Units of Measurement, Driving Cars and Beta Testers

The response to our last video has been quite dramatic, a lot of new members on the forums and a lot of new beta applications. Even got another couple while writing this.

Regarding the beta, we did let some more people in the last week, so check your emails to see if you are one of the lucky ones who got it. Also in some ways it is not a true beta, as beta technically means the game or product is feature complete, all show stopping bugs ironed out and users brought in to test the product.

We are not going to reply to every beta application, we don't simply have time. And I am sure you would want us to spend our time working on the game than replying to every beta application. Also down the track we may need a large influx of testers so you never know when you may be called up for the beta.

On regards to Units of measurement, we have had that covered in quite some time see the image below.

There will be no driving of cars, we think it would be awesome too but we would want to do it properly. With our tiny team this would take years or detract from other parts of the game, making it a jack of all trades, master of none. However if we are spectacularly successful we may look into it.


how many applications do you have in your inbox anyway?

eleventy hundred thousand and 32.5

i guess that is an estimate :stuck_out_tongue: haha

nope, counted everyone

Hello guys,

This is my first post after lurking around quite a bit. :slight_smile: First I have to thank you for developing this game, this is everything I ever wanted!

I have a question about fuel economy measurement. In your list there are three options for that (km/lt, mpg(UK), mpg(US)). In Europe (or at least in Germany) it is more common to express fuel economy in liters per 100km. So when a car makes 20km with 1 liter, it needs 5 lt/100km. Could you please add this option? I know, it’s a rather simple calculation, but I would love not to have to calculate too much by myself. :wink:


That’s right. In France we do use it too.
I’m quite sure about the answer, but can we select two units for the same thing ?
I know it’s quite complicated but I’d like to use cubic inches and cm3… :unamused:
Could there be a possibility that, when we check the two units, there are both shown in the game like this ?
XXX cm3 XXX c.i.
Maybe just as a third option that’ll show both of them…

It could be great, but we couldn’t say it is that important.

How important are the computer specs for what you need from people? I’m asking because I did a major upgrade on my system after first sending it in. Would be more than happy to rerun the stuff if you need and PM to you if you want

Also on the multiple measurements, that is a very good point. Here we often use both Liters and Cubic Inchs for engine size, or depending on year one or the other but since the game runs from 1946-future it would be very useful.

Thanks for this addition! It’s the one thing that fustrates me in games that I can’t choose the measurements I understand, to have options like that is fantastic! :slight_smile:

Isn’t the HP (horsepower) the same what is PS (Pferdestarke)?
I always was thinking that HP = PS = KM (shortcut from “koń mechaniczny” in polish :stuck_out_tongue:) = 0.735kW .

You could also add to economy units “liters/100km”.

Btw. You’ve written about many new users & beta applications from last (very nice ^^ ) video. I think this is the price of fame. :stuck_out_tongue:

1 HP = 1.014 PS

is it possible to generate car spec sheets for different markets?
So when I open US market sales numbers I get the cars with the hp, mpg, etc numbers and in europe in kw/ps, l/100km.

Yeah, flobla is right.
HP here is imperial HP, which is 33,000 ft-lbf/min or 0.745699872 kW

awww no beta :frowning:

yeah, PS is ‘metric’ Horsepower (whatever that means)

pretty sure they use PS in Japan, could be wrong though

I’d think since the spec sheets are for use of the user not the AI customers having different spec sheets in different markets would add unneeded overhead to the game. If a player in the UK sells cars in their game in the US it wouldn’t be any benefit to see their specs in US measurments as the game player is still in the UK. That sounds like it would just make things confusing and frustrating those those who play the game.

This, a thousand times this, it’s how we measure mileage over here.

Yes, liters per 100 km is the standard way of denoting it in many European countries, I’d strongly advise adding this option too :slight_smile:

That IS how its measured in game I’m pretty sure its just listed as KM/LT in the options menu because I’m going to punch Zeussy…

Ohh, if that’s so :stuck_out_tongue: please not the shoulder again! :laughing:
I wonder how many “random” different (and utilized) systems there actually are for this, seems to come with a large variety.

Ahh actually apparently I don’t need to punch him and it is km/lt :stuck_out_tongue: