The RAL Colors car

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

In an act of incredible boredom I created the RAL colored car.
The RAL color standard was developed in Germany in the 1920s and is still in use today. It includes “Hellelfenbein” the default color for German Taxis, and classics like Verkehrsrot (DB Locomotives etc.), Nachtblau (Lufthansa) among others.
It should contain most of the colors of the RAL Classic standard, 207 to be exact. Don’t worry if some numbers are missing. They were taken out and/or replaced by other colors. For more info on the whole thing click here, to get to the Wikipedia article.

In the game they all come with none flake and medium shine presets, as well as their respective hexcode. I used the German names of the colors, but to increase accessability Umlaute etc got removed (ie. ü → ue, ß → ss, etc.)
All the colors are saved locally on the car, so you can pick and choose which colors you want in your global paints save file. Feel free to use them however you want! Maybe for your exact replica, or just as a starting base for your own color creation.
What does Lachsrot metallic look like with Pastelltürkis pearl effect mixed into it? Horrible I bet, but you can try it out now!

Its just a placeholder car with just the colors, no mod body, no exterior design, not even a nice trim name :wink: (97.9 KB)

Anyways, have a fantastic time and good luck finding the perfect color for your car!
Cheers, Hipi


The color set contained in the file provides a wide range of shades that anyone can use as a reference point for their own colors - I’ll look into it as soon as I can.

thanks my issue has been fixed.