The Ford "Star" Nameplate mystery

So I’m bored and wrote a google doc (idk why) about a mystery of a bunch Of Ford Freestar prototypes, a Aerostar 2018 prototype, and the new (fake) Spacestar SUV. None of this is real and is a work of Fiction. Idk why I made this, Just thought it would be fun.

The Ford Freestar XV 2008

Rumors of the Star suffix returning date back to August 2008, when a user shared a Facelifted Freestar with styling similar to the Taurus X grille and European Ford Style. In 2009 a User captured a Test mule that seemed to be sitting on the Ford Focus in Europe’s platform, sitting in a Ford HQ parking lot. The vehicle looked to be completely standalone, with no trace of other vehicle parts or random weld marks. The Badging on the Back read “Freestar”, and had styling similar to the Ford Mondeo and Ford Fiesta. the person took a few pictures in 2008, but were poor quality. In 2022 4 Test cars were found in a Utah Garage, collecting Dust, flattened tires, and not running. The 2009 Freestar XV “the XV was it’s codename” was found along the differently styled 2013 model, a next gen Crown Victoria prototype and a 2018 Ford Aerostar prototype was found there to.


Cool post and whatnot, but it seems like something that would/should be in the “what if” thread. Do you tho homie :saluting_face:

I do agree, and this was one of my thoughts, but this will have many other posts and i dont want to stuff up the what if thread.

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