Vaughn corporation (very much WIP)

OK, lore is very loose at the moment, but I felt that I wanted another american manufacturer with a kind of different approach than Hillstrom.

So, Vaughn is an american manufacturer (started ???), with Vaughn as its main brand. Also planned is a dedicated luxury brand (name ??? - started ???), a brand for commercial vehicles (name V.C.V. / Vaughn Commercial Vehicles - started ???) and a cheap entry level brand (name ??? - started 80-something). If compared to GM, think (kind of Chevy/Pontiac/Olds) - (kind of Buick/Cadillac) - (GMC) - (Maybe Saturn as it was intended before it got all screwed up).

Will clean up this when I feel like doing it. Look at this new-for-1988 Vaughn Champion Coupé while you are waiting.


I hope this takes off like that :heart: IMO Saturn was a really good idea, killed by traditional GM corp-thinking.

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I just hope that it does not feel like I am spamming the board with brands?
At least I got rid of Hillstrom…

You can never have too many brands. I lost count at 10-ish.