was a difficult choice. Both vehicles displayed their own talents across the board and had very few, if any, weak spots to mention. In the end, a combination of the two was inevitable; the final Helruna had to have passion, athleticism, beauty, practicality, livability, and everything far and wide. However, there can only be one winner.

The winner for the first round of the Crowd Sourcing Competition is…

@yangx2! A massive round of applause for our first-place winner!

Second place, if needed, goes to @Mr.Computah. If he is unable to host, then we will delegate to our third-place winner, @Xepy.

Seeing as we’re dangerously close to losing out on our third place, contestant, here are the others (in order) who are eligible to run.

  1. @Chickenbiscuit
  2. @Rk38
  3. @ramthecowy

Continuing the list further…

  1. @ElMenduko
  2. @Leonardo9613
  3. @nicholander