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TIP: How to get around the '55 coupe's weird face

This is how to put good looking headlights on fussy bodies!

Step 1:

Just a normal face.

You first must delet headlight panels themselves.

Oh no there’s a hole.

Step 2:

3d headlights!

Put the headlights in like so-

but now there’s clipping and other problems. Nooo!

Step 2

Ugh messy.

Here’s our problem, so let’s fix it! Morph the fixture to cover everything so there are no mysterious gaps

We could probably move it forward to end the weird flushing of the front chin, but it’s okay here.

Step 3

Changing fixture material to match bodycolor fixes most things, but not everything. What if you still think this is too messy, or want chrome bezels? Next you must make all other fixture materials transparent-

Step 4
Now you must make some choices: what do you want your headlight to look like? The 402/CFS is a 60s german 911 ripoff sportscar, so I want a classic look.

Now 3d in some headlights (I will show how to do this with modern-looking LEDs later this week). Put them in the holes, configure how you want, and BOOM-headlights.

If you want, you can go to 2d if the other work was a bit to messy-

Hope this was helpful!


Maybe this could have been useful to put in the “crowd sourced detailing guides” thread?


In the next update this body is one of the many being replaced with a newly updated one :ok_hand: (Johndoe redid this one I think!)


Oh, probably. Sorry guys.