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The Electric Future (Round 1)

2022 Voltari Aubade

The Aubade is Voltari’s first entry into the all-electric performance car realm, and is the new flagship in Voltari’s performance car line-up. Powered by a quad-motor, torque-vectoring electric system, mated to a 93KwH battery pack and a two-speed direct drive gearbox, the Aubade produces 1,120hp and 1,050lb-ft of torque, making it capable of reaching 0-60 in a mere 2.4s, and a top speed of 250 miles per hour. The Aubade is also capable of going 212 miles on a single charge, and can recharge to 80% in just 12 minutes on 800V fast charging (21 hours on 120v, 10 on 240v, and 20 minutes on DC Fast Charging respectively.)

The Aubade is well-equipped, featuring a 12.5 inch Digital Driver Information Display, a 13 inch headunit with Android Auto and Aoole CarPlay support, and a 7 inch Interior Control Unit. It also features 18-way adjustable heated/cooled full leather seats, carbon fiber interior trim, and a flat-bottom steering wheel with a wheel-mounted Performance Control dial, allowing a selection between 6 different drive modes (Dynamo, Touring, Eco, Sports, Race and Custom.) The Aubade also features an active rear wing (that auto-deploys at 65 miles per hour in all modes except Race, where it deploys automatically and closes at 120 miles per hour.)

It also features signature Active Matrix head and taillights, a full driver safety suite, HomeLink, Intelligent Flood Lamps, Deploy and Park technology, and butterfly doors. Pictured is the Aubade Edition One, based off of the range-topping Ultimate trim. It’s painted in Andromeda Black Pearl, with Gloss Black accents. The Aubade Edition One is on sale now, starting at $213,000.

Full Specifications

aluminum panels/carbon fiber monocoque
pushrod (F/R) suspension

Quad motor electric system (one motor on each wheel)
Electronic torque vectoring
93 KwH battery pack
2-speed direct drive gearbox
1,120hp and 1,050lb-ft of torque
Supports 800V fast charging, Level 1/2 and DC Fast Charging
212mi range

Progressive Springs
Adaptive Dampers
Active Sway Bars

Performance Data:
4,155lbs curb weight
2.76m wheelbase
0-60 in 2.4s, 250 miles per hour top speed
P275/30R21 (F) and P295/25/R21 [R] semi-slick performance tires
Single piston 420mm (F/R) carbon ceramic brakes
Electric power steering, full traction aids (fully defeatable), launch control
41F/59R weight split

Additional Images


Might be way too late to ask a question about the brief, but oh well.

I’m still kinda questioning what the definition of “flagship” would be here. Does it refer more to the top-of-the-range fancy-schmancy implied at the beginning, or more of a halo-car type thing a la Honda E or even a Prius? ie: would the fanciness of the car affect the judging? If I were to submit say, an i3, would it be judged lower than something like a Lucid, just based on what it is?

I have a relatively mid-range kinda halo car sort of thing going on (think leaner meaner Model 3), and I’m wondering if I should give it a whack now or just wait for another round where it might fit better.

Yes, I was specifically looking for more on the higher end this round. ‘Fancyness’ will come into consideration. There will be rounds for more affordable vehicles.


Dreams that become realities.

For decades, the Gladiator has represented the utmost capability of what we have to offer. Hand crafted by the finest material artisans, designed by the most knowledgable technicians, and driven by the people who followed there dreams to success.

This all new concept for the Hokuto Gladiator embodies a new spirit for the company, serving as a beacon for any designs to follow. It employs avantegarde elements from nature, art and scenery from our home country of Japan, all in one cohesive and elegant package for a total of ¥11.6 million.

Bonus: now it’s electric, featuring 3 electric motors for a total of 804 horsepower.

400+ MILES
Est. Range w/ 110 kWh Battery

TH acceleration, unlike ICE Alternatives

110 KWH
Manhood Size

Torii Gates

Guess who helped with the photoshop? <3 @titleguy1


Is there a naming scheme we must follow?

Just write TEF_(username)_(car name)

trash finale

“1799 HP and a 135kWh Battery pack enable this exclusive all-electric grand tourer to achieve speeds of over 400 km/h and an est. range of 350 miles. Price starting at 907.000€.”


Are we required to give the Automation stats for estimated range, 0-60 time, top speed and such data?

Spander BA 2022

Engine : Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Power : 100 kW (156 hp)
0-100 : 7,5 s
Battery : 50 kWh 400V lithium-ion-polymer
Autonomy : 350 km
Slow charge : 4 h on 11 kW
Fast charge : 20 min on 100 kW
Weight : 1915 kg
Price : 36 000 €

Over-designed shit electric car I hope you prepared an extinguisher.
Well, at least it looks nice?

It's a retro-modern version of this

1990 Spander BA

More Images Nord Nord Nord Nord

With a little over 12 hours to go, the entrants are as follows.


I have yet to receive submissions from:


should I give you the .car file?

Yes, please.

2023 Hinode Centennial

Where tradition meets modernity.

Since 1963, the Centinnial has been the ultimate flagship model for Hinode Motors. With its fine materials and craftmanship, precision engineering, and superb quality, the Centinnial has carved its reputation as Japan’s finest car, being the car of choice for Japan’s business and political leaders.

For 2023, Hinode releases the all-new but familiar Centinnial. Retaining the same craftsmanship as the previous Centinnial, the Centinnial now comes with an electric motor for increased efficiency, smoothness, and reduced noise. Wool seats and laced curtains are standard, with leather options, not to mention the massaging seats and extra long wheelbase (3.5m) for extra comfort. Japan’s finest has no time for imperfections.

Powertrain: 1x 600PS electric motor, RWD
Battery Capacity: 190kWh
Range: 650-700km
0-100km/h: 4.5 seconds

Yours for JPY 24,300,000

More Images


2025 Blaire Solace Mk. IV


Every company has their flagship vehicles, for Blaire in the petrol department it’s the LaFette. But ever since 2010 Blaire has started up their EV lineup which has had a steady uprising over the past 15 years and today we present for 2025 the 4th generation Solace. Introduced in 2011 the Solace was Blaire’s first EV vehicle and has been the companies flagship vehicle in the EV department with total sales of its first-generation (2011-2014) reaching up to 153,233 sales. The all-new Solace has new sleek minimalistic styling. With the long front lightbar giving great vision in the night with the state of the art LED headlights.


The Solace isn’t anything special as it is the company’s entry-level EV vehicle with a market price of $32,000 the Touring model (shown in photos) comes with a 146Kw (197hp) Single EV Motor with a 1-speed Automatic transmission (7-speed dual-clutch in automation) making a 200-mile range before charge and a 0-60 time of 6.6 seconds. The Solace also comes in an estate variant which will be introduced later in 2025.



Blaire Automotive Co. ®️


ClassicWorks presents: the all new Sprinter Electrex.

(updated with new pictures, thanks for a new photoscene from LCv4.1)


Electric with a CVT :exploding_head:

For a second I thought companies like Tesla used a CVT considering the Model S never shifts. Turns out its just a 1 speed auto. I have changed it.

And that’s it! Expect results by this weekend. Thank you for participating.


Lead the charge.

Motorpop is ready and willing to ditch fuel for electricity in favor of keeping the environment clean. This is our plan not just for consumer vehicles, but also with commercial applications. Though with such a drastic change, where does it start? How does one spur enough attention to make this known?

Enter the Motorpop Raiden, an all-electric luxury GT car previewing the company’s future. Featuring a 150kWh battery, carbon fiber, and gullwing doors, it can silently send its five inhabitants to 100 km/h in about two seconds. While that comes courtesy of 1100 HP from a triad of motors, we understand you are not just buying this car to throw passengers back in their seats. Its range - 570 miles - should be more than plenty for commutes and the occasional road trip.

Should it require a charge, however, its 900V+ architecture allows it to recharge at an astonishing rate - 300 miles in 20 minutes. To let you know how much charge it holds, the light by the charge port will fill like a battery. What’s more, the car is capable of Level 4 autonomous driving, and when the time comes, we intend to upgrade it for Level 5. All of this comes at a price of $200,000, which is a step up from our usual offerings, but buying this car will provide propulsion for our widespread electric initiatives.

Through our efforts, people and cities can realize the benefits of an electric future.

The Motorpop Raiden.

Update came just in time