The Speed Racer Challenge! [ded]

(Co-hosted with the homie @Fayeding_Spray)

Somewhere, in the great distant year of 2008, in a world just a bit different than ours…

The Story

“When the automobile was first created in 1885 by Karl Benz, it’s unlikely he fully grasped the magnitude of what he’d just done. While most saw it as a method to get from point a to point b, there were a select few born with the gift to see a car for what it is: a canvas, ready for the taking.”
“From the banked curves of Indianapolis to the undulating loops of Fuji, the WRL has always sought to provide the greatest spectacle of racing on the planet.”
“With generational talents like Ben Burns and recent phenoms like Rex Racer, the sport has always been seen as the precipice, the absolute peak, of the world of motorsports.”
“And in our latest story: The much speculated upon Stunt Car regulations for the upcoming WRL have just been announced! With the emphasis being on bigger, faster, and more wings than ever, it’s sure to make this next generation of stunt car bigger and badder than ever before!”

Feed to the TV projector was cut, as the conference room packed tight with figures in suits in varying levels of nervousness and intrigue were gradually blanketed in a warm light, where there had previously been little more than the harsh glare of the projector they all sat facing. A middle aged gentlemen, stood at the front of the room, his every feature proper and composed, as he surveyed the emotions of the crowd of investors laid out before him. Some were visibly ready to commit to the cause. Others, though, found it hard to fully commit.

“I don’t buy it. It’s just hype. People will get used to it, and we’ll be back in the shit like we were when we started this whole mess. You’re on thin ice, you know, the last time you had some great idea to draw in fans, you got Rex Racer killed. Years of investment on my end, down the drain in just 3 laps! Pull another stunt like that, and we’ll all be out of a job before you know it.”

A particularly haughty investor, and a long tenured one at that, spoke up. It had been 5 years since the WRL took on one of the most dangerous races in the world, the dreaded Casa Cristo 5000, and it had been 5 years since Rex Racer perished in a cloud of smoke and treachery. With Rex having been the posterboy for some of the more illicit backers of the WRL, the loss took a toll for many both on and off the track, and many doubted the series could handle another tragedy. He voiced the sentiment of many of the older voices in the room when he expressed worry for the future of Stunt Car racing as they all knew it.

The presenter, standing at the front of the room, faced the board, eyeing members at each end, and took a deep breath before addressing the room. “I understand your concerns, but I assure you they’re not needed.” Re-activating the projector and re-dimming the lights, the screen now showed the inbox that had been set up to receive new entries for the upcoming season. Hidden amongst the bribery offers and returning entries were a smorgasbord of questions, technical blueprints, and fully submitted applications from teams all over the globe. “We’ve already seen a spike in interest from teams both new and old. Naturally, we’ll ensure our sponsors are taken care of, but why not give some hope to the little guys? After all, bigger fields, bigger ratings, right? Maybe we’ll even find our next Rex Racer!”

A quiet murmuring spread amongst the potential investors, with many doubters being quieted amongst the crowd. It seemed that the speechgiver had won over the crowd, with one exception. The man from earlier, who had doubted the long term impact of the new regulations, rose to speak once more. “I only have one worry: Who’s going through all of that crap?”

The Judges

Judge 1: @Fayeding_Spray
Name: Elaina
Age: 25
Backstory: Recent Motorsport Broadcasting graduate, a recent hire at the WRL, since she’s young, and has plenty of free time on her hands, the tedious assignment of going through every single entry has been delegated to her, with promises of a juicy promotion should the season turn out well.

Judge 2: ME!!!
Name: Johan
Age: 34
Backstory: A representative of one of the most powerful backers of the WRL, Johan is here to be the party pooper and make sure the new cars submitted are good for both the WRL and the shady interests that control the racing behind the scenes.

(this post is getting long enough so we’ll keep it brief about our judges here. Expect to see a bit more about them later, though.)

The Challenge

This is a challenge that is based partly on meeting ridiculous performance targets and partly on aesthetics. The winning car will be a sexy, mind-meltingly fast and complex machine that manages to activate the neurons of anybody who happens to catch a glimpse of it before it disappears into the distant horizon. Your breathtakingly awesome car should also come with an equally awesome backstory. Don’t be afraid to go all Space Cowboy or rogue NERV agent on us, as long as it’s a good read.

Enough about that, though, let’s look at what the scored aspects of this challenge will be:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: AESTHETICS

The most important part of the challenge is looking the part of an uber-futuristic racecar that could race with, or even beat the cars featured in the Speed Racer film (or similar high tech futuristic racing media). We want an exciting, unique, and downright ridiculous, yet functional, car. Interiors will be also scored, but are not mandatory.

:star: :star: :star: :star: PERFORMANCE

Hit the performance targets in order to gain entry. The targets are as follows:

Model/Trim year must be 2008 for both car and engine
Top Speed: 500 KPH/310 MPH minimum
0-60 MPH/100 KPH: must be 2.5 seconds or below
Minimum weight: 2,200 pounds/998 kg
Minimum wheelbase: 90 inches/2286 mm
Drag: at least 0.2 or higher (refers to the number on the body selection screen, not the actual Drag cd)

Fuel Economy: 20 MPG minimum
Safety: 60 or higher
Reliability: 70 or higher
Nitromethane Fuel Banned
Approximate cost cap of 100,000 enforced
V16 allowed
Invisible fixtures Banned
Name convention - Model: WRL08-forumnamehere Trim: Car name/model

The further you get while adhering to these regulations, the better.

:star: :star: :star: BACKSTORY

Your exciting car should also have an exciting backstory. Are you a skunkworks team of rebels on the run? A soulless entity funded solely by the contributions of your corporate sponsor? We have no idea! But we’d sure like to find out! We’d like to learn about the members of your team, what their motivations are, and what they had to do to get their car built. We’re playing fast and loose as far as “continuity” goes, so you have free reign to make it as wacky or as serious as you’d like.

:star: :star: CREATIVITY

Give us a reason to like your car. Please.

:star: CHEATS!!!
Not required, but I will be giving brownie points for any cheats hidden away on your car, as long as they’re visible on the body and explained in your submission, think of harpoons, oil slicks, anything subtle that can get your team an edge without catching too many eyes.

The Cars

These cars are great reference points for what we’re looking for, with designs varying in ridiculousness. These designs really activated my neurons, and hopefully they activate yours. Remember: WE WANT RIDICULOUS CARS!

honestly everything here goes hard asf

Here are some examples of what we’re not looking for, but are good springboards anyway:

honestly this is only here so i have an excuse to mention hitman 2. But yeah these cars are too tame for the most part.
These are too far in the opposite direction for the most part. Not to say that they don’t kick ass, but we have to be at least a little grounded.

The Tracks

This section is mainly dedicated to the kinds of tracks that the WRL will be racing on, to guide your imagination a bit. Credit to George Hull for the artwork.

Entries for this challenge will officially open on the 12th. The deadline to submit will be 4 weeks from today, August 8th, at 12 AM EST. Since I’m pretty lenient, I’ll be accepting late submissions (with a significant penalty) until the end of that day. no entries will be accepted from August 9th, 12 AM EST forwards. You can resubmit as many times as necessary until then, and resubmissions before the 9th will not receive a penalty.


Not entirely sure I’ll be able to pull off something for this one, but… If I can, I’m going full RoadBurners on it. They’re about the only ones crazy enough to try something like this.

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This reminds me of the fictional road test of the Mach 5 from the Speed Racer live-action film:

Interestingly, because the Mach 5 has no real life equivalent, the car used for the test was a virtual replica created by Polyphony Digital Inc. (developers of the Gran Turismo series, and before that, Motor Toon Grand Prix) - a full five years before their Vision GT program, and the Mach 5 clearly looked, felt, and sounded like one.

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On that topic actually, Petrobras did the same thing with a car of their own, but it seems like the Mach 5 replica is actually closer to being a proper car, and yet it’s the one I’d never heard of :skull: thanks for sharing broski, I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon it if you didn’t

While i’m bumping the thread, though, what do you guys think of the performance targets? Since this is my first challenge, and I’m not really sure how much experience most people have with building insane cars like the ones featured here, do you think that they’re at an okay difficulty? I want the targets to be hard, it is a challenge after all, but not so hard it immediately turns people’s brains off. Though, considering the fact that quality slider abuse is completely open, I feel like I might be worrying too much. Anyway. Yeah. What do you guys think?

Edit 1: ALSO. I feel like the weight is way too low considering the planetary scale engines we’ll be needing to even get to 500 KPH. idk. please opine. thanks. :sunglasses: :+1:

Edit 2: I missed the fact the mach 5 was virtual. damn road and track and their descriptive writing. Petrobras wins again. Sorry for editing so much I’ll stop now.

If I may inquire, why does the body’s drag value have to be that high? Even the stubby pick-up trucks from the 40’s bodies have drag values around 0.26-0.28, and that’s just about the draggiest thing I can imagine.

Honestly, it’s partially to encourage body diversity and partially to discourage any meme bodies with unrealistically low drag (cant remember the specifics on this one, I just know there are some bodies that have broken drag values.) I’m not against lowering it though, especially if it opens up more bodies for use. Do you think .250 would be better?

I’m pretty sure that there are no vanilla bodies with drag values that high, and I would think that it would get really uncreative regarding engine design if the drag was forced to be at 0.5 (just V12 with 8000 bhp quad turbo spam, otherwise you wouldn’t make it to 500km/h anyway). I 0.250 is still a bit on the high side but it at least allows a better selection than exclusively the prototype and F1 bodies. The majority of the minmaxy bodies have a drag of 0.2, and a lot of the other coupe bodies have a drag of 0.211, so I figure something in between ‘truck aerodynamics’ and ‘roadster’ would suffice.

Edit: Like a lot of bodies have 0.211 drag. Having to comb through all them to find one with higher is offputting.

Besides, by limiting the body selection, one stifles creativity, unless you’re building a hot rod on an LM prototype body.

That’s fair, I’ll comb through the bodies again to decide on what a better drag number is, i’m looking at ~0.15 or so now.

I’ll have a list of changes to the rules before the feedback deadline, that way we can vote on each change and everyone will be happy :sunglasses:

thanks for the feedback compadre.

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Upon review, I’ve decided to not even bother voting on the drag change, if you’re planning on building your car before the deadline, you can go ahead and pick any body with a drag of .2 or higher.

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First off, I want to say I think this sounds like a brilliant challenge. But I have a couple of points I’d like to address. Firstly, were would the top speed number be taken from? Because the top speed figure on the stats page is defined as how fast your car can reach over one kilometer. But this number is not nessacarily your car’s top speed. If you were to run your car on a track that is longer, just as the Dalluha Salt Pan track, you are able to go faster; this snapshot showcases this.

322mph on the stat screen, but an actual top speed of 337.

And this brings me to my second concern: I do think you may need to set some sort of quality spam limit. Despite this car’s speed, it still handily beats all the other requirements. With +15 quality everywhere, this car gets 34mpg, has 59 safety, and reliability of 95. And this is just a test mule I slapped together, so it could likely be better.

And as far as the design, I imagine extensive use of 3D fixtures and advanced trim settings is allowed, encouraged even?


1: Ill be taking the number from the stats sheet, though I actually didn’t know that it was possible to go faster

2: That is one of the problems I had in the back of my mind, but I wasnt sure if I should either change the goalposts, add a quality spam limit (or maybe some combination of both), or to just allow it since going beyond these parameters is part of the challenge. I’m open to making the requirements stiffer, (and I’m equally as open to having a quality spam limit,but whether its an exact number for the whole car, or a plus/minus limit for each part, I’m not entirely sure. That one might actually require a poll) a budget cap of some kind might also help out here, so I think some brainstorming might need to happen before we present an actual proposition.

3: heck yeah ma boi

I appreciate the feedback, I’ll get to work ASAP :sunglasses:

337 is fast. What happens if you make a run on a downhill slope?

Alright friends, sorry for the wait.

I’ve made a google form sheet for anyone interested in allowing me to poke their brain for a bit- the main idea here is me, a total noob at challenge hosting, trying to learn what you, the community, prefer to see as the finalized ruleset for this challenge. I want to make the requirements challenging, but achievable with some elbow grease, buuut I’m not super sure how to actually get there. So, yeah, after brainstorming a bit with Faye da form is here

to all the senior forum members, please forgive how green i am when it comes to hosting this stuff, LOL. At least the finalization deadline is near, though I think I’ll be extending the actual submission date by about a week, just to give people more adequate time to build epic cars. Oh well. We’ll see when the feedback date passes.

There isn’t enough story or lore in the op

maybe we will have more lore at a later date :bangbang:

also this is the final notice that the feedback deadline is tomorrow guys! The rules will be finalized based on the feedback you guys have given, so from tomorrow onwards all aspects of the challenge will be finalized.

Alright Amigos, this is the official announcement of the feedback window closing. The deadline has been moved back an extra week. Happy building! :sunglasses:


This is a message reminding everyone that:

1 - this challenge is still alive (i am intending to update with lore, but im dealing with alot of irl stuff i wont get into. i just wrapped up my classes though, so hopefully i will have more free time to write something interesting)


Anyway, yeah. Challenge is still alive. Submit yer stuff in my dms. yeehaw. See you in two weeks.

not a really good idea of a challenge, the cars for this challenge are ridiculous looking cars, which is very hard to make them, the “good” ridiculous cars like flying cars have like thousand of fixtures, and making them can spent 1 week to build

I will actually say that the premise is a great idea, the original post needed to be better written though, searching through drop downs for clumps of rules in-between pictures isn’t ideal. 2000s is also a hard era to make look good for basically everybody.

The next issue would be having to write backstory for this, not many people do lore and I’m sorry to say the people that do often spend more time doing that than designing the car (this is a very gross over generalisation)

Timing isn’t too great but nothing can be done about that, lots of other strong challenges put this smaller one down, and as such had less activity and here we are. I’d definitely say to shorten the overall length of the planned challenge, a month and a bit from rules to end is… Too much. 3 weeks or so keeps peoples attention at the front rather than forgetting about it.

The engineering is pretty strict looking at it here, but without building a car I can’t say how much. Reaching 310+ with only 100k doesn’t leave much room for anything other than aero and power quality spam.

It’s a shame, I’m sure there’s a better time to rehost this if you wish, with a revised formatting.

The main thing is trying to get people to do 3 difficult things. Engineering, massive 3d design and then lore. Very few automation players have all three and that’s why I think what’s happened has happened.