The safest car in the universe! (and lesser ones)

We all know how the street can be dangerous, so here is a car that will help fixing that!

“I didn’t see you” won’t be a good excuse anymore, as everybody will see you from kilometers away, thanks to the powerful lights, and in case a dumb pedestrian still manages to get run over the impact with the headlights will reduce the damage recieved by that air head.

The colour is carefully chosen to enhance visibility, as well.

Edit, so I’ll avoid double posting

On the other side of visibility, here is the Shyster:

while it won’t look like much, it’s a small, light and aerodynamic car powered by a powerful engine, the Lil demon:

a tiny 785cc twin turbo V8 that is incredibly quiet but still offers 170+ hp. And for the tuners out there, it’s also a powerhouse easily tuned way above that, at the price of durability and quietness.

What kind of headlight bulbs will that car use? :smiley:

Custom made LEDs, it’s the only way to avoid using the engine just to generate electricity, lol! I heard that if you order 10 of those, they send you a Batman logo? I don’t get it. :laughing:

Moving on…

BMW 840!


This started out as a way to goof and try the new stuff.

Please somebody explain me what I see that is cool in that thing, so I can remove the extra bits… it truly puzzles me.

Well the 1 light coming out of the fender is like the Nissan Deltawing…

BEHOLD! The Carrot!

Powered by the Over 9L engine

(I doubt it will actually fit… but one day)

9l dear god

9.1l if you want to be precise
Technically it’s OVER NINE THOUSAND cc!