Van Zandt Motor Co

Still working on cleaning up my canon thread here and getting all my work up to standard. But I have finished the branding for the two main companies of the VanZandt-Breda group and wanted to use a post to outline what each company and marque is and some conceptial lore.

Van Zandt Motor Company is American, making cars postwar and is a generalizer whose goal is to succeed as much as possible across the market. As a marque, it is mostly for midlevel consumer cars and trucks to premium sedans while usually shrugging away from outright sport models. Mayflower is a luxury and sport-premium marque and basically shares design approaches with Van Zandt. Partner is another marque for Van Zandt vehicles that are sold lower market, utility, sport, or otherwise mixed-bag or one-off products. Ferranti branding is used in hybrid and electric vehicle applications. For export markets, all these marques may swap and generally the preference is to lump everything as the Van Zandt identity.

Breda Fabbrica Automobili roughly maps to Italy - or Friunia more broadly, but actually suits another fictional country from another entirely separate personal project; Part of this also involves a period as a communist country. It sums up as a being a company with a different history of design and with a reach in different kinds of markets. Van Zandt and Breda join (? the late 1990s?/mid 2000s?) in parity and ambition to survive larger seas. Breda does not use any ancillary marques aside from Ferranti branding in hybrid electric applications.

Ferranti is another member of the corporate family - British - which engineers electrical equipment, electronics, and formerly defense products and microprocessors, as well as battery-electric and hybrid vehicle technologies applied in both Van Zandt and Breda marques.

edit - misspelled ‘fabbrica’


Now that the big update is rolling, I’ll revamp this project. Having some fun today, and here is a 50th anniversary car from Van Zandt.

The 2007 Van Zandt Spider celebrating the long-discontinued retro cool 1947 model of the same name.