Top speed/highest horsepower

My top speed is 401.0 with 0MTBF and my highest hp engine is 3267.9 with 2474.4 ft/lb torque. What’s the highest anyone else has gotten?

401 what? mph or kph

I’m pretty sure this is a bot… :confused:

[mm/s] of course! So really fucking slow.

No signature, no links, not sure about that! Let’s see what happens :stuck_out_tongue:

Just did a search and his post doesn’t match any current post, so it isn’t a copy bot. :slight_smile:

Is this the point where we advise a new user to use the search function? :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, there are a few threads already dedicated to top speeds and highest power. At least there’s a thread for highest power. As for the top speed, I would suggest asking user VosNox. He appears to be the only one really interested :wink:

Also for me I want top speed AND more than 0MTBF, I dont feel like nuking myself just to see how fast a car can go…or how far it makes it off the dealers lot before melting down.

Where did a new user come up with MTBF anyway? The stat hasn’t been used since…last September? It’s now called “Reliability”, or at least I think it is. :slight_smile: