V8s are Out!

So finally, V8s are here! If you want to play with them, you have to have a preorder!

Automation Patch Notes:

Crossplane V8s are now available for everyone who has preordered
New V8 Scenarios
GUI now scales with resolution
Different length conrods depending on piston choice.
Fixed Demo slash screen not scaling
Added the ability to select different base scenarios (Tutorials, Inline 4, V8s)
Adjusted engine sound volume
Adjusted UI volume
Added Dual Exhausts
Fixed Engines Changing width on testing
Added Colour Blind mode (Found within the in game options)
Added AKI option for the US
Engine should change sound when it jumps onto VVL cams (V-Tec just kicked in yo)
Fixed UI ordering, windows have much higher offset values now
Should always play the tutorial sound to the end
Added a blank plate to the tech year slider in scenarios with a locked year
Fixed Cam Timings for INL4 DOHC
New Camera System (left click on what you want to look at)
Updated Shaders
Updated Environment Maps for shaders
Explosion Sprites are now additive
New Loading Screen(s)
New Photo button
New spline driven flex join (from headers to cat)
New carbon fibre shader
Loads more little fixes and changes!

Will now save password locally
Various issues with the Options file not saving hopefully fixed.
Handles being offline a lot nicer

wow there a lot of changes! you guys dont mess about haha

i popped home at lunch and left the update downloading so it should be done when i get home tonight :smiley:

It’s 1:14AM here in Toronto, Canada, and I"ve been having quite a bit of fun.


Love the v8s:P and the vvl changeover sound proper:P
So cool to have a v8 with like 1300hk before vvl and 1800 after:P only problem it starts to brake up because to much torque:P

Wow very nice update! continue your good work guys! Graphic are just awsome!

Nice update :slight_smile: plans for flatplane V8s ?

They are coming (we have seen the art). The sounds are not ready for those yet I believe.