Tutorial A4 Broken

So I appear to be having an issue with the above tutorial in the latest release of automation, it will load fine and will allow me to edit the engine, rpm limit seems like it might be broken. You have to change the crank and conrods to forged then back to cast or heavy duty cast to get this to complete. Upon completion it then doesn’t show the rank after the tutorial, like it has not been attempted.

A score of 1 is correct for all A-Tutorials.

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The issue I’m having is that it isn’t recording that I’ve completed it at all. Maybe I need to re-download the game or something

No, that would not change anything. Did you play the open beta of the game?

I did have the open beta on and completed some of the tutorials in that.

Then that will be part of the issue, I wouldn’t care if it happens just for the one scenario, we’ll have a look into why this doesn’t report as finished. If you REALLY REALLY want the bug and all other scenario progress to be gone, you can go to my games\Automation and delete the scenario DB file. That resets everything and maybe fixes the bug… I’d not recommend that though.

Ok. Well thanks for the quick response to the bug. If I can help with any more I’ll be sure to do so.