The Monthly Driver [Submissions Open For (2) Days, First Issue March 6th]

Welcome to The Monthly Driver magazine, where I write about YOUR vehicles. If you wish to have a vehicle reviewed, please submit it via. DM’s.

Requirements to be reviewed:

  1. Your vehicle must be available in BeamNG
  2. Your vehicle must resemble that of a real vehicle (No open-wheelers or lawn mowers or whatever else)

Suggestions for reviews:
If you want your vehicle to have a higher chance of being reviewed, please

  1. Have an interrior
  2. Look decent
  3. Perform decently well

Also, please test your vehicles before submitting them and save me the trouble of going through terrible cars
Thx :smiley:

-ImNotChildish, CEO of Vulcan Automotive

(Edit) I also take suggestions now! All you have to do is simply DM me a download for the vehicle, aswell as a link to it’s original forum post.