The Crowd Sourcing Competition [Round 49]

What a close finish to a challenging round! The early 00s was a challenging era for sports car aesthetics, sandwiched as it was between the blob craze of the 90s and the edge frenzy that took hold later in the decade, but you pulled it off - just. In fact, Schrafen’s proposal for the Jaxer would not be out of place in the original Burnout - or any of its successors, for that matter. Well done!


CSC 14 - The last of the Warriors

Belgium, Spring of 2003, Rosker Headquarters


It’s been 18 years since the Rosker Warrior was released and 13 since it was last on sale.
Fans of the Warrior have been begging for a new one to come out for years, and for the 20th anniversary of the car, Rosker plans on releasing a concept for the next generation Warrior.

(one of the last original Rosker Warrior's produced, mid 1990 GT model)

The Rosker engineers have chosen the mechanicals for this car, but lack a design for the new Warrior, because the design team is busy with much more important projects for the foreseeable future.
Whats more, they can’t do a quick and easy refresh of the old design or interpret it into a newer age, since the original Warrior is very much a design of the 80s and won’t transfer well into the modern age.

The team have decided the best plan would be to outsource the design for the Warrior.

Staff of the Warrior project have set some guidelines for the outsourced designers:

  • Your design has to look like a front engined RWD coupe.
  • Your design must be aimed to look the part for the 2005 release date. (period correctness)
  • The car must feature the Rosker badge in your design. (picture below)
  • Your design can look sleek and sexy, but has to still have the look of a muscle car in some way. This is not enforced, you can also go for a more traditional muscle car look, but still has to look somewhat European.
  • The concept will have a 5L V8 and all round double wishbone suspension, we’d like to see this reflected in the design in someway. Something like a hood scoop or bulge, low stance with sporty large wheels and badging.




Almost all mods are allowed (you know which ones aren’t).

Naming: [firstbox] CSC14 - USERNAME | [secondbox] Rosker Warrior YOUR INITIALS

PM me your car. Remember, no resubmissions :slight_smile:


Rosker Warrior SuperSport, by Rise Comics


Rosker Warrior by Propeller


Rosker Warrior by Randomtuner

CSC14-Randomtuner - Rosker Warrior (38.3 KB)


Rosker Warrior GT Concept


It’s HUH time:


24 … 22 Hours left till submissions end!


last minute entry sorry


With under 11 hours left, I’ve received 8 entries.
Pretty good turnout, will see if anything gets posted in the last hours!


The submission period has passed.
Thank you for your submissions and for taking a part in my round, the judging will commence soon.

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Belgium, Early January 2005, Rosker headquarters conference room

Two Rosker Warrior project managers enter the conference room with a CF card and a laptop. One of them sets down the laptop, the other inserts the CF card.
Infront of them sits CEO of Rosker Motors.

PM1: ‘‘Boss, the designs are in’’
RMB: ‘‘Excellent, how many did we get?’’
PM2: ‘‘Eight’’
RMB: '‘Alright, show ‘em!’’


PM1: ‘‘First, we have the Rosker Warrior SS from RC Designs.’’

RMB: ‘‘Not sure about this first one, it’s kind of oversized design elements aren’t to my liking, such as the oversized badges and rear lights, I mean I like how proudly this design shows off our company badge, but this is a bit much and isn’t the most detailed or pleasant design to look at either. Although, it does look sort of like a European muscle car, mostly in the rear, but an outdated one at that. Next design, please.’’


PM1: ‘‘Next off we have the Rosker Warrior by Propeller.’’

RMB: ‘‘I already like the front! I believe this could be the new face of the Warr… hmmmm, the rear doesn’t looks as good as the front, looks a but squashed, and why is it a convertible? sigh Well, I like the body shape a lot, but shame it’s a convertible. Apart from the lackluster rear, I really like the rest of it. You know what, add it to the acceptable design pile, I imagine there will be some to dispute over.’’

PM2: ‘‘Noted.’’


PM1: ‘‘Now we have the Rosker Warrior EJ from RT Designs.’’

RMB: ‘‘This looks… kinda cool, similar to the original, but still quite modern, that said, it’s not a very high quality design, and is a tad bland, also looks a bit too American overall, the rear lights are nice however. It’s not terrible, but I’m willing to bet that there are better choices coming up NEXT!’’

PM1: ‘‘By the way, we found this one on the floor, not actually sent to our system, guess the studio didn’t have high hopes for their design.’’


PM1: ‘‘Okayyyy, it’s the Rosker Warrior M by M2 Designs up next.’’

RMB: ''What’s this? An Economy car concept?
PM2: ‘‘What!?’’
PM2 looking at the screen
PM2: ‘‘No, no, it’s a Rosker Warrior concept.’’
RMB: ‘‘Well, you could have fooled me, it’s not the worst looking thing, but it looks a bit inappropriate as a muscle car, I don’t have much to say, it has some quite interesting styling, such as the grille design, but I can’t imagine it being a Warrior. Next!’’


PM1: ‘‘Next is the Rosker Warrior HUH by Studio HUH.’’

RMB: ‘‘Huh, is this a grandtourer? Seems kinda out of place, but this also has similarities to the original in the front at least. Although, it’s not a very pretty front, just doesn’t mix well, this body and that front. Not a fan of this, looking over it’s quite bare, but the rear diffuser is pretty cool, that’s something. Next.’’


PM2: ‘‘I think you’ll like this one boss man…’’
PM1: ‘‘Here is the Rosker Warrior Rk from Beneventi.’’

RMB: ‘‘Hmmm, yes, yes I like this one. Seems to be the most forward thinking design up to this point. Impressive muscular looks, with these thickened up sides. The front design isn’t very… us, but it works very well… lord almighty, have you seen the front from the side? That is some quirky styling right there, don’t know what those Beneventi guys were thinking. But overall I really like the front design, the very cool side gills and the rear is alright too. Just don’t look at the front from the side. Add it to the acceptable pile.’’

PM2: ‘‘Will do.’’


PM1: ‘‘Errrr, this is the Rosker Warrior SH by SH Desings.’’

RMB: ‘‘Okay… I like this.’’
PM2: ‘‘Really? I thought that you would be put off by it’s super car bod…’’
RMB: ‘‘Of course I am, however, it’s still quite nice, quite simple but effective, it’s the most striking car I’ve seen today, although the rear is quite outdated and this body design is still a no go. An interesting idea, supercar shape, with muscle car features, but this is not quite what I want to see. Please, show me the next design.’’


PM1: ‘‘We have reached the last design, here is the Rosker Warrior LV by Lavelle Studios.’’

RMB: ''Wow, this is something, it is very similar to the original, but in a much newer and sexier form. Looks great from every angle, the front, sides and rear. Is it swedish by any chance?
PM2: ‘‘Not that I am aware of, sir.’’
RMB: ''Doesn’t matter, this a great design, I could only nitpick some small things, maybe the tailamps aren’t to my taste, but those we could iron out on the production model, if we get the public interested in the car with the concept first. Add it to the acceptable pile.

PM2: ‘‘Sure…’’

RMB: ‘‘What do we have in the acceptable pile?’’
PM2: ‘‘The Warrior by Propeller, Beneventi and Lavelle Studios.’’
RMB: ‘‘All of them have something special about them, but we have to go with the best overall package.’’
PM1: ‘‘Which is…?’’
RMB: ‘‘Well, the Propeller one has, in my mind, the most pleasing shape and most fitting front for the Warrior and our brand as a whole, however the Beneventi is the most likely to grab the public’s attention, with it being the most advanced and forward thinking design, but it could go either way with the public, they may love it or hate it. And then there’s the one by Lavelle Studios, which seems to be the best package out of them all. A front fitting for a Warrior in the modern era, has all round good looks and is the most well rounded of the designs.’’

PM1: ‘‘The LV it is.’’
PM2: ''Can we get this concept out in time for this years Geneva Motor show?
PM1: ‘‘When’s that?’’
PM2: ‘‘Next month.’’
PM1: ‘‘Oh dear.’’

Congratulations @titleguy1 ! Your design has been accepted by Rosker as the new face of the Warrior!
Now we have to see if the public loves it and if it makes it to production.


1st place @titleguy1
2nd place @Rk38
3rd place @Mikonp7
4th place @Sky-High
5th place @randomtuner
6th place @mart1n2005
7th place @Ludvig
8th place @Rise_Comics


Cool! Thanks for hosting :smiley:

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Thank you for participating!
Now back to more important things…

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Aye, thanks for hosting this round! I’m going to be slightly busy right now so do give me a little time to formulate a new round.


CSC 15 - Outta Time


1979 - Rigore Automotive has been one of America’s premier manufacturers of sporty vehicles since its conception as a car company in 1965. However, the two oil crisis slumps from 1972 and 1979 have left the company’s history in question. Given that their lineup consisted primarily of sports saloons and sports cars, the fate of the company seemed imminent. However, following the 1979 Oil Crisis, Rigore knew that action had to be taken in order to progress the company to new frontiers. No, they weren’t going to begin creating completely European style cars that had lost American soul, but since the birth of the company a blend of American and European design ideals were at work. How could the company re-invigorate themselves for the 1980’s, a decade that they hoped would be of prosperity and technological growth - without even knowing if either would end up being the reality?

The Angeles was the first car to be part of Rigore’s “New Era” cars, a plan which was designed to save the company from potential ruin - after all, being an American company in a world in which American ideals weren’t going to fly was going to be difficult. In 1979, development began for a new Angeles - and it had to be developed quick. The design would have to be an odd balance of fresh and new, with European influence, yet distinctly American. It must follow American design laws for headlamps and such, but more importantly it had to appeal to an international crowd for Rigore sold vehicles in almost all 7 continents. How would this small American company pull this off? Well, this was a goal that designers had to figure out - which is where you guys come in.

Rigore’s been engineering this car for a pretty long time, so the internals are nothing to worry about. We’ve been worrying about this for a while!

This round will be strictly based off of design. Do not worry about making a good car, just an attractive one.

Here are some real-life vehicle references that you may want to look at from 1980 onwards.

BMW 3-Series

Volkswagen Scirocco

Chevrolet Camaro

Maserati Biturbo

Ford Thunderbird

Holden Commodore

Ford Mustang

Buick Regal

Oldsmobile Cutlass

Here are a few photos of a few different Rigore cars of the era.

Rigore Vehicles
1965 Rigore Angeles Sports Saloon - The Original Rigore

1976 Rigore Anubis GT Saloon

1980 Rigore Imperium 293 GT

Naming conventions are as expected.

Model: CSC15 - [username]
Trim: Free
Engine: CSC15 - [username]
Variant: Free

Entries are open. The deadline for the competition is September 8th at 21:00 EST.


Just a note: The headlights on the Holden Commodore in your references would not be legal in the U.S. for the early '80s. The first “european” headlamps used on a U.S. model was on the MY1984 Lincoln Continental Mark VII.


Noted! The Holden is just being used as a general reference for me regardless.

Important to note that I now have entries open until September 8th!


Is there a Rigore Automotive badge available for use on the models?