TROL - Taking Racing Over Losing [OPEN]

Taking Racing Over Losing

Presented by Djadania and LS Swapped RX-7

It is April 1st 2024. Day of the trolling. Truly a day.
A man in a hoodie walks up to you. “Best follow this” he says, as he gives you a card.

Something something automobile racing competition? You are luckily an automotive enthusiast.
Something something, they know where you live and will come after you. Eh, sure it’s nothing.

Even so, they’re giving a generous reward; One Jordan!!! Whatever that is.
I’m sure you’re not the only one to receive this message. The battle is on.

Also, for some reason they want you to send your favorite CD?

Welcome to TROL! In this challenge you will be competing with very open rules definitely not made to encourage trolling. Since this is a collab, both LS and Djadania will be driving the cars on 3 tracks each, making for an even playing field (and no chance for you to complain about us not driving the cars right!).
Besides the racing, you can also submit a song to be reviewed.

Anyways, enough with the jibber jabber, lets go.


Rule 1: The car can be from any year.

Rule 2: Techpool must be set to default (+5 everywhere).

Rule 3: Wheelbase can not be shorter than 1.70m.

Rule 4: Open-wheeler bodies are banned. If you would like to make an open wheeler use 3d fixtures or similar.

Rule 5: The engines must use Low Quality Unleaded fuel (85 RON).

Rule 6: Boost pressure on turbochargers can not be higher than 15.0 PSI.

Rule 7: Engine Stress on any part can not exceed 10% (This excludes “Power”).

Rule 8: Any type of “Race” parts are not allowed (This includes race tires, race intakes, race exhausts, etc.)

Rule 9: Safety must be some form of Standard or Advanced. Year does not matter.

Rule 10: Quality must be set between -2 and +2.

Rule 11: No red warnings (Called “Fix” suggestions by automation).

Rule 12: Toe can not exceed -0.5 and 0.5.

Rule 13: The maximum budget is 15000.

Rule 14: Advanced trim adjustments on the wheels, tires, ride height and anything else that affects BeamNG physics are not allowed unless with permission.

NOTE: If you are making a 3d fixture car, make sure to not use the “Transparent” texture for the body! You need some other way of making the car invisible, like 100% transparency glass, cutouts, or similar. If you don’t the car will become jelly!

NOTE 2: Invisible wings will give you a penalty! Well that penalty is only 1 point so it doesn’t really mean anything, but it was never intended to allow them in the first place, this was an honest mistake on our end. Please don’t use them if you have other choices.


  • Name your car model TROL - (your name here) all other fields are free.
  • Each person is allowed to submit up to 2 cars.
  • Submissions open now, then close 3 May.
  • Send cars to Djadania, either on Discord, These Forums, or any other way.


Let’s try something new. I’m afraid about what we have to listen to, but I’m curious to see if anyone is interested in music and car reviews.

  • You can send in 1 song per car you send in, but of course this is not required.
  • If you would like to send in a song, send what you would like to be reviewed to Djadania.
  • Overly racist, homophobic, whatever that essentially isn’t reasonable songs will not be accepted. Just be reasonable with this. Tom Macdonald is my limit.
  • The maximum length of the songs is 6 minutes.
  • Each song will be rated out of 5 by both hosts.


Each of us will be driving on 3 tracks. One tarmac, one mixed/dirt and 1 hidden one. This may change at any time.

Djadania’s Tracks:

  1. Hirochi Raceway Short
  2. Small Island, USA Mixed Stage 1

LS’ Tracks:

  1. West Coast Race Track 1
  2. East Coast Sawmill Short [3 Laps]

For points, lets start with styling.
Both LS and Djadania will rate each car out of 5, adding them together to get a final score out of 10.
This final score out of 10 will be multiplied by 2.

For position, it descends per position. For example;

Total entries is 60
1st = 60 points
2nd = 59 points
3rd = 58 points
4th = 57 points


  • We have the right to simply not drive cars or listen to your music. Sure you gotta do something really wrong for that to happen but it can of course happen.
  • We are both driving on wheel. Note that I am driving on a very high FFB wheel, so if you are making something with intentionally horrible FFB I may simply turn it off and sacrifice your run to Satan just so I can finish. I’ll try to avoid it.
  • Once again, we are driving on wheel. Driving on wheel is very different to keyboard and controller, so don’t be surprised if you tune perfectly for those and we tell you your car drives like a Tatra 87 because we can’t control it on wheel.
  • ONCE AGAIN, we are driving on wheel. Many differences show up. But of course, note that we are both not top quality drivers, so if you aren’t happy with your run, :skull: deal with it. Most you’ll get is a re-run.
  • Points given to your music will not be added to the final score.


Oh yeah, we have a reward for the winner! It is truly a special one of a kind machine.

You will get this great machine, and you get to spec it out however you’d like!

Last place won’t get anything


Honda Integra [Modified]

Peugeot 306 F2 Rally [Wheelshpin]

Nissan 280Z [Good condition trust me]

Hillclimb Trabant [idk]

Kia Picanto Rally [BLEEEECH]

VW Beetle [Definitely not slow]

NASCAR truck [Murica]

Life L190 [Ignore slicks]

Flintstone Car [Flintstone Car]

International Space Station [ISS]

Let the trolling begin!

That means a race interior (the lightest one available) is off the table, but it would be too expensive for our budget anyway.

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Race interior costs less than basic, because there’s nothing there.


Tell Porsche that.


I have a perfect meme car in mind.

Prepare for the worst.


This music+car combination seems fun, not only do I get to send a car but a “vibe” as well

Pink fwd compact roadster paired with some Britney Spears :yum:

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Make sure to make it a convertible if you do that

Race is more expensive than basic because lightweight materials, but it’s cheaper than standard

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1994 Car Trim 1


What is this, a roblox car?

Have you ever seen car on road signs?



Rule change! Service Cost (SVC) Limit will be completely deleted!




can i send an EV? I might make a smart four seven hybrid max ev plus range extendofier 6000


I mean, if you just use the !ev! thing i showed you last time, sure. Not against the rules


Rule 6: Boost pressure on turbochargers can not be higher than 15.0 PSI. ~1 bar

I assume this rule is set for single turbo. How does this translate to twin turbo?

I’m asking because if I go for twin turbo with 1 bar pressure in automation, the pressure will obviously be higher in the end.

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The twin turbo option we have now doesn’t work like that. The number of turbochargers doesn’t impact the boost at the cylinders.

What we currently have is parallel turbochargers, where each turbocharger feeds half the cylinders (or, in quad turbo, a quarter of them). Turbo A is connected to one set of cylinders, Turbo B is connected to a completely different set. The boost pressure number you set is what each cylinder sees, whether there’s 1, 2 or 4 turbos.

We will be getting sequential turbochargers, where the boost gets added together, in an upcoming update, but they’re a while away.


Ok, thanks for the explanation.

Still, the question stands because automation single-turbo with 1 bar, and twin-turbo with 1 bar yield vastly different results. So, if they want to keep the 1 bar rule, I feel like twin (or quad) turbo is the only way to go with this.


I don’t see any reason to mandate twin or more. More turbos cost more so it’s up to the competitor if they want 1 more turbo or some quality somewhere


that might be true, especially since the cost limit is 15k

nevertheless, I think that you could pull off something funny with -2 quality spam