Transaction cannot be completed. Error

"Transaction cannot be completed. Please try an alternative payment method. "

Well the first problem is that there is only one payment method (paypal)
When I click continue on Paypal I get this error every time.

Hmmm, strange, usually this means an error at paypal’s end, but that seldom happens for long. If its still happening in say 20mins, post here again and we’ll chase it down

Its happening to me too for paypal and the other option…
and i wanna mess around with the V8s :frowning:

Well I’ve come back just now and it’s still doing it. The only thing worth noting is that my paypal balance won’t cover it, but in that case the charge is supposed to go straight to my bank account.
Actually, the option to pay with echeck is already selected on paypal because I have $19 in my account.

What is the other payment option? I only see a paypal button.

i am also having the same problem.

OK, looking into this further, this seems to be what happens when paypal can’t charge your card/account. It just throws a super-generic error at our end.

OK, it’s working now.

Today, when I tried, there was a “paypal balance + bank account” option.
It took the $19.09 from my paypal and the remaining amount from my bank account.
This is a new option as Paypal used to just charge the bank account via echeck if the paypal account couldn’t cover it.

Either way it worked this time.
I guess they changed something.
I actually like this option because it helps clear out small amounts that are otherwise stuck there.

Thanks for the help.

hello one again. I still seem to be having issues … not being impatient … just an update, i may grab a prepaid card later today to see how that works. frankly i don’t care what it takes … i NEED those V8’s. this is the most fun i have had with an engine building sim since IHRA drag racing two. thanks guys this thing is frigging great!


update. i grabbed a prepaid gift card to see if it was me or my card … still telling me the same thing… oh well, thats what i get for being impatient .

Unfortunately, PayPal works in a quirky way, and any errors equivalent of: “Your funding source did not have the funds”, “Or we could not charge your credit card”, comes on our end.

And I do admit, we don’t handle them very well.

I’ve been running into the same problem, but since I don’t have any money at all in my paypal account, I can’t even use the “paypal balance + bank account” option. I’ve been trying all day, but to no avail. Any ideas?