The Engine Room - Engine tuning Company

Hello, and welcome to the engine room.

Since all i do in automation is build engines and slap them into cars for the giggles and shits i thought i would open up a thread to help provide you guys with some giggles and shits for your cars.

If you have an engine that needs tuning, PM me the file and what you would want the engine to be optimized for, or specific parameters such as HP 150-175, Econ 27%-30% etc.

If you have a car that has no heart, ill build one to suit your needs.

For me to build an engine, ill need some information from you, such as:
Selected car body: This one is required for physical size limits for the engine bay. I do not need the file, just screenshot the body you want to use.
Horsepower/Kilowatt target
Torque/Newtonmeters target
Economey target

This is the first real world engine that i was asked to build, is inline with all of the specs of the real engine, besides the fuel used.

USDMFTW, just a small word of advice, make sure that people specify FWD, RWD, or AWD to accurately gauge engine size limits.

I think Jakgoe’s post was meant for you, USDMFTW haha :wink:

Thats a given and shouldent need to put that in the post.

I have dozens of engines made now haha