The first electric car on the forums

Here it is,
It’s called the Tannec and is designed to fit an electric motor (as soon as they are implemented into the game :confused: ), Also the door handles are invisi buttons, like a PS3, that will open the doors electronically until the user can open it themselves.

Here is a picture:

[size=50]Pictured is the 2013 model[/size]

There aren’t that many ? Decorations ? on the car, which makes it look modern and quite stylish.

I’ll give you the save file once I design a website for my company.

Hope you think it looks goood!

Wosa - Driving Innovation

Nice !!

No bad if I do say so myself but advertising Electric cars…really…I prefer Petrol over electric for that buzz of knowing your engine is on!

Yes, I agree, but how long will it be before world governments say every car company has to make a at least one electric car. Anyway, the car could easily fit an engine at the back, like the Smart Fourtwo and the err… DeLorean [size=85]… DMC[/size] [size=50]… - …12[/size] :blush: