Tom Henks Racing Series [Season 4 - Season finale results in]

All tires are 225/55R16 with 650mm tire diameter.

This means that it is 225 width, with a 55 profile, on a 16 inch diameter wheel, with the tire diameter being specifically 650mm (as there is some variance when you use strictly profile to measure that).

The Moxy RS 1201.3kg and 179.8 hp.

Around 20 iterations in, I think it’s as good as I can do.

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First draft of the Celestial Barachiel, total mass of 1200.0kg and a power output of 180.0hp, pretty optimised for the challenge but i believe for the moment the tune is too sporty, but this is how its looking like.

I decided to find out if I could make an ugly body good looking. Failing that, I decided to make it look like … something at least.

It’s quite the lawnmower.


I’d test it out on some of the rougher tracks like the Utah and Small Islands one to make sure its got enough suspension travel to cope.

Think I am done with the design so I can post this here. Will submit the car to discord tomorrow or so.

2020 Mara-AMM Xenia 1200 Rally R2

In the 2010s, Mara decided to take the new iteration of its compact car, now called the Xenia, more upmarket. To promote the car (and its new name), Mara tasked their factory performance division AMM with developing a rally version for customer entries in the renowned THRS and other rally and rallycross series.

Ready for an early morning off-road test session

AMM also decided to enter a works team themselves into THRS, sponsored by UMS, the main rival to Archana’s former state-owned logistics company (and well-known cycling team sponsor) Road and Rail Transport. Rumour has it that part of the deal is the provision of the next generation of the small UMS delivery vans by Mara.

As with the road car, the rally Xenia is powered by the second generation of Mara’s ‘Triyka’ 3-cylinder engine (named after the traditional Archanan way of driving a horse carriage with three horses side-by-side**), now with 1.2l capacity. Turbocharged, the engine puts out 180hp in the rally version, almost double the output over the roadgoing version.

** I am not making this up, see wikipedia.

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We don’t have all too many submissions yet so I have decided to move the deadline back 1 week, to allow more people to finish their car and submit. Deadline is therefore the 30th of July now, 12pm (noon) CEST. Rules post updated

O! I was gonna to praise your car, but after words about the lawn mower, I thought it also looked like a vacuum cleaner. However, the first impressions remain exactly the same: you did a good job, this is a breakthrough model, you succeded to create a normal model based on the freak body.

Freak body is accurate. Btw when I originally designed it, I painted it green. Looked like a damn frog.

VIHUR 1145 JunioR-S (RS)

Inspiration for the name

(Спортивный автомобиль ВАЗ-2105 - "Вихур")


I just took my little mower out on Beam on the Pikes Peak gravel run. Other than my horrible driving, that little sucker did GREAT! So, I’m happy and want to see what others come up with.

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Last minute submission incoming:
Cordelia Simba 1200RS

Built in a rush? Definitely
Tested? Barely
Big turbo? Absolutely
Will it explode? Possibly
Send it? Yolo

How do you measure that? Is that the boost limit slider?

Yep, 1 bar should be ~14.5psi


Submissions are closed! Race 1 will start later today

We have 12 cars this time, so the top 9 will get scores (18 points max.), and the bottom 3 after each round will be eliminated.

Strange my car came out with 960cc, I could’ve sworn it was 1200 when I exported it. That might be why I couldn’t get any power out of it, though…

Oh well. It wasn’t supposed to be a meme car, but nor was I expecting to win anything anyway. I’m glad to have these races back! :D

Race 1 has just finished, here are the results in spreadsheet form:

Tomorrow I will cut the large VOD to show only the finishing runs of all cars and upload that video to both Youtube and Rumble, that will make it easier to watch for those who missed the stream. Stay tuned for that!


My Mower is missing. Xrs prototype I think I called it

Dammit i missed the stream!!!

to those who missed the live stream yesterday, the cut version with timestamps is now on youtube: THRS Season1 - Round 1, Race 1/3 - YouTube