Tsukuba Touge Time Trial | AutoBeam Challenge | SUBMISSIONS OPEN

I went for a David and Goliath approach with my entries - a heavier, more powerful FR entry alongside a less powerful (albeit much lighter) MR one. In fact, their philosophies could not be more different - if the Thunderwolf is a TVR Cerbera, then the LS20 is a Lotus Exige.

1998 Matsuma Alfino GTI with full EDGE tuning engine and suspension modifications

The 1995 Alfino was the latest C segment hachback from Matsuma, offering sporty handling and up to date modern engines from even the base model.

The top performance model is the GTI with a high revving 2.0 engine with “V-Lift” cam timing technology

Edge tuning offer a high performance range of engine modifications.
This car has the full catalogue of:

  • per cylinder fuel injection with performance intake manifold
  • tubular exhaust manifold with sports cat and free flowing muffers
  • custom cam timing ecu and more aggressive cams
  • wider alloy wheels with cup performance tyres
  • fully adjustable suspension with thicker anti roll bars

Technical Specifications
Length 4.07m
Width 1.67m
Wheelbase 2.55m
Weight 1081KG
Chassis Galvanised steel monocoque
Panels partial alu and steel panels
Front Suspension Double wishbone with gas mono-tube dampers
Rear Suspension Double wishbone with gas mono-tube dampers
Front Brakes 275mm vented discs, twin piston caliper
Rear Brakes 225mm solid discs, single piston calipers
Steering Hydraulic power steering rack and pinion
Front Tyres P225 45R16 95Y Radial
Rear Tyres P225 45R16 95Y Radial
Engine 1998cc inline four with per cylinder throttle body fuel injection
Transmission five speed manual, front wheel drive
Power 225bhp@7000rpm
Torque 232NM@6800rpm


–NOTICE | Clarification–

  • There was a discrepancy in safety regulation saying the safety level must match with the model year. and not trim year. This was my mistake and I apologize for this. It’s always supposed to be trim year but for some reason I made a typo. No one pointed this out yet but @Mikonp7 has done so. (Because of a car with huge difference in model/trim year). I believe there’s only one another car affected by this mistake which I will remedied privately. Once again, I apologize for this terrible mistake.

–NOTICE | Half Way Passed–

  • 12 days since the challenge start and 12 days left for submission. Half way passed. Half way to go.
  • I have received 21 entries so far and all of them passed inspection, I also have cleared any backlog of entries without much difficulties. The result indeed is very interesting already, but with so many days to go there could still be surprises brewing.
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Big Performance from small cars!

WorksAlways presents:

Neko KRX-1

Totally still running 64hp

Renwoo Merci

Integrating an Import into the japanese scene


Anybody know where the map for this challenge can be found?

The map can be found in the comments of this video.

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Thank you, are the cars sent directly to you or posted here?

Please send it to me in the DM. You may have to browse the forum and like some posts first before being able to use that feature.

–NOTICE | BeamNG.drive Update 0.30–

  • Today BeamNG has been updated to 0.30. This means I have to test if there’s any difference that would effect the challenge.
  • The handling and powertrain export remain pretty much the same. Both cars exported before and after the update drives pretty much identical and the resulting times also matched.
  • One key difference is the new manual gearbox system. Shifting time is now measured by how long player push the button, if it’s too fast the synchronizer would get damage. I have tested this and can report that no car would either be disadvantaged or benefitted from this. Basically because shift time matters so very little in the grand scheme of things.
  • After Automation Ellisbury update releases. I will stay on stable branch which should be available for quite a while still. Obviously, any entries then should be made on the stable branch and not open beta.

I would try to submit a Znopresk.


–NOTICE | 5 Days Left–

  • Less than 5 days before submission closes, Although there hasn’t been any entry for 3 days as expected with the open beta update dropping.
  • I have made sure that any legit entry submitted within the period has been tested. This will mean that the first set of results will be release very quickly after the submission period ended. I’ll probably release it in a set of 7-10 entries to give myself some time to finish running the last couple of entries that may still be submitted closer to the deadline.

It will not allow me to DM you my car

You need to read a certain number of posts and topics before you will be granted sufficient permissions to DM other users.

This is my submission,

Sadly it looks like it wont be able to be tested but I’m glad to show you all the finished car!

2018 Summit Acrobat

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fuck it, the car i should submitted are gone, now i must make it fast or not even entered the challenge

TTTT_-Sandstorm-_2018_Summit_Acrobat.car|attachment (31.5 KB)

Hopefully this can be used

Yes, I’ve got the file now.

–NOTICE | 24 Hours Left–

  • 24 hours until the deadline.
  • If there is a late entry that is illegal, I will allow another 48 hours after the deadline to fix any mistake made. Considering how quickly previous entries got fix that should be plenty of time.