Van Zandt Motor Co

Still working on cleaning up my canon thread here and getting all my work up to standard. But I have finished the branding for the two main companies of the VanZandt-Breda group and wanted to use a post to outline what each company and marque is and some conceptial lore.

Van Zandt Motor Company is American, making cars postwar and is a generalizer whose goal is to succeed as much as possible across the market. As a marque, it is mostly for midlevel consumer cars and trucks to premium sedans while usually shrugging away from outright sport models. Mayflower is a luxury and sport-premium marque and basically shares design approaches with Van Zandt. Partner is another marque for Van Zandt vehicles that are sold lower market, utility, sport, or otherwise mixed-bag or one-off products. Ferranti branding is used in hybrid and electric vehicle applications. For export markets, all these marques may swap and generally the preference is to lump everything as the Van Zandt identity.

Breda Fabbrica Automobili roughly maps to Italy - or Friunia more broadly, but actually suits another fictional country from another entirely separate personal project; Part of this also involves a period as a communist country. It sums up as a being a company with a different history of design and with a reach in different kinds of markets. Van Zandt and Breda join (? the late 1990s?/mid 2000s?) in parity and ambition to survive larger seas. Breda does not use any ancillary marques aside from Ferranti branding in hybrid electric applications.

Ferranti is another member of the corporate family - British - which engineers electrical equipment, electronics, and formerly defense products and microprocessors, as well as battery-electric and hybrid vehicle technologies applied in both Van Zandt and Breda marques.

edit - misspelled ‘fabbrica’


The introductory Van Zandt Cruzero. An economical and eco-friendly mascot of the 70s, the car is a response to smaller, lighter, and cheaper competitors. While the family-size Keystone and other marques got larger and more comfort-oriented in their time, the market need for a more personal car grew needier.

The Cruzero remains committed to the driver experience, boasting a healthy 130 horspower, equivalent top speed, and 0-60 time in 10.4 seconds. This while sipping just a gallon every 24 miles. Matched with an affordable price, the Cruzero is a top quality choice for the self-respecting driver in today’s challenging world.


(Once more from the top)

At the apex of ancient wonders and the heart of modern advances - the essential part that brings together great things.

From your friends at Van Zandt;

The 1947 Keystone. Our debut automobile is the next great piece of your household or homestead. The modern marvel is now an essential appliance - and now right in the middle of everywhere you’ll go.

Keystone prioritizes practicality, drivability, and safety. Not to mention, the car is a comfort driving on any paved and unpaved surface. For the first-time driver and the wary rider alike, there is no better offer than the Keystone.


Also featuring the 1951 facelifts, when the Keystone Grand first came with an automatic transmission.


From your friends at Van Zandt, the 1955 Keystone features all new styling! Updated interiors! Perfected engineering!The successor to the essential family sedan prioritizing reliable performance for the demanding driver, practicality for the entire household and their travels, and the confidence to take on any surface - from the sleek modern free-way to the rutted market road.


From the inside out, the 1962 Keystone is bursting with innovation. New engineering and updated styling surpasses the old standards. Take up any course with the guaranteed, delightful, essential - the Keystone.

Slideshow: 1962, 1955, 1947 model years - 15 years of innovation!


The 1956 Kestrel, inspired by the simple desire to bring jet age technology into the every-man’s garage. The destination almost doesn’t even matter.


Your use of the '56 Swinger body set for the '52 Kestrel makes sense, especially since its flowing lines are very futuristic for the era.

I had worried it felt too early. Let’s call it at 1956, which puts it a year after the new Keystone.


The 1952 Brazos delivers the power of 100 horses to any remote field, timberland, or oilfield in any corner of America. With 1050 gallons of carrying space, 1.1 ton of load capacity, and a 3-seat bench, one truck can deliver an entire job site. Van Zandt’s introductory pickup kicks off a proud lineage of utility vehicles.


1952 was a productive year for the Van Zandt brand with the introduction of new models. Rounding out the year, the 1952 Cavalier represents the company’s first dedicated touring coupe.

(This is another car that has been featured before, but now I’m able to give it a better designed engine and slightly updated styling.)


From your friends at Van Zandt, - for the made man, the family head on top of it all, the far flinging luxuriate, and one day not too long from now - it’s yours. It’s the 1951 Capstone. It’s an all new perfomance car with a refined yet suggestive build. A home to come home inside paired with the 150 HP “Kraken” engine, you can go anywhere in pampered luxury. You’ll never notice the hurry!


Breda F.A.'s 240 marque was first introduced in 1946. Seen here is the state of the Tur 240 model in 1950. While a larger car for Breda’s market, it was practical and reliable and nevertheless was a nimble machine. The four-seat four-speed both transports and sports without entirely compromising in either.


PARTNER Motor Co. debuted as the budget-friendly marque of Van Zandt with 1952’s Surveyor. The all-steel utility wagon built on the legacy - and the body - and the engine - of the '51 Keystone.

The added covered spaces and utility factors made the first Surveyor a standout. Features included a rear door, sliding rear side windows, five full seats, adjustable sunvisor, 4 manual gears, and a raised offroad-worthy chassis and wheelbase.


From your friends at Van Zandt and Mayflower,

Welcome the 1950 Mayflower Emissar Super Touring.

The very first car sporting Van Zandt’s premium Mayflower marque - and our engineers’ first truly sporting car, the Emissar is a two-door four-seat coupe for the busy weekday commuter with a restless full family to entertain on weekends. It’s a dedicated tourer that’s so fun to drive, the destination hardly even matters.

Under the hood is a 1.9 liter engine in signature inline-six configuration with dual cams and twin carbs producing 95 horespower. (Super Touring is also available in 2.4 liter with 101 horsepower)