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Tokyo Auto Salon 2019


Stafford Tuning Inc X Ursula AG

Ursula AG, and British tuning company Stafford Tuning presents: the new Ursula F5 ST-X.

Now equipped with an 4.5 N/A V8, generating 560 hp for an healthy 308 km/h top speed.

(ST-8 engine, updated for the new F5 ST-X)

(also, why this thread is empty as fuck lol)

Coming Soon...



Kellan Conversions

Will bring their current in-house test vehicle to the show.

A Full Conversion MKII Communitasia!

It’s a full AWD independent suspension conversion, a far improvement from the stock solid axles that use to adorn the Communitasia’s chassis.

From the owner of the company:


  • 415hp dyno’d on a turbo’d 3.0L I6
    (was built around 2001 we think)
  • 1.18G low speed, 1.14G high speed
  • 3,100 lbs of fun
  • 150 mph (est.) Top Speed
  • 3.8s 0-60 time
  • 2:10 ATT time (with a professional driver)


Kimura specialists Raijin Tuning return to the Tokyo Auto Salon with the Kusarigama packages for the now-2019 Helruna and Auburn KR-R. The Helruna receives a larger front lip, widened fenders, carbon hood, and a large rear wing made by Aeratach. Sponsored in part by Yomama Industries, the Helruna sports sticky 235/40R19 Contact-R tires wrapping 19 x 8.5 KALZER Tracklite wheels all around. Bolt-on engine modifications, a high-pressure turbocharger kit, and performance fuel injectors boost output from the 1.8 turbo I-4 around 270 PS to over 350 PS, showcasing the famed potential of Kimura 4-cylinders. As for the Auburn, it shows a complete transformation on the inside while keeping its exterior subtle; the 2.3 Turbo I-4 has been boosted to 400+ PS and a new, high-strength limited slip differential has been fitted in order to cope with the large amounts of power. The tires are shared with the Helruna, but KALZER SixSport rims are used instead.


I never thought a Communitasia could (or would) be turned into a trackday car, what with its incredibly humble roots, but you somehow pulled it off. Well done!


TreadKillers at Tokyo!

Non-Performance Kit for: Farox Cielo

Want to spice up your daily? With this kit you can spice up your daily commute!
What we did:

  • Bore Engine to 2.5L
  • New Pistons and Crank
  • New Cams
  • New Intake
  • New Brake Set
  • New Custom 7.1 “BassHunters” Audiosystem with extra Subwoofer
  • “HockenFart” AirRide
  • New Bodykit
  • Camber Kit

All these parts can be ordered as singles or packs.

Performance Kit for: Zenshi Pike

Here we got a Zenshi Pike “Dalluha Drifting” Special. And yes i can already hear the “Hey you idiots. This isnt a Performance car!” Well it wasnt… Until we thrown the mighty Vega V8 into it! 1200hp hidden in a car the size of our garage. But hey! 3.3 sec from 0-100 will scare a lot of people when you drag race them.
What we did to the car:

  • Vega V8 Swap
  • TwinTurbo “TubaTech” Setup for 1200hp
  • AWD Swap
  • Gearbox Swap to Dual Clutch
  • New Difs
  • Massiv Brake Kit
  • “BassHunters” Audio System
  • Widebody Kit
  • New Bodykit

All these parts can be ordered as singles or packs.

A total conversion for: Kasai A280 (AGT2 RaceCar)

For the upcoming AGT Series we did sat together in a meeting and a thoughed about what we could do.
Should it be some Kitcar? One of our Keika’s? Or should we just tune a racecar?
We came to the conclusion that, that would be to boring.
So we did what we could so best!
Make the mundane, exciting!
Make the slow, fast!
And increase the CO² Levels with burning rubber!

So we got ourself an old Kasai. This was an old Fleet car. It had 300k km on the clock when we got it!
But just putting a Turbo on the V6 wasnt enough. So we went full retard and thrown a 4.5L DeerAndHunt V8 engine in it! With that the FWD had to “sadly” go ,but Hey the new RWD Driveline will be fun!
Right now we are pushing around 500hp through a Seq. Gearbox and it still needs a lot of tuning.
But even if we dont win, at least we win in Style.

Personal Project : Baroc

Do you know that feeling when you say to yourself.
“Hey. This multi-million Hypercar is just waaaaaayyy to valuable. Also it performs waaaaay to good…”
No? Maybe its just me…
However, i wanted you all to show what the boss of TreadKillers drive when he is not in the shop looking funny at new car brochures:

What we did:

  • Increase Power to 1000hp
  • Put a 9° Camber Kit on
  • Add a more aggresive bodykit
  • Have that #WangGang
  • Decrease Value further by adding stickers

Do i feel bad? I should, i aint.

And that concludes your show at Toyko.
Want a TreadKiller vehicle ? Check out our website

(Thanks to @On3CherryShake @Grandea @goblin95 and @Mr.Computah for letting me touch their cars in the nono spot)


In a small section of the salon

On the small pedestal

Drive a KebabTuned Geschenk vehicle!
Tuned cars are credited towards @RapidKebab


Oh wow, Nohda isn’t actually dead…

Someone at Nohda Osaka Racing Division decided to shove a 2.3L RX i4 under the hood of a 2000 Nohda Bop! just for a laugh… A few nights of drinking later this popped out.

Clearly that someone was also an avid mecha fan and decided to slap some decals on it, and called it a day.

Under the hood is the same 2.3L RX engine found in the Merciel Pixi ARX, meaning this Bop! makes a whopping 553hp, in a car that pops in about under a ton, making it a pocket rocket, or in this case, a pocket jet fighter. Lowered and stanced, its ready to boom and zoom along the roads.


ZMD at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon

Zenshi’s Racing Division, ZMD, makes a full-on appearance for the Tokyo Auto Salon with three vehicles all prepped up and ready to go to their respective classes.

For the 2019 Super GT Season

Zenshi ZMD Super GT

The Zenshi ZMD Super GT was introduced in 2018 as a replacement to the Grandea S-GT, which has been used as ZMD’s weapon of choice for the GT500 Super GT class since 2000. For the 2019 season, the bodywork of the Super GT has been changed majorly, now reflecting that more of the current generation XRZ48 GT.

GT500-class racing cars have been similar to that of the European DTM cars, being that of tube-frame silhouette racing machines since 2014. Since then, these machines have been armed with 2.0L Turbocharged I4s pushing around an astounding 650 HP, making Super GT an even more intense type of Gran Turismo racing.

Just like that of a blank canvas, the 2019 Super GT is ready to be applied with team liveries in the near future.

For the 2019 Gr.3 Seasons (FIA GT3 and Super Taikyu)

ZMD Grandea GT3

The Zenshi Grandea GT3 returns as the machine of choice for ZMD for the 2019 season.

Now reflecting the appearance of the facelifted Grandea for the current model year, the Grandea GT3 has obtained a slight body rework to aid in it’s aerodynamics and aesthetics. The IA36-GDAT 3.6L Turbocharged I6 has been modified a slight bit to improve on power delivery and efficiency.

For the 2019 FIA WEC Season

ZMD Asia Shinden X2 LMGTE PRO

The Raizan X1 LMGTE was used as Zenshi’s LMGTE car for the 2017 & 2018 FIA WEC. For the 2019 season, it will be replaced with the Shinden X2 LMGTE PRO for the 2019 GTE-Pro season, while the Raizan X1 LMGTE remains as the car of choice for Zenshi-sponsored teams in the 2019 GTE-Am season.

Utilizing a refined version of the 5.5L ACO-Regulated RSA55GDA naturally-aspirated V8 engine and 6-Speed Sequential Manual, the Shinden X2 LMGTE PRO is ready to tear up the track for the 2019 WEC season.

The livery shown on the car is the placeholder livery for ZMD Asia’s #27 car, donning Zenshi’s iconic Ramune Blue Mica.


Late again, whoops.

Thank you everyone for your participation in this event. We hope you enjoyed taking part.

The next event will be the 89th Geneva International Motor Show.

Please do not unveil any more cars.