Time for Superchargers

I figure it’s about time for an update to have superchargers and the capability to compound boost an engine. i.e supercharge with twinturbos with nitro. and also be able to get a Cubic Inch Displacement larger then 662 CI and larger turbos.

Once we get on Steam, and once we put out the first version of the Tycoon aspects of the game, we’ll be going back to do more engine types.

Awesome thanks for the info and the reply…

Nitrous won’t be in the game; it’s an aftermarket upgrade.

Yeah, superchargers will be in, twincharging MIGHT be in. Nitrous and larger than 10.8L V8s won’t be in, because what the hell kind of road car would ever use that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you squash my dreams!

Twincharging is used on the Volvo XC60, so it’s somewhat of a production thing.

Twincharge? Please oh lord God yes please.

Also on VW 1.4l 160hp engine.

Did not know this. I imagine they were on low to moderate boost levels?


Did not know this. I imagine they were on low to moderate boost levels?[/quote]

No, they were on terrifyingly huge boost levels (I think about 18PSI, note that VW quotes boost pressure in absolute, so you need to -14.5psi), but had a tendancy to blow holes in themselves.

I remember also they have used iron basement because aluminum wasn’t strength enough to hold all the booooscht.

The 1.4TFSI CAVG is a crazy thing… despite all its flaws (like broken Turbochargers or broken chains) its a clever engine.
The cylinder block is made out of cast iron do withstand the combustion pressures - however the lamellar graphite cast iron is not as hyper as it sounds. It just the easiest and cheapest cast…
Topend is rather standard - 4V DOHC Aluminium Head with VVT. Nothing fancy or special.

The aspiration is where stuffs getting really crazy! A roots charger and a normal turbocharger booschting the engine - but not on the whole rev-range… which goes from 0 to 7000RPM. The Roots always operates… until 2400RPM, then it gets ‘turned off’ and can support the Turbocharger till 3500RPM if needed - you know, to dampen the turbo lag.

So whats going on in that strange thing!! On low load - there is no charging at all, the Roots is disengaged by clutch and bypassed, and the turbo is being bypassed - no booscht :frowning:
On some proper load (like accelerating) the roots enganges till 2400RPM and is booschting with little help of Mr.Turbo to 1.5bar/21PSI - from 2400RPM till 3500RPM the supercharger is being disengaged at lower loads, and Mr.Turbo will do the job.But if you floor the pedal, the supercharger will engage again to supress any Turbo-Lag.
But at around 3500RPM the roots is being disengaged again and totally bypassed - because the turbo will always be at maximum possible boost at every situation and the turbolag wont be noticeable. However the pressure drops to max. 1bar/14PSI.

The roots blower can build up 0.75bar/11PSI and is regulated with the magnetic clutch and bypass flaps - theoretically the roots could run all the time, but thats not intended by VAG.
Here the boost pressure preview :smiley:

And because VAG thinks that people dont like the roots whine - they muffled it. It also could need more booscht - roots all the way would be interesting!

Actually the Roots compressor (Eaton 925?) is maxed out at 3500rpm, it will overrev, (18 or 20000 rpm) because of the gearing. It even has an extra set of gears inside the front so that the pulley wont be to small.