Trackpad zoom

I have a problem using my notebook, trying to zoom (cars and engine) with 2 finger scroll on trackpad the zoom dont’t stop. It’s like i’m changing the rotational speed of a mouse wheel, i can make it stop, but i need to find a precise spot, then if i try to zoom, it start to zoom until the end, at a constant speed. Even if i choose a visual preset, it go to the preset and than restart to zoom. Same thing if i try to zoom out.
Don’t happen every time, but pretty much always.
Specs:ASUS Xseries i5-5300U Nvidia 920M 4GB Win10

Try using the +/- keys instead. Might be more precise for zooming without a mouse.

It can’t solve my problem, even if i accidentaly touch the trackpad with 2 fingers, it start zoom in (or out, depending on which direction i’ve touched). If i use the top right corner button to reposition my view, after a second (without touching anything) it start zoom in, like i keep the + key pressed. To make it stop i need to find a spot with the trackpad scroll function.

I had a similar problem and I ended up using a usb mouse :neutral_face: