The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 48]

Nice, i thought the sensors were just stuffs to cover bumper bolts etc

Okay so I have no idea, so I’ll just pass the challenge to the next person, I think it’s @Mikonp7 right?

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Lovely results. I hoped for worse on my end so I am happy. GG

Had an idea but i dont think it would work well soooo @HybridTronny

I’m up for the host and i’ve got an idea already so give me one days or so to make a post.


CSC39: Ute-fulness

2020 - Denver Headquarters, US

Since the launch of Denver Automotives in the early 1900’s, Denver was known for putting their cars in every car market that you can think of. Sports cars? They got it, Vans? Yup, they got it too. You name the market, Denver got 'em.

Recently, Denver just updated their design language, as their old design language is out of date compared to other cars in the market. Fortunately, the other cars in the Denver line-up got updated by their in-house design studio as it was shown below:

But one of the model from the land down-under also known as Australia didn’t get the treatment as they wanted to give the special final goodbye to Aussie’s favourite body style, Utes. As people leaned more mid-sized pickups like Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado etc, Denver felt the need to kill off their own utes.

Introducing the 2018 Denver Crossroad T-Rex, their performance focused ute powered by a 6.3L V8, producing up to 500hp. It’s for people who wants to deliver wood panels on a racing circuit.

As for the looks, well it looks flat and doesn’t go well with the engine it’s packing.

And that’s where the other design studios come in, Denver asked other to make a brand new ute for the Aussie Market.


  • Model/Trim years must be 2020
  • Must be an ute body that is derived from a sedan, can be based on existed ute body or 3D fixtures tray
  • Can fit longitudinal engine layout
  • Design element from 2020 line-up
  • Denver’s badging should look like this

Some Denver's model

Real life examples

Naming Convention

Model / Family - CSC39 [Your Username]
Trim - Any
Variant - Any


Link to Countdown


So uh… I gotta ask, does Denver want a sporty and aggressive ute, or something more tuned down and… elegant?

Doesn’t matter, as long it’s an ute but they prefer performance looks as the old one is performance focused

Update : added pics for Denver’s badging as people requested.

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Denver Crossroad T-Rex by EMAS Design


Recanna Studios' proposal

2020 Denver Crossroad T-Rex by Recanna Studios

see that suspension? that was secrane’s idea

fast car go noom

ok it is maybe too soft


that logo is far too big

Denver Crossroad T-Rex


2020 Denver Crossroad T-Rex by LaVelle Studios

Design to bring the Denver brand into the 2020s.

2020 Denver Crossroad T-Rex by AVT Designs



smh green


Deadline is near!

Just one more day untill deadline and so far, i’ve got entries from:


If you’re still building your entry, better hop on to the express train and send it to me!


The Denver Crossroad T-Rex By Lünnerden

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Denver Crossroad T-REX by Propeller



Sorry, We're Closed!

I have received all of the entries and the reviews will be dropped in any hours or days from now.