The Monthly Driver (Next issue April 10th)

Welcome to The Monthly Driver magazine, where I write about YOUR vehicles. If you wish to have a vehicle reviewed, please submit it via. DM’s.

Requirements to be reviewed:

  1. Your vehicle must be available in BeamNG
  2. Your vehicle must resemble that of a real vehicle (No open-wheelers or lawn mowers or whatever else)

Suggestions for reviews:
If you want your vehicle to have a higher chance of being reviewed, please

  1. Have an interrior
  2. Look decent
  3. Perform decently well

Also, please test your vehicles before submitting them and save me the trouble of going through terrible cars
Thx :smiley:

-ImNotChildish, CEO of Vulcan Automotive

(Edit) I also take suggestions now! All you have to do is simply DM me a download for the vehicle, aswell as a link to it’s original forum post.


** 1/2 March Issue**

Thank you for taking some time to read this first issue of The Monthly Driver! Before I begin showing off some of the vehicles that I have been given the opportunity to drive, I’d first like to introduce myself. My username is ImNotChildish, however you can call me J.S. I am the Founder/CEO of The Monthly Driver, a car review magazine. Enjoy :smiley:

Little Loki

Have you ever wondered what would be the result of a Z4 and a 911 put together? Probably not, however, I think I have the answer to this never-asked question. Introducing the Loki, a small German 2 door convertible. This car is produced by the German-based company Norowagen, which is known for its luxury cars.

This specific model is the Loki STK-6x2. It’s powered by a holy-sounding Boxer 6, which revs to over 8000 RPM and sends power to the rear wheels. The Loki sits on double-wishbone suspension on both the front and rear wheels, and has progressive springs with gas mono-tube dampers. It uses 17 inch rims, and 23 1/2 inch tires. Speaking of tires, the Loki has 2 options for tires. Medium and sports compounds, which both have their pros and cons.

Now, enough facts. It’s time for my opinion.
The first thing that I noticed when I sat in the Loki was its comfort. The leather seats make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, and the seating position is very ergonomic and humane, unlike some other vehicles I’ve driven. The boxer 6 that sits in front of the driver sounds straight out of heaven when above 3000 RPM, but anywhere below that it sounds unhealthy and clogged up. When on the road at cruising speeds, it behaves like an old well trained dog. It is easy to maintain speed and keep it in the middle of the road.

There is one specific detail that I have come to really appreciate. When you are stationary, the power steering fully kicks in, making the steering wheel really easy to turn, which helps with parking. Then, when you start to get above 10 miles per hour, the steering feels harder and sportier. Overall, I really recommend driving this car.

0-60: 6.2 seconds
1/4 mile: 14.54 seconds
Skidpad: 1.02 g
60-0: 122 feet
Drag coefficient: .362
Weight: 2849 pounds

Base/As Tested: 19.7k/21.9k
Additional Features: 6x2 Trim, power windows

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Are you gonna review the Tachyon or Verdette soon?

Im gonna post more finished cars on the repo, and put their stats up

Yeah, that’ll be coming soon