The first automation car i exported to beamng twice freezes my game when i reset it

Novo Rosso - (35.9 KB)

This my second time I exported this car to Right now im running the openbeta with no imcompatible mods. The body I am using came with the game. The Verison of Beamng im running is 15.0.37624 64 bit version with no mods but this car.
what is causing this error is when i try to spawn it in game i get the game instability message and the car dissappears. The weirdest thing is that i have to spam j and the up arrow on the keyboard just for the car to unglitch itself. once i can drive it with the esc off the car immediately spins out when it shifts into second gear even though in automation game since this car has diffusers and lips its says in game that the car is creating almost 500 lbs of downforce. this very confusing wouldnt you say?