Tom Henks Racing Series [Season 1 - Round 1, third race results]

The second race is now over! There were quite a few changes in positions this time and we had a different winner, but the top two from last time remained strong. These are the results from the second race:

And below are the overall standings after race 2:

The cut VOD will be uploaded to Youtube tomorrow, race 3 will be next Saturday.

EDIT: The video is up, here’s the link: THRS Season 1 - Round 1, Race 2/3 - YouTube


The third race has finished, and thus the first round is concluded. These are the results of the third race:

Since this is the end of the first round, the bottom 3 cars of the overall standing have been eliminated (now marked in red). These are the overall standings after race 3:

As you can see, there are 6 more races to go. The next one will be next Saturday, 20th of August at 6pm CEST at Automation Hillclimb 2


Most impressive results. A race with all the cars arriving a mere 2 seconds apart. I must say, an outstanding performance by this race’s contestants. In a contest of speed, the finest details are the ones that can matter the most, and the results speak of racers that spot the meaningful from the meaningless.

The whole contest is set up such that the first round has short and relatively easy tracks, to find out what the slowest cars are, eliminate them and move on to longer and more difficult tracks with the remaining cars. These runs were short but I can tell you from behind the wheel that there definitely were noticeable differences between the cars. They will become more apparent in next round’s races since the courses will be longer and more challenging.

For those who missed the 3rd race, the cut VOD is available on youtube: THRS Season 1 - Round 1, Race 3/3 - YouTube

next race is next Saturday, 20th of August at 6pm CEST


How could i improve my suspension setup?

I haven’t taken a close look at it in Automation yet, but it definitely needs to be stiffer, especially the front. Might look at it later and message you on Discord with some tips

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