Things to take note of/ignore when making a track focused car

What are some of the things I should take note of and outright ignore when making a track-focused car? I’m asking this because on my time attack car, the downforce was supposedly making the car scrape on the ground but it wasn’t apparent when driving it at top speed in Beam. So here I am asking about this, additionally for the things I do need to take note of, what are some tips that you guys can give me?

And not having scraping in automation can have scraping in beam. It depends on the body and where fixtures are placed. Things like the tyres have blown out are ok, generally you don’t want to go below 30 profile for any tyre, but you can get away with it sometimes, or they explode. things like massive oversteer don’t really matter because the car can handle differently in beam since theyre different games. Beam tuning is a whole big rabbit hole of testing what works and what doesn’t.

I see, aside from the scraping part, which in fact happened on another car I was working on, funnily enough, testing is definitely a thing to do when making a track-focused car and experimenting and looking at the graphs. I’ll take note of the tire profile though, thanks for the tip