Tom Henks Racing Series [Season 4 - Season finale results in]

The second race is now over! There were quite a few changes in positions this time and we had a different winner, but the top two from last time remained strong. These are the results from the second race:

And below are the overall standings after race 2:

The cut VOD will be uploaded to Youtube tomorrow, race 3 will be next Saturday.

EDIT: The video is up, here’s the link: THRS Season 1 - Round 1, Race 2/3 - YouTube


The third race has finished, and thus the first round is concluded. These are the results of the third race:

Since this is the end of the first round, the bottom 3 cars of the overall standing have been eliminated (now marked in red). These are the overall standings after race 3:

As you can see, there are 6 more races to go. The next one will be next Saturday, 20th of August at 6pm CEST at Automation Hillclimb 2


Most impressive results. A race with all the cars arriving a mere 2 seconds apart. I must say, an outstanding performance by this race’s contestants. In a contest of speed, the finest details are the ones that can matter the most, and the results speak of racers that spot the meaningful from the meaningless.

The whole contest is set up such that the first round has short and relatively easy tracks, to find out what the slowest cars are, eliminate them and move on to longer and more difficult tracks with the remaining cars. These runs were short but I can tell you from behind the wheel that there definitely were noticeable differences between the cars. They will become more apparent in next round’s races since the courses will be longer and more challenging.

For those who missed the 3rd race, the cut VOD is available on youtube: THRS Season 1 - Round 1, Race 3/3 - YouTube

next race is next Saturday, 20th of August at 6pm CEST


How could i improve my suspension setup?

I haven’t taken a close look at it in Automation yet, but it definitely needs to be stiffer, especially the front. Might look at it later and message you on Discord with some tips


Race 1/3 in round 2 starts in less than 30 minutes from now on my twitch channel: Twitch


due to technical issues with the livestream on Twitch I have decided to move it to Youtube for today: THRS Season 1 - Round 2, Race 1/3 - YouTube


Alright guys, I was able to fix the technical issues for this stream so we had the remaining cars do their runs today. You can rewatch the stream here: THRS Season 1 - Round 2, Race 1/3 - YouTube

The HFF Pride took another victory, actually winning by almost a full second:

This means, it extends its lead over the Subuwu Jukeza overall, while the Seishin and Vihur made up good points versus the Mara and Armor. These are the current standings:


Race 2 in Round 2 is starting, so for those who wanna watch live you can join now: THRS Season 1 - Round 2, Race 2/3 - YouTube

for those that can’t make the stream, the above link will also work as VOD after the stream is over.


Alright, the race is over. Adarol took another convincing win, beating 2nd place by almost 2 full seconds!

This means the top positions overall haven’t changed and it’s beginning to seem unlikely that anyone will be able to catch the HFF Pride overall.

However, the Jukeza still has a shot if it can beat the HFF a couple of times like it did on the dirt oval. The Jukeza winning overall would also require the HFF to perform poorly at least once (if it comes 2nd every time from now on and the Jukeza wins all of the remaining races, the HFF still wins overall), and that is hard to imagine given its track record so far.

Everything else is pretty much out of the running when it comes to the overall title, but we could have a pretty interesting battle for 3rd coming up near the end since the Mara hasn’t been as unshakeable as it seemed at the start of the series, and the Seishin has made up good points recently and the Armor is also right behind the Seishin overall.


Race 3 of round 2 is starting THRS Season 1 - Round 2, Race 3/3 - YouTube

After this race, we will know which 3 cars will be eliminated for round 3 of the competition, aka we will continue with just the top 6.

Okay, this was one hell of a race. The above post has the link to the VOD in case you missed the stream, but a couple of things happened. I apologize for the confusing format and re-running 2 cars due to finding a better line after I ran them originally, here are the results of the race:

Against Adarol’s expectations (though not against my own to be honest), he won yet again but what happened to everyone else is where it gets interesting. The Subuwu had its worst performance yet, mostly due to its low ride height costing it dearly on the jumps and the frequent and rapid elevation changes. The Mara on the other hand is back on form, taking 2nd behind the HFF. The Seishin performed very well coming 3rd, followed by the Vihur with a strong performance.

These are the overall standings after the race:

The Mara is now tied for 2nd place overall with the Subuwu while the HFF now has a pretty insurmountable lead. The Seishin and Armor will likely battle for 4th overall unless the Mara or Subuwu underperform in the remaining races. The Bakerfield is out even though it put in a solid effort, but it couldn’t match the Vihur on this track.

We are now left with the top 6 cars of the series. The next race will take place on Saturday, 17th September, at 6pm CEST and we will be racing at the Old Mill Loop at Utah.


Race 1 in round 3 is starting momentarily, watch live here: THRS Season 1 - Round 3, Race 1/3 - YouTube


Alright, the race is over. You can rewatch it using the link in the post above. No real surprises in this one, once again the HFF comes out on top and solidifies its lead. The Subuwu and Mara came 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Overall, not much has changed, except that now, the Seishin’s theoretical chances at a podium are unfortunately pretty much gone. The HFF has pretty much won already.

But in these final 2 races, we will have two separate battles going on: the battle between the Subuwu and the Mara for 2nd overall, and between the Armor and Seishin for 4th overall. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcomes!


Race 2 in round 3 is about to start, you can watch live here: THRS Season 1 - Round 3, Race 2/3 - YouTube

Race 2 in round 3 has concluded. If you missed the stream, you can rewatch it through the link above.

No real surprises this time, except for the time gaps. The HFF won its 6th consecutive race, making it 7 out of 8 possible wins so far, while the Mara had a very strong performance by not only coming 2nd but beating 3rd (the Subuwu) by 3 seconds:

Overall, of course, the positions are largely unchanged:

However, now the Mara and Subuwu are tied so it’s gonna come down to the final race to decide the podium positions. The Seishin’s 4th overall seems fairly secure, unless the Armor pulls out a spectacular performance in this last race.

Speaking of which, I have decided that Cell Tower Delivery as a track is too short to be befitting of a series final so I’ll replace it with a different track. Most likely with Mixed Stage 3 on Small Islands which was originally supposed to be the tiebreaker, but since we only have 6 cars remaining anyway I figured why not. In case I find a track that’s better suited, I’ll announce it here, but if not the race will be at Mixed Stage 3


Ok, so after some feedback from my community on discord, here’s the plan for today:
We race all cars at the Cell Tower Delivery as originally planned, because this is the track that every competitor had time to prepare for.
Given that the Subuwu and Mara are tied right now, if one only beats the other by 1 place (e.g. if they come 2nd and 3rd in any order) then these 2 will be raced separately on the Mixed Stage 3 at Small Island. In the event that the Armor closes the gap to the Seishin (e.g. if the Armor comes 2nd and the Seishin 5th, or the Armor comes 3rd and the Seishin 6th) so those two are tied, then they will also be raced at the Mixed Stage 3 at Small Island to determine the winner between these two.

The stream starts today at 6pm CEST on youtube, as always.

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The race is about to start! Watch live here: THRS Season 1 - Round 3, Race 3/3 - YouTube